• Story: Friendship is Epic (Updated Part 5!)

    [Normal] Some more Twilight and Dr. Whoof time traveling shenanigans.  

    Author: Noir deSilhouette
    Description: Compiled from the chat logs of a brainstorm in a google-docs chatroom.  Twilight's life is interrupted by the town's resident mad genius, Doctor Whooves, and everything is turned upside down when he and Derpy take her on an amazing trip to the future of Ponyville!  As the story continues, I will continue to add the brainstorms of people who respond in comments on Deviant Art or Equestria Daily, building the story as a community!
    Friendship is Epic
    Friendship is Epic Part 2
    Friendship is Epic Part 3
    Friendship is Epic Part 4
    Friendship is Epic Part 5 (New!)

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