• Phoe Returns From 2nd Banishment, Finds Ponies (An Unboxing Post)

    So, it turn out Seth was still really upset about the whole "tying him up and stealing the blog out from under his feet" thing. So much so that he locked me in a darkened room for a whole week with nothing but bran muffins and the occasional cupcake to eat. Truth be told I'm not even sure this post will go up. But when he finally let me out on good behavior, I found a surprise waiting for me at my front door. Just sitting there, for I don't know how long (thank you so much, United States Postal Service) was a box with a little note on it telling me I could keep the contents if I promised to give them a good home and play on my video game collection. As a sign of good faith to this generous individual whom we shall call 'Luke', I enclose the following photos:
    During my time in "The Room" I kind of forgot how to work a camera, so some of these pictures are a little bit terrible, and for that I apologize. At least I remembered the box this time! Addresses have been hastily removed to protect the innocent, and also me. I'm just gonna clear out and let the photos do the talking, but to address the obvious questions: these ponies are posing on stacks of video games because the very awesome brony who gave me them asked that I include them instead of my crappy countertops or floor, no that is not the full collection, yes hours of my life have disappeared in a flurry of mane brushing, and no, I do not regret one second of it. All of my thanks to Luke, who did this out of the blue and for no other reason than to make me smile. It worked, and big time. Now, enjoy the images!
    Look, a box! With ponies! This can only mean good things.

    I kept the blanket they were wrapped in. You know, in case they get cold

    Lyra and Bon Bon, together forever on top of an old tv.

    Lyra came out with a bit of a case of bed mane. It has since calmed down.

    I'm actually a little afraid to brush Bon Bon, because she's so well styled already...

    Shipping ponies in front of a much newer tv. D'aww!