• Nightly Roundup #148

    I'll be honest, I actually hated Rarity during the pilots, and well into season one.  I think out of the entire mane cast (aside from Twilight) she has grown the most in characterization.  This has completely warped my initial stigma.   Congrats Rarity on BEST PONY status! (On Sundays at least). 

    Anyway have some news!

    More Bronycon Guests of Honor, including EQD's INTERNATIONAL SUPER SPY Tekaramity / Singing Talent Needed!

    Have some copy paste from Purple Tinker:

    BroNYCon just keeps snowballing! In addition to headliners ANDREA LIBMAN, (Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy), NICOLE OLIVER (Princess Celestia, Cheerilee) and JOHN JOSECO, plus pre-announced guests PixelKitties, NeighSlayerApple Cider & Chef Sandy, the ever-growing pony convention is pleased to announce the following  additional special appearances:
    Tekaramity of Equestria Daily!
    • Cabal, founder of RainbowDash.net!
    • Well-known pony musicians Tarby ("Something Broke: The Continuing Tale Of Pinkie Pie and Ponycide", etc.) and ChainAlgorithm (MLP Online soundtrack, etc.)

    A complete listing of BroNYCon appearances can be seen here.

    And in other news....

    Someone is seeking the VOCAL PROCESSING UNITS of  various singers in the fandom.  Check out the copypaste below:

    Hiya Everypony!
         I'm looking for some talented singers who will be attending BroNYcon January. I am going to be organizing an event titled "An Ode to Daniel Ingram", since he's one of the guests of honor at the convention. My plan is to re-create all of the 'major' pony songs with live signing. What I need is nine females with singing voices that sound similar to the Mane Six and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. In addition, the finale will of course be "At the Gala", so I'm going to need a plethora of males to sing backup (figuring three to six, but that number is up for debate). If you're interested, please send an E-Mail to "" with the subject line "Daniel Ingram Audition [Pony Name]" (if you're auditioning for a male part, instead of pony name just put "backup singer") containing either a link to a YouTube video of your audition, or a .mp3. Auditions can be anything that you feel portrays your abilities, but singing would be preferable.
    Channeling his Inner Twilight Sparkle,
    - Haybuck

    MLP Activity Book from Belgium

    Yep! Another one. It seems like every country gets their own version or something. Each one sells for around 6 Euros, and is a wopping 32 pages of pony goodness.  This particular book showed up at a store called Loblaws in Quebec. 

    Equestrian Musicians Channel Added to Ponychat on the Side Bar

    For those perusing the EQD IRC chat rooms run by Fireant, a new section has been opened for all the musicians out there.  /join #Equestrianmusicians and say hi!

    Finnish Brony Meetup Promo

    Holy crap, we have so many budding animators showing up now. It's only a matter of time before we form a team and create our own pony spinoff series! Charge!

    This is dedicated to the Finnish Brony meetup, pretty awesome!

    Starscream VS. Rainbow Dash Death Battle Q&A 

    The people over at Screw Attack have released a short Q&A about their Death Battle series, including a small blurb involving the Rainbow Dash fight.  It attempts to explain how exactly Dash can win against the immortal Starscream, simply by eating him.  Check it out here!


    You can't eat Fluttershy! That's just cruel...

    Chosen Ones Pony Comic Cameo

    Yep! Another webcomic joins the herd! Madness I say.

    Bronies React: Season Two Episode 5

    This week's episode of Bronies React has been released! Check it out below.

    Groups/Guilds/Meetups Looking for More

    Lord of the Rings Online

    Server: Riddermark

    Guild: Equestria's Ponies

    Guild Leader: Rarity


    Ashleigh Ball Vocal Chord Injury

    I didn't really want to send a swarm over, but enough people have sent this that I think it needs to be reported on. Ashleigh Ball (Applejack and Rainbow Dash) has unfortunately injured her vocal Chords. The earliest tweet about this was back on the 3rd of November. Originally, it sounded like a simple, one day of rest would heal them. A day later however, a second tweet went out letting everyone know that she would need a bit more recovery time than was originally planned.

    Now before you go over there freaking out and swarming her facebook/twitter pages, please realize that she does need rest. An army of stressed out pony fans might not be the best thing for her. Give her your support, but please do not spam her pages!

    My Little Pony: Fun Case

    Another random merch item has popped up on store shelves. Unforunately, the person that bought it is giving it out as a gift and can't open it, but from the sounds of it, there are a few coloring books, posters, stickers, and crayons inside.

    For those that want your own, it was actually found at a grocery outlet in Oregon. No specifics given there either!

    Blizzcon Pony Invasion

    Apparently Blizzcon had a pretty good amount of pony! Check out the video below for it.

    Love and Tolerance "PMV"

    I'm not really sure if this can be considered a PMV. It's more of a speech about tolerance from Charlie Chaplin back in 1940. It's pretty inspirational though! Check it out here.

    Tuscon Brony Meetup

    A new meetup recently formed in Arizona, dedicated to those outside of the Phoenix area.  It's a bit smaller than the other one, but this is definitely a good start.  And Look! Females! The ratio here is almost equal!

    Brony Sociological Flowchart

    I'll let the chart do the talking here, It's pretty freakin massive.  What section are you in?

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Celestia Custom
    Sisterhooves Social Poster
    Rarity Plushie