• Nightly Roundup #137

    We are now four episodes into Season Two, and have another two week break ahead of us.  I think it's time to poll what you guys think about it! Hit that up on the right side bar.

    Today's banner by: RegolithX

    I might have to do two banners a day from now on to keep up! There are a ton of really good ones. 

    Have some news.

    New PonyKart Game Looking for 3D Modelers/Spriters

    There are a few Pony Kart games in progress, but this one is trying to pull off the old Snes style instead of the others focusing on a more 3D look. The team needs more people though. Check out the video for a demo and the facebook page for more information.

    Meetups/Groups/Guilds Looking for More

    Portland Meetup

    When: October 29th, 12:00 noon

    Where: Clackamas Town Center Mall

    What: Halloween Fun! Merchandise expeditions and more. Costumes encouraged.



    Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess Links Pony

    Remember that 22 minute PMV the other day?  Well the group that actually did the song for it has acknowledged it on Twitter.  Check out the tweet here!

    Ponify App: Make the Internet 20% Cooler

    Are you tired of seeing boring words like "everybody" and other "normal" words while browsing the internet?  This application aims to send that crap to the MOON!

    If you run Chrome, or Firefox, check out the video below for a demonstration on it.

    Ponyarchive Download Stats

    I'm sure a bunch of you use Pony Archive for episodes when they first come out.  They sent me some stats for you all to dig through.  It's pretty amazing how many are visiting the site!

    Approx traffic per month on all our three mirrors: 30-40TB
    40 228 Unique visitors total so far
    Average time that people spend on the page is 4 minutes.
    80% of our traffic comes from EqD.
    Our archive so far is using about 60GB

    Midwest Brony Meetup + I want these Ponies 

    You don't have to magnifying glass and check for pixels, those are in fact full size stand-up ponies hangin out with the Midwest brony meetup.

    Look at that snarky ass Twilight Sparkle.  You can tell she just shot a sarcastic remark at poor Applebloom.

    They also have a writeup if you want to read about other people having fun.

    Fluttershy Cross Stitch

    This crazy piece of art took a whopping three weeks to complete, and apparently it was her first time.  Pretty crazy! check out the DA page here for more information.

    Rarity Drawn with the Words from Art of the Dress

    What is this even called? I bet it took forever.

    Giant Chalk Scratch

    Honestly, for this being a fandom built around My Little Pony, we sure do look "normal" for the most part. At least better than the Trekkies!

    (Flame-shields ACTIVATE!)

    So you Think Your a Brony Episode 11

    Another week, another episode.

    Badass Flutershy Cake

    Do they have cake printers? Because that is way too perfect to be be hand... caked! (drawn?)

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Rainbow Dash Plushie
    Nightmare Night Derpy Hooves 
    Rarity Umbrella

    Southpark Episode Hoax

    Earlier, an image was floating around, and a ton of you sent it my way.

    We are pretty much 99% sure it is a hoax. The website it was found on does not actually show the synopsis, and Southpark in general is known for never releasing it early.

    I'm just tossing this in here since some of you seem really excited to see it up on EQD! There you go!

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here