• New FiM DVD Showing Up

    Actually I'm not sure if it's new! I filed it away in the nightly roundup folder earlier today so I could dig around past news stuff for it.  

    Anyway, this DVD apparently holds Swarm of the Century, Sonic Rainboom, and The Cutie Mark Chronicles.

    I'm not sure if Hasbro plans to release all their DVD's in this format, but so far we have the  "Ticket Master" solo, the Canterlot set, and now this.  

    Here's to hoping they drop a box set with special features some time in the future.   I think the best thing we can do as a fandom is continue to grow, so stuff like that becomes more financially sound. 

    Thanks to DANTE for the images/heads up!


    1. I'm still waiting for that Blu-Ray set that keeps getting talked about. Until then, I'll stick to YouTube. (But I WILL buy a Blu-Ray set when it comes out, Hasbro! My money waits for that, and only that!)

    2. Why bother releasing episodes in small sets?

      we live in the internet age... where we all can access youtube and a good portion of us have a copy of the episode, legally or not.


      A way to give money to Hasbro via MLP without buying little girls' toys!

    4. They're releasing them like this because they'll make more money this way of course. And the kids' parents will still buy them all if the kids want them. :P

    5. This is why humankind invented YouTube.
      And torrents.
      And sharing :)

    6. How is it "Over 1.5 Hours of Content!" when an episode is only 22 minutes long and there's only 3 of them?

    7. We hath not seen even one of these... 'Dee Vee Dee' things which thou speakith of.

    8. Strange, 1.5 hours of content... since each episode is about 20 minutes, what make up that last .5 hours of content?

    9. @wackyteen

      "Hey, you're right! You know what? With all the availability and freedoms we give you guys by letting you watch episodes unaltered on the internet, you have no motivation to actually invest in buying our product! We should remove all the MLP eps from Youtube so that you bronies are forced to buy the DVDs and make us a profit!" - Hasbro Exec.

    10. Woah guys, Hasbro is doing us a huge favor by letting us keep our Youtube and downloads, don't shove it in their faces.

    11. @SabreMau

      Deleted scenes maybe?

      Would be really sweet to get a 24 episode dvd.

    12. Hasbro, I still have money burning a hole in my pocket just waiting to be spent on a full box set.

    13. @SabreMau

      I think there could be cut-scenes just like the Rarity scene in "Luna eclipsed". The dvd format is free of time constraints, unlike the TV broadcast, so they could add those scene..

    14. I have $100 dollars to spend. I can either buy the fucking sexiest Calculus book ever, or I can wait and buy a MLP:FiM blu-ray season 1 set


    15. What they really need is a Blu-Ray in 1080p with all of season 1. I wouldn't mind paying $60 for something like that.

      SD quality on DVD just doesn't do it for me especially when the show is aired originally in HD, I really only buy Blu-Rays now.

    16. Actually, I mistook which episode the Cutie Mark one was (I mistook it for being the one where they sang for the talent show... name completely escapes me now).

      That's actually 3 of my top 5 episodes right there. I, I might actually break down and buy that. Especially with Christmas coming up,providing this insecure brony with the perfect cover to buy it.

      But I still want Blu-Ray so badly! It shouldn't take them this long to be putting these things out... should it? Or am I wrong about how long it takes to put these on a disk?

    17. While I love you for letting us have them on Youtube Hasbro, please release them as a box set, that way the Bronies will give you money too!
      It works for both of us; that way we don't have to spend ages torrenting it and you get money; we both win :)

    18. Interestingly these three episodes are all three episodes of season 1 written by M A Larson.

    19. I've already bought the whole of season 1 and part of season 2 off iTunes in HD. And I just bought their Jem full-series DVD box set, which came with a separate disc full of bonus features and interviews.

      So I've already tossed a sizeable chunk of money Hasbro's way for episodes, but for me to buy FiM again, it's most likely going to have to be at *least* a DVD boxset with a similarly-packed bonus features disc, or Blu-Ray HD goodness.

      But my chief worry is that they're watching these single-disc releases in order to judge how well DVDs sell, and they could be persuaded to give up on a box set with, "Welp. We tried selling DVDs but they weren't selling." like what happened with the Disney Afternoon DVDs a few years back; sales weren't good enough so they cancelled all the series in mid-release.

    20. From what I remember, Hasbro is unsure about the brony community. They're trying not to notice us, so they don't give in to our ideas or what not. Still, someone from Hasbro has to realize that there are people calling for a full release, and that until then, we're not buying.

    21. Also, this post isn't showing up using the Not-Fanfiction filter. Only noticed it because watching the Twitter feed.

    22. Do not want: Just 3 episode in DVD
      DO WANT: Blu-ray full Season 1
      Actually... I NEED IT, I would buy.

      So that I can delete this 18 GB of video off my pc.

    23. This can't be all. Didn't Hasbro say that Pony Polka would be in the DVD? This can't be the only Season 1 DVD they're going to dish out. Unless the last .5 of the content are stuff like Pony Polka and lord-knows-what-else.

    24. I just can't see 3 episodes as a collectible item.

      A full box set with an official printed art book, now that's something that even those who has free access to the episodes can pay to collect.

    25. <------is still waiting for box set.

    26. How about a release with a different cover. Some of us might not be inclined to buy something so... Pink.

      Other than that, I save the MLP:FiM episodes in a hidden folder somewhere in the System32 folder and burn the to DVD which I then use a sharpie to label them "Hardcore shemale Porn from 4chan"

    27. Pink..................

      I really don't think they get it.

    28. @KShrike

      Nah, they get it... For the original target audience.

      The brony edition would be the same DVD in a case from a Jason Statham movie...

      Wife: Honey, why do we own eight copies of "The Transporter?"

      Me: No reason. Just don't watch any of them. They're all scratched.

    29. Hmmm... you people do realize, that's TWO Sonic Rainbooms, on a single DVD?

      You better be careful it doesn't spontaneously combust from sheer awesome the moment you put it in your DVD drive.

    30. That's a really good selection of episodes. Swap Swarm of the Century with Party of One and you'd have my favorite episodes of season 1.

      I still don't want a DVD with nothing but a few episodes. The Scandinavian editions don't even include an English dub. Hopefully we'll get a box set with some extras once Hasbro is done with these single DVDs.

    31. I'd really, really, really, really, (repeat about 97 more times) like a season set; please Hasbro?

    32. *Seeing people complain about how it's only 3 episodes*

      *Used to it with Anime DVD releases*

    33. All three episodes are written by M.A. Larson, so far the most prolific writer in Season 2 (he wrote three of the 4 episodes).

      I think they are trying to say something (the episodes have nothing to do with each other, not even thematically). Does this mean they will release the episodes in sets according to the writer? Or maybe the most popular ones? It is a very odd selection, but it's a step in the right direction. I'm here hoping they release a Blu-Ray/DVD of the whole season with a few snippets of Season 2 and a few making ofs and commentaries. Make it kid friendly and throw some minigames and downloadable stuff like coloring pages and games. And to top it all, how about a gag reel of the VA's screwing up their lines? I'd love to see Tara Strong cursing any time she screwed up an alliteration.

      Hasbro, if you guys are reading, read closely: My wallet is ready.

    34. If Hasbro released a blu ray box set, It would be my #1 reason to buy a blu-ray disk drive for my Pc, then buy that set.
      I hope they release it before my birthday in January :3

    35. You know, if they wasn't sure about how well a dvd set would sell, they could simply set it up somehow to be made to order. Surely in this age we would have the ability to do something like this that would not cost either Hasbro or us that much.
      I already have all of season one downloaded, and the few of season two. But I can safely say I would still buy a copy of season one on dvd in a heartbeat.
      Another thing, perhaps they are waiting till the end of season two to see how things go.
      Lastly, I agree with Seth. Don't toss the fact we have them on u tube in their faces. They are being very good to us about that fact. As well as all the custom plushies and figures people make. Hasbro is could be like GamesWorkshop and sue people for making free web comics for Celestia sake.

    36. My gripe is that the show currently kind of lacks a solid behind-the-scenes documentary crew.

    37. I still don't get why they release DVDs with like...three episodes. A DVD can easily hold at least eight or nine HD-quality episodes.

      And- wait a minute...AJ is missing her hat? HASBRO, WTF?

    38. ::Throws money at the screen from the hint of a blue ray collection::

    39. @Killsteal_WolfMaybe they added a half hour of commercials to give it that genuine Hub feeling?

    40. Oh man, am I gonna get looks walking up to the register with MLP: FiM Blu-Ray in my hands. But I care not, for I AM A BRONY!!

    41. *shakes angry fist at FLCL* If seeing the DVD box sets of Sonic SatAM and Mysterious Cities of Gold has taught me anything, it's that sometimes surprise hits appear from out of nowhere after only a few measly episodes have appeared on DVD.

    42. It sucks that I can get a better video quality off of Youtube, but I did pick up the Canterlot DVD to support the show (and it was under $7 with the 20% off coupon).

      I can completely understand any hesitation on Hasbro's part to pull out the stops and release a Blu-Ray box set. Especially since they really have looked the other way and allowed 1080p streams on Youtube to stay up. I would buy a Blu-Ray box set, but I can't answer for anyone else.

      I mean, with the economy as it is, Hasbro is probably fine with continuing their business model of selling cheaply made pony toys to little girls. Investment in higher quality merchandise for Bronies might not pan out if a lot of us aren't willing to put our money where our mouths are.

      I guess a large problem that Hasbro faces is actually knowing when the intended recipient of a pony product purchased at retail is a Brony, versus a little kid.

    43. "Over 1.5 hours of content!" Either that DVD is five bucks, or Hasbro needs to update their marketing department.

    44. @pmcollectorboy








    45. I Think Hasbro realizes they have mostly an Internet based audience, so it makes sense that they feel the iTunes versions shall suffice. Though special features would be nice, perhaps deleted scenes?

    46. I've already bought every available episode on iTunes, but I would immediately buy them again in Blu-ray box set form. Possibly multiple times to give some as gifts.

    47. So we're up to 1.5 hours now? I guess that's an improvement over the previous disc's 40 minutes, but still not worth the money. I'm not buying FIM on DVD (or preferably Blu-Ray) until a full season is available. If I was going to buy MLP the iTunes versions would be more economical, but I want an actual disc I want the whole seasons.

    48. If Hasbro would just release all of season 1 on a DVD set with lots of special behind the scenes stuff I would gladly tell them to shut up and take my money.
      A brony can dream...

    49. I will stream, I will view YouTube, I will download both direct links and torrents...

      But when I spend money, I only spend it on physical media. I DO NOT approve of the level of restrictions that most forms of DLC inflict on the buyer. It doesn't help that my own computer is trash. I only can watch HD, cause I can transfer it to my PS3 after I download it. I can't do that with iTunes purchases.

      I CAN pop a DVD or BluRay into my PS3 and watch it on my computer, or take it to my mother's house so she or my brother's kids (when she babysits) can see them.

      I will buy this DVD, only to let Hasbro know I prefer PHYSICAL media.

      I still want a box set, and I'll give this individual discs to my brother's kids if they ever come out with one.

      I just really am disappointed that this is taking so long, and that Hasbro doesn't seem to take this issue seriously. "Testing" the market for DVD media using these measly individual releases does not in any way evaluate the market for an authentic box set.

    50. ^ derp mode

      3rd paragraph:
      I CAN pop a DVD or BluRay into my PS3 and watch it on my TV

    51. hmm, extended editions in the future?!?!

    52. @richfiles

      You can't find the Mysterious Cities of Gold at the box stores. The most likely places are Ebay and Amazon. I think there are six disks, with each disk having some pretty nifty bonus features, like interviews and how the voice acting process worked back then. There's a regular box set and a deluxe set with a poster and some post cards with pictures. I recommend either version. I only bought the deluxe set because I had found it for the same price as the standard set. It's still just as wonderful as a show today as it was back then.

    53. Three episodes is around 1 hour and 6 minutes. 1.5 hours is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Do you think they meant over 1 hour and 5 minutes (Or 1.083 recurring hours, which obviously isn't as catchy)?

    54. I'll wait for the box set... i hope there will be a box-set...

    55. Full season box-set + bonus material please Hasbro.

      If you do this then all my money!

    56. As much as they need to release a box set, this is a prime collection of episodes.

    57. i refuse to buy volumes of episodes, just release the whole season...you know almost all of us will buy it

    58. Yeah saw this in Amazon. Nice try Hasbro. Release ALL of Season 1 on DVD or Blu-Ray then I will buy that in a milisecond. Until then I'll stick to iTunes until the DVDs are released. Hasbro is playing games with us fans and if they keep up that nonsense, Hasbro will be hurting not us. You want more money Hasbro, RELEASE SEASON 1 ON DVD ALREADY.

    59. How can we communicate with the corporate heads at Hasbro? If a representative of the brony community could just present them with some serious statistics and get them to understand...

      We'd be up to our withers in on-model merchandise because there is MONEY there. 18-35 year olds are the prime demographic for basically EVERYTHING.

      How can we get them to see?


    60. Thank you Sethisto for interjecting such. The fact we are allowed high resolution YouTube streams of the series is practically a GIFT from Hasbro to us. These DVD box sets are being marketed towards an audience of kids who shouldn't have carte blanche Internet access in the first place, they seem to know we're not going to invest in it. That's why they package it with some toys and accessories; it's to create the complete playset package.

      Those YouTube streams are a tremendous gift; a peculiar benefit to this fandom that keeps it healthy and growing steadily.

      Also, I know a lot of you are too young to remember the emergence of the DVD format (being in high school and all) but this method of releasing episodes used to be how every show was released. Anime in particular. We didn't have high speed Internet, YouTube, or BitTorrent, and using dialup or 128k ISDN (if you were a spoiled brat of a child) to download anything at 720p DVD resolution was simply incomprehensible. Most high end PC's didn't even have enough hard disk space to store a box set!

      Sorry, ranting.

      Just be grateful we have our own distribution model that Hasbro has been more than gracious enough to turn a blind eye to. What we have is indeed a gift from them, one to be treasured and appreciated; not flung back at them as pseudo-recompense for marketing something identical that they knew we wouldn't buy anyway.

    61. @David: I certainly wouldn't want to look a gift-horse in the mouth (pun definitely intended), however enetertainment junkies in the 18-35 demographic tend to be quite liberal spenders when it comes to the intellectual properties that we're fans of, and with so little MLP merchandise available that's targeted at our demographic it can certainly be frustrating at times.

      We're a demographic who is used to being able to walk into a store and buy the entire Transformers TV series in a box that looks like the freaking Matrix of Leadership, and then walk a aisles down and find an on-model transformable Starscream figure that costs $60 and is made out of diecast metal. When we go to look for My Little Pony stuff though, not only do we have to walk down the "forbidden pink aisle," but when we get there we find 5 episodes of the show across 2 DVDs, off model toys, etc.

      We have a lot of money that we can spend on things like screen-accurate toys of the characters, full season Blu-Ray box sets, etc. Heck, we'd probably even buy graphic novels based on FIM if the art was pretty enough. When we can't find that kind of stuff though, we get frustrated because we are not used to indulging so deeply on a franchises and then not being able to "buy" a piece of it like we can with the other franchises we like.

      Personally, I don't worry too much-- I am thankful that I can have the whole series on my hard drive in 720p for free and that Hasbro is OK with it for now, and the lack of a proper season release or high-end merch only strikes me as being a speed bump. The expansion of MLP's fanbase into the 18-35 male demographic has been unprecedented, and it's not like Hasbro's merchandise arm is going to catch up with it overnight. I think that products targeted at adult fans of the show will eventually emerge, but we'll have to be patient, and in the meantime we should be happy that we can at least watch the whole show in HD on Youtube whenever we want, even if we'd rather be watching it on Blu-Ray with commentary tracks and documentaries while our shelves are lined with pretty plastic ponies.

    62. @ Sethisto or DANTE: Where was this DVD purchased from please?
      I'm happy enough (and OCD enough) to buy every single MLP:FiM DVD I can find in order to try to get the sales numbers up - and avoid any HUB watermarks.

    63. I still think there should be a petition for people to sign in which everybody pledges to purchase a Season 1 DVD or Blu-ray box set within the first week of their release.
      Or first month.
      Or something like that. Basically, to let Hasbro know there are DEFINITELY people who would.

      That isn't too pie-in-the-sky, is it? Petitions don't always have to not work.

      I also think they should sell it online. I don't mean digital download, I mean sell the physical copy online.

      If I'm going to be pushy, I'd push for an alternate box art colour scheme. Something a bit toned down that won't clash so hard with everything else on my shelf. "Brony Edition" :P. Not expecting this, but it would be a nice option.

      Also, Chef Sandy from the Bronyville podcast totally called that these little 3-4 episode DVDs would be what actually come out. He's not the only one, I know, but he does co-host an important podcast. :P

      But yeah. Still thankful to Hasbro for letting us share the episodes so openly, but I'd REALLY like some good season blu-rays! Totally would buy them on day 1.

    64. @SabreMau

      Possibly those 'Making of a Scene' videos that were yanked off of jinratgeist's Youtube account.

      Also ... when they did 'Cutie Mark Chronicals' there was a vote for 'What's Rainbow Dash's Cutie-Mark Story'. The Pegasus Race Sonic Rainboom one won-out but I strongly suspect the other two were animated. The DVD could contain the alternate endings.

    65. I contacted Hasbro. One must always b careful in how you word things to them. NEVER SUGGEST A PRODUCT... That is viewed as unsolicited ideas, and is a legal no-no for most companies. They will auto reject the letter and they will never read it. Always voice your opinion as a question, where can I get, I saw this, but is it available as X? that sort of thing.

      I basically noted that I have seen a few minor and incomplete DVD releases, and bought what I could find for myself and my brother's kids. I also mentioned that my older computer simply can't handle HD, and that the DVDs, while nice, simply are not in HD either. I basically explained that in addition to the iTunes HD release being too much for my computer, I also am a bit of a traditionalist who prefers tangible product.

      Long story short, I said that I have bought DVDs for the kids, but that I really don't want to piece meal the first season together with an unorganized collection of random episodes, and I then stated that they got the 1980's era Season 1 Complete Box Set of the old My Little Pony right, and that I would MUCH PREFER buying Season 1 of FiM in that same configuration, as a complete and organized box set. I also stated my very real desire to get the episodes in HD, something neither my old Computer, not DVDs can do.

      I explained that the only way to actually view iTunes HD video on a TV is to have a newer computer that is attached to the TV, or an AppleTV box, both of which, I don't have. It's too stuttery on my old computer to enjoy.

      I then explained that I do have a PS3, and since it plays BluRay, I've almost exclusively switched my video purchases to the BluRay format. I mentioned my view that you can't even buy an SD TV anymore, and that SD is dead to me, and how much it annoys me when videos only release on DVD.

      I then stated I'd view a price range of $50-80 as an acceptable range for a complete season box set, and again, compared it to the Box Set they released of the original My Little Pony TV show from the 1980s as and example. I stated that extra features, like songs, artwork, games, or behind the scenes content would shift my willingness to pay higher up that scale.

      I finished by making a very short, but concise statement...

      "And that's what I'd spend money on. I simply can't justify spending money on iTunes, when I know I don't have the equipment to enjoy the purchase with.

      I need to buy what I CAN enjoy, and that would be discs."

      I suggest that we let Hasbro know we are interested. They have a contact page that is easily reachable in probably 4 or 5 clicks in the side bar.

      I categorized the form under:

      My Little Pony
      My Little Pony-Misc.
      Where to Buy

      I did get a reply. Most of it looks form (which is normal), but one line looked like it was genuinely, manually typed, and that makes sense that they would have the majority of the response be form based. No need to retype what will appear in every single response. She did personally thank me for my enthusiasm for the show, saying "It's great to hear how much you've enjoyed the show!". I can't tell if the later "I have forwarded your comments to our management team so that they are also aware of your views." is form or not, but it's still a good thing.

      Getting Hasbro's attention, asking why a product isn't available in the form we want it in... This is important. I suggest that everyone interested in a genuine DVD or BluRay Season 1 Box Set should mention the newly released DVD, and basically say, this is cool, but a true box set would be at least 20% cooler, and if they put out a BluRay, then Huzzah! The fun has been DOUBLED!

    66. Has anyone seen this disc available online?I have Target and Walmart in the area, but neither carries this DVD. I can't seem to find it on Amazon or Ebay either, which shocked me.

      Online searches are marred by the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Adventures in Ponyville flash game on the Hub website. Almost all results return info on the game.

      If Hasbro wants to throw random thematic episode DVDs our way, this DVD is at least a VERY cool one, with 3 very good episodes. I'd prefer a new source, cause buying these new is what drives sales numbers, and may prompt the decision to release a box set.

      Any info would be nice!