• National Pony Writing Month Ending Message

    For all you crazy authors out there writing obscene amount of pony, Siraj has yet another message, check it out below!

    I was checking the comments for NaPoWriMo and it seems that several writers are worried because I'm not replying to their sent e-mails.  Could you make a fast post in regard to that with the following copypasta?

         Hello all NaPoWriMo participants! Siraj/Noble Cause here.  In looking over the comments for the final pep talk, I wanted to reassure you that yes, I am recieving your e-mails with your work linked in it, along with your word counts.  I noticed that there's concerns that I'm not replying back, and I wanted to give the heads-up that I won't be.  Why? I'm too busy going completely insane over here trying to compile everything for the round-up I'm planning on throwing out on the 7th of just how much everypony did.  Not to worry, I'm only going to post up names and word counts, along with the title of the fic.
         In the meantime, as per NaNo 'regulations', you're welcome to edit and submit your work as you like, at this point.  I'm still waiting for my e-mail to keel over from the flood, but so far, so good.

         - Siraj/Noble Cause, boggling at the sheer amount of awesome word smithing.

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