• Nightly Roundup #119

    This is the greatest clock ever. I don't think there is a more accurate time keeper in existence.

    Too bad it takes me forever to read traditional clocks. Confound this digital everything.

    Have some really short news!

    MLP Trivia Game Looking for More Questions

    A Trivial Persuit style game is currently being built up. Right now they have around one hundred questions, but they need a bunch more to really get things going. Have some categories:

    Canon Characters: This category covers the current characters of the current generation of My Little Pony (Exclusively the Mane six and any developed side characters such as Discord, Spike, the CMC, ect.)

    Canon Equestria: This category covers the current world and physics of the current generation of My Little Pony (For example, how the weather works, cities and towns, buildings, the history of Equestria as revealed in show, ect.)

    Old-Gen: This category covers the world and characters of the last three generations of My Little Pony (Think of it as a history category. Anything Old-Gen related fits here.)

    Behind-The-Scenes: This category covers the process of making the show, the show's team and creators, and any other aspects of making an idea become the show.

    Fandom: This category covers the vast Brony fandom, including but not limited too accepted background ponies (Lyra, Derpy/Ditzy, ect), famous fan works (FO:E, Past Sins, Fighting is Magic, Makkon and other composers, ect) and Brony culture (meetups, Equestria Daily, ect.)

    WILD CARD: This category covers anything the first five don't, and anything that just doesn't fit into a category. Joke and related media (Magazine's that wrote about the show, inspirations for the show, ect) belong here.

    If you have an idea for a question/answer combo, toss an email to [email protected], clarifying which category it is supposed to be involved in.

    FiM Hitting Latin American on the 21st of November

    Isn't it already out in Latin America? Well regardless, it looks like a few more countries are getting it on the 21st. Check out the press release for more information.

    Meetups Looking for More

    Winnipeg, Manitoba

    Where: Winnipeg Convention Center

    When: Saturday, October 29th 3:00 PM


    Kelowna British Columbia Facebook Page


    Pegasus Wings Creation Tutorial

    For all the cosplayers out there, someone on Youtube has released a video guide on building pegasus wings. Check it out below!

    Windows Phone Soundboard

    For the windows Phone people out there who were jelly of the iOS and Android soundboards, a new one has popped up just for you! Point your phones here and download it!

    40 Pony Icon Art Project

    This dude created an icon set for his art project. Pretty neat!

    Merch / Ebay Stuff
    Custom Shirt Shop
    Firefly Custom
    Derpy Custom
    Velvet Remedy Custom

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