• Drawfriend Stuff #219

    Two versus One? That's cheatin! Honestly if Discord wasn't so cocky, I doubt he would ever lose in a fight.  The ability to summon anything instantly, reconfigure an entire city, and  mind control at a touch?  That guy is hardcore.  I'm looking forward to Celestia's displays of power in season two. 

    Have some art.

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    1. /Does not care if first or not/ Untie Her this instant or we'll come for you! Awesome Drawfriend though.


    3. #26 makes me O.o

      Awesome as always

    4. Only 4 more nights till Nightmare Night. I can't wait for the whole week of Halloween Costumes and Luna that will come from it.

    5. I liked princess Phoe. She didn't misspell Hardcore.

      I base my rulers suitability on their attention to presentation.

    6. Rarity riding a chicken!

    7. Thank god the firsters are not here. 17: YESYESYESYES. Person sings Killer Queen In response to so-called "Trollestia"?

    8. Everything.... I ... LOVE ALL OF IT!!!

    9. #1 needs to work on foreshortening. Great idea and composition and whatnot, but it looks a bit funky.

    10. What happened to the picture interface from before?

    11. Wait...What the hell just happened to the comics post that popped up on the Twitter feed?

    12. 19: Luna with glasses?

      Cuteness overload in 3... 2... 1...


    13. I like fan art but some one PLEASE MAKE RATM fan art PLEASE?

    14. @Joey Wonton
      "This town isn't big enough for two supervillains!"

      "Oh, you're a villain all right, just not a SUPER one!"

      "Oh yeah? What's the difference?"


      Couldn't resist. No wait, that's not it, I could resist but choose not to resist, instead.

    15. Loved #10

      17: Yes, yes he is.
      25: Lyra FINALLY get's her wave hello!

      and seriously that banner is making me so sad!

    16. Drawfriend=awesomeness

      Small one today. Can we has Phoe back nao? She was giving me brushies when you took her away.

    17. Holy crap, Avatar the Last Airbender ponified art! Hells yes!

    18. I'm crunching on a deadline (under 2 hours left!) but I needed a break and I can't go without saying how awesome this particular collection of art happens to be!

      Great stuff!

    19. 1. That art style seems very familiar for some reason...
      7. Someone really needs to start working on a set of Pony tarot cards. I'd buy the shit out of those.
      10. That is absolutely gorgeous
      14. Make this crossover happen. Now.

    20. 10 is.... no words. Just great.

    21. This comment has been removed by the author.

    22. @NDupree93

      If it pleases you, I am working on a Kim Possible crossover story right now. Dunno if I'll ever try an ATLA crossover, though. Too scared about not getting the ATLA characters right.

      But yes, someone with more courage should get on the crossover.

      Also, we need some fanart of Trixie and The Boulder ("The Boulder feels conflicted about watching a show for little girls!" / "The Boulder is over his conflictions and is ready to PARRTAY!")

    23. Nightmare Moon's horn in #1 frightens me greatly.

    24. #18 looks like the start to a really good horror story.

    25. Hate to be off topic. But long story short. Phoe held Seth and Cereal hostage, and I came under Celestia orders to rescue those hostages. But I escaped and Seth and Cereal got their revenge.

      Back to topic now.
      3. Screwball, did you crash land somewhere?
      8. That Twilight is a spy!
      18. Yep, Trixie just lost it.
      26. (facepalm)
      28. No wonder I'm seeing swirly clouds in the sky.

    26. @Whitbane
      I was thinking the same thing until I considered the rest of the drawing. It seems to be the artists style. Heavily outlining any and everything, looks pretty neat though.

    27. #8: Oh Trixie, u so silly ^3^ I like the crown though.
      #14: Firebender ponies! Awesome!
      #18: Um... yikes. Not as freaky as Twilight though. Sorry Trixie, but you've come in second place again.
      #21: Oh poor Fluttershy... Who takes care of her when she's sick?
      #23: Oh, Dr. Strangelove reference. Nice :3
      #26: Scootaloo's a strong filly... But why Rarity? Why?

    28. #21-
      And then Philomena came to nurse Fluttershy back to health, but she kept losing her feathers. Philomena had no clue what to do, but then Twilight popped her head in the window and said Fluttershy was just molting.

    29. Ahahahah, it's a Strangelove shoutout, nice.

    30. Ooh, another Drawfriend. Time to comment.

      #1 I really like the style, and that would make for a very interesting fight.

      #3 Am I the only one who wants Screwball to reappear? I'm sure there's others.

      #5 WHAT! WHY?!?! IT'S SO SAD. ='(

      #8 XD Bahahaha. I really like the face on the moon. Cannot wait for the new episode. And Trixie being awesome, of course.

      #10 Aww, that reminded me of FO:E (when LilPip sees herself in the corrupted mirror) and that recent Scootadeath story. Now I'm really sad. ;_;

      #12 Bahahaha

      #13 Ok, I'm not sad anymore. D'aww.

      #14 Yes. Just yes. Too awesome.

      #22 Seems like everyone is giving Fluttershy giant angelic wings. Not that that's a bad thing, just a trend I noticed.

      #26 Umm...wut?

      Another great Drawfriend. Now, will you please untie Phoe?

    31. 16 has much more sadistic roots than you think...


    32. #1 The win
      #2 TwiPie FTW
      #8 Princess Trixie? Hmm...*fanfic*
      #12 I'm OK with this.
      #13 I could see this happening. Luna, Clefable, Wheatley, and Space Orb all having a party on the moon.
      #14 That...was just awesome.
      #18 I'm also OK with this.
      #26 Ride that chicken Rarity.

    33. I'm starting to like twilight more and more. 20 helps. Super cute.

    34. @Finn the Human


      Wait...that's a bad thing...

    35. @Phluorescent

      Yeah, I figured the same after I took another glance at it. It's pretty badass, even with its exaggeration.

    36. @Joey Wonton
      I've heard worse ways to judge a ruler.

    37. Once again awesome picsw across the board

    38. Why is #14 the first I've seen of ponified A:TLA characters?

      NEED MORE.

    39. #14 yes... so awesome
      #17 not since the bohemian rhapsody with the CMC have a seen something so epic

    40. Pfff is #23 a Dr. Strangelove reference? Cuz if it is then that makes it 20% cooler.

    41. I still dont see any Seth/BrushyBrushy shipping :3

    42. Source for #17 goes to the source for #26 instead

    43. #14 is simply amazing. A:TLA crossover FTW!

    44. @Eeveexpert
      Saw this one a while back, not ponified but just as awesome. Have some friendship is Avatar

    45. @Cain.Is.Blogging.Stuff

      I do hate to burst your bubble but that is actually Nyx fan art.

      I love how in #16 Twilight still looks cute even when she's a little disturbed in the head.

    46. This comment has been removed by the author.

    47. #23 Ha! Haven't watched Dr. Strangelove for a looong time xD

    48. #25 The way it should've been in Season 1 Pilot Part 1!

    49. #1, If I never see Discord again, it'll be too soon.

      #2, Where is Twilight going?

      #7, Tarot card: The Jewel

      #8, Trixie from the future? That IS scary.

      #14, Zuko and Azula. It's a been a while since I've watched Avatar: The Last Airbender.

      #18, According to certain fan fics, this pic means the trait runs in the family.

      #21, Oh no. What happened to Fluttershy? More importantly, what's the remedy?

      #25, Calm and happy Lyra is the best Lyra.

      #26, 0_o *Drop a what the eff bomb here*

      #27, I've seen this pony a couple of times, but I can never remember the name.

    50. #8 - The moon in this picture reminds me of Deadly Premonition for some reason...

    51. #14 Is awesome! I'm eventually going to spring MLP FiM on my friends and compare it to the awesomeness as Avatar: The Last Airbender (the show of course, not the movie, let's never speak of it again) cause they adore Avatar!

    52. I know I'm not giving Trxie enough credit, but I can't help but get the feeling she's looking for a scapegoat in #12

      23: Awesome! Applejack's pulling a W. Bush!

    53. Oh, 23 is a reference to Dr. Strangelove?

      I REALLY need to see that.

    54. I dunno though. I'm not doubting Discord is extremely powerful. But Celestia wields absolutely insane power too. She is pretty much a God after-all. I think Nightmare Moon also didn't get to show off just how much power I'd say she had as well.


      #1 This is a really nice and really awesome-looking image. Love the style and the colors.
      #2 Awww, the thought of Twilight leaving all the others and going back to Canterlot is a sad thought indeed. :'(
      #3 Oh, Screwball. Hehe. She's another lovable dunce. And yes, rather adorable in this pic as well.
      #5 Eep. That spam detector. lol Aww, poor Luna. She breaks my heart whenever she's sad. Don't go, Luna. We'd all miss you and your adorableness too much. :(
      #6 Applejack has her eye on you weed... watching your every move... she could be sitting there a while...
      #7 Very very nice. Like the border and background, rather pretty. Pose is really good too.
      #8 Doh ho ho! Trixie, you card. "Luna's Moon carving contest"? But... how...? I guess its simply magic. Ain't gotta explain shit. :P As for the constellations, I admit to not being very good at finding constellations.
      #10 Oh, wow. Kinda strong piece here. It's very beautifully done. Kinda sad. I think we all feel like that sometimes. Beaten and bruised. Celestia has over a millennia of hardships and tough battles. Not just physical, but emotional and spiritual too. Very nicely done with this.
      #11 Kinda creepy. Runs girls! D:
      #12 At first glance I actually thought Twilight was Trixie. lol Trixie, you are something alright. Though, if this is part of a provocative series, does that mean Trixie wants to pretty much ogle herself in an intimate way? Wait... nevermind I even asked such a silly question.
      #13 D'aww, how cute. After reading the title, I couldn't help but insert "because it's really close to us~" after it. lol Or however that old video went.
      #16 More psycho Twilight. Though she's looking a little less psycho here at least... still has that tell-me-I'm-pretty-or-else *twitch* face though. :P
      #17 Source derp. :P Nice pic. Freddie Mercury was awesome.
      #18 And now we have a crazy Trixie to go with our crazy Twilight. I'm sure they can get into silly crazy magic battles together. :D "If Trixie can't find a Twilight Sparkle, Trixie will make a Twilight Sparkle!" Haha.
      #19 Inb4 and after rage maybe? lol I think it's rather cute. :3
      #20 D'awww, that face. <3
      #21 Aww, poor Fluttershy needs 10 more minutes I think. Thought she was sick at first in this, but she just seems to be groggy. Someone get her some coffee. :>
      #22 Happy cloud-bouncin' Fluttershy! <3
      #23 When I look at this I imagine Applejack slapping Dashie's rump with her hat yelling "giddy up!".
      #26 Lmao. That is -not- how you ride a chicken. Scootaloo is simply thinking "wtf is this crazy mare doing?!" Also, I noticed someone made the joke Scootaloo is a chicken, and another word for chicken is cock. Well, close enough. So Rarity is riding a *shot*
      #28 Hehe. I can imagine her flying silly and making cloud swirls. Cute expression too.

    55. I need to start writing that Discord Origin story.
      Confound these siblings! They drive me to use mobile devices!

      Librarian Luna is always needed.
      No... Pinkie... Don't cry... (;_;)
      Avatar ponies?! If the storyline for that show wasn't so specific, I'd type that in a heartbeat. Discord would make a perfect King Bumi.

    56. 10 is really beautiful, but I don't think I understand it... anyone care to explain?

    57. @ Octavia
      Well... Discord's a god, too.

      Fun Fact/My Perfectionism rearing its ugly head time!
      The word 'god' is only capitalized when referring to the 'all-powerful' Christian god. God is His name, so, it's capitalized. Celestia, however, is called Celestia, so 'god' is just describing her. Plus, she's not a god, but a goddess.

    58. P.s.
      Mobile devices are a perfectionist's nightmare.

    59. "I'm looking forward to Celestia's displays of power in season two."

      "O, it is excellent to have a giant's strength, but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant." - Shakespeare.

    60. @P. Pony Ponyson

      Inafter nit-picking. lol I don't even see Discord as a god to be honest. I just see him as a mischievous mischief-maker.

      And I know Celestia is a "goddess", but I often simply say "god" for either gender.

    61. I liked #13 and #14 a bunch.

      14 - another quality show to watch on an otherwise boring day... for some reason, I felt the 1st part of the series was a bit too short, though. Can't wait for the new chapter to begin!

      13 - Hah, Clefable used to be on my "signature" team a while back... wish I could get into the battling biz again someday. It's so complicated nowadays.

      And for #21 - Reminds me of when I had to take care of my big sis when she had a sick week years ago. It was tough, but I did it.

    62. Wow did we really just make it through an entire drawfriend without a JohnJoseco picture?

      I never thought I'd see the day! lol

    63. More Avatar ponies NOW!

      If I can at least just see a Toph pony, I can die happy.

    64. Love the Discord picture at the top. All this Discord fan art as made me and my friends wonder, what would a female draconoquous (sp?) look like?

      Just curious.

    65. #2 Ok, I'm hereby calling for a moratorium on randomly sad ponies. Sad with a purpose is fine, but I just can't take any more sad for the sake of sad (sorry if this has a point and I just missed it. Also, it's very well drawn).

      #6 ....so, is she trying to eat it? Or....

      #8 Ha!

      #13 Yay happy Luna Clefairy moon combo!

      #14 Fire bender ponies! Yes! Now draw crazy Azula pony.

      #26 Guhhuhzuwhaaa?

    66. Another quick post before leaving work.

      Banner: Loveitloveitloveit! I really need to commission PashaPup sometime.

      #1: Great composition, wonderfully dramatic drawing.

      #8, #12: That's the Trixie we know and love!

      #9: Repeat! Not that I'm complaining about seeing Briskby's art again.

      #10: Great drawing, wonderful atmosphere and color, thought-provoking and sad. Best of the drawfriend tonight, though I do prefer the banner image slightly...

      #16: Looking for a reading partner again? I'll be happy to join you for a good book!

      #21: Who takes care of the caretaker? (If I were at home, I'd try to look up the Latin translation, and probably leave everyone terribly confused.)

      #23: Oh man, never expected to see a reference to that movie in MLP fanart. Another great Briskby piece.

      #28: Terrific drawing of Derpy! I'd like to have that on a t-shirt.

      So would I, though I don't know where I'd find someone to play Tarock with me.

    67. "Lesson Zero" was pretty much Celestia's first real display of power besides raising the sun wasn't it?

    68. #14

    69. 11... Run!! Its the SlenderPony...!!

    70. 17- 'A night at the Gala'
      The most epic thing evar.

    71. Source #19, I believe is not Princess Luna per say, rather her alter ego "Selene" from the Progress storyline, which I enjoy!

    72. Did nopony else take a close look at Luna's horn in the first source?

    73. I lost it at the Clefairy picture.

    74. Hm.. I didn't know Vectors from the show can be submitted... because I kind of have a DA full of them.

    75. hmm again middle mousclicks... and then ( found an little easier combo than i used before :D ) strg+s, alt+s, strg+f4 (save as.. save it damn it, ok close this tab so i can do the next)

      or for short... awesome

    76. Drat, looks like I won't be getting to roast a certain tied-up pony...
      I was looking forward to that prospect.

      #1 Awesome as all get-out, but which side is NMM on?? It kinda looks like she's angling her gaze at Discord, but it could be she's looking at Celly... and I'm sorry, but dat horn is... horny. Ya get my drift? X.X

      #2 Awww, I assume this is a reference to the part in the last episode where everyone thinks Celestia's sending Twilight away? Plz tell me this is not another gut-wrenching fanfic...

      #3 Ohai, hooves!

      #4 Rainbow Dash is now... oh heck, not gonna use that old meme again...

      20% cooler DANGIT!

      #5 A highly dramatized "banishment-to-the-moon" pic. It's very sad, but we all know Luna wasn't quite Luna when she was banished... so your argument is invalid.

      #6 Idk what AJ has against that poor, defenseless little weed, but it sure is in some DEEP SH*T

      #7 Wonderful stylization of Rarity.


      Oh wait, it's just Discord, nvmnd. I think Luna wins her own contest!

      #9 I has NO clue who this cute little OC pony is, but SQUEE!!

      #10 Wow. Neat insight here. This is why I love this community. Sometimes they make you lulz, sometimes they kill you with cuteness, sometimes they make you cry your eyes out, and sometimes they make you stop and think. This picture is a good representation of what MANY leaders have to go through, both imaginary and real.

      #11 Um, don't look now, but...

      #12 Took me a minute to figure out why there were TWO Trixies in the room and why one looked a little... different. Finally got it! I sense some shmexy stuff about to go down...

      #13 Is that a Clefairy sharing Luna's moon?? Srsly, what is this? .... Oh well, at least it's keeping Luna happy. It gets brownie points in my book for that.

      #14 It has happened. And it is awesome. Where's the Alitar?

      #15 Oh Rainbow Dash, you can be so cute and girly sometimes... HEY! I said sometimes! You don't have to go all Kung-fu on my tail!

      #16 Ohhhh... thatsssss a nicccccce book you have there, Twilight. May I read it with you? ;-D

      #17 Who the hay is Freddie Mercury? I'm guessing this reference is older than me...

      #18 Somehow... Psycho Trixie isn't nearly as scary as Psycho Twilight... but still, DIS PROBLEM. Trixie, I recommend you read "Eversleep, Part Two" before you try to do that...

      #19 Adorkable alicorn filly? YESH.


      #21 WHY do you ponies like to hurt Fluttershy so much??? Come on, after the last episode, we all know she's a lot tougher than that...

      #22 Ahhhh, that's much better! That happy smile... THAT'S good Fluttershy!

      #23 Um, AJ, your hoof... where are you putting it?? O.O;

      #24 I was reminded of the Anthology when I saw this... *Woody Woodpecker Laugh*

      #25 Awww, so cute how they're so happy to see each other! I love these bright, simple, happy pictures. They capture the essence of this show.

      #26 Now this, on the other hand... is Scootabuse. Rarity, if you don't stop riding Scootaloo right now, I'm calling FPS (Foal Protection Services).

      #27 D'awww... OC ponies can be so precious.

      #28 Whoa... I think I'm getting dizzy staring at this one... wonder what would happen if you animated her swirling around and around and around through those clouds... Oh snap.

      Me and my big fat mouth.

      Not the best Drawfriend I've seen, but definitely not bad. I guess the last few have been so awesome that I've gotten spoiled...

    77. I gots inturnets again! Yayness!

      Actually, #9 & #27 aren't OC, they're both background ponies from the show, Cloud Kicker and Dizzy Twister, respectively.

      #17 and #23 are doubtless both references older than you, to '70s/'80s rock group Queen and the 1964 film Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

    78. So I comment about how I liked the shipping pics last Drawfriend, and then this one has none.

      I should never have said anything. ;_;

    79. #2 - You made me happy
      This you can bet
      You split right beside me, yeah
      And I won't forget

      And I really love you
      You should know
      I wanna make sure I'm right, girl
      Before I let go

      Now we've had our good time
      That's what they say
      We've hurtin' each other
      Girl, it's a shame

      I won't be foolish, no, no
      I wanna know
      I wanna make sure I'm right, girl, oh
      Before I let go, yeah, uh

      You know I thank God sun rises and shines on you
      You know there's nothin', nothin', nothin' I would not do

      Whoa, no

      Before I let you go
      I would never, never, never, never, never, never, never
      Never let you go before I go

      We were so close
      I love your charm, ooh
      I can understand it, no
      Where did we go wrong

      I won't be askin', girl
      I've got to know
      I gotta make sure I'm right
      Before I let go, ha-ha

      I wanna know
      I wanna know
      I can't, I can't let you go, mmm
      I can't, I can't let you go
      'Cause I know

      Ba ba ba
      Ba ba ba ba ba (Ha, come on, darlin')
      Ba ba ba
      Ba ba ba ba ba
      Ba ba ba
      (I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know before I let you go, I gotta tell you so)
      Ba ba ba ba ba (Come on, girl)
      Ba ba ba (Come on)
      Ba ba ba ba ba (I can't let you)
      Ba ba ba (Go, go, go, go, go, yeah)
      Ba ba ba ba ba
      Ba ba ba (I wanna know, know, I wanna know)
      Ba ba ba ba ba
      Ba ba ba (Whoa, whoa, whoa)
      Ba ba ba ba ba

      #3 - Screwball was a dope rap group. The song about assassinating Rudy Giuliani is a classic.
      #5 - The fucking BUS? Wow, this universe's Trollestia is extra dickish.
      #10 - I wonder what she'd see in the Mirror of Erised...
      #18 - GOLEM ALERT
      #21 - Don't listen to CardsLafter. Greasy food doesn't work. Drink water.

    80. Just a thought: Maybe Discord made Luna Night mare Moon, or at least pushed her train of thought toward a downward spiral that would lead to that.

      I'm guessing that somepony has probably already written a fanfic about this, which I haven't read...

    81. Pony tarot cards would be legit. If I wasn't so incredibly, horribly busy right now between my day job, my side jobs, my personal projects and all the other stuff going on in my life right now, I would absolutely get on that myself. Someday, maybe.

      And while I saw there is a specific posting for it, because I am feeling unforgivably lazy at the moment I shall comment on the current Derpy Halloween banner here: absolutely fabulous. PashaPup/Patch once again gifts us with some charming fanart.

      Onto the Drawfriend~
      #1 I personally adore this picture... fantastic dynamic styling and I love the bizarre, skewed perspective. The varying thickness of the linework adds a lot to the effect, as well.
      #2 You know, I meant to comment on that little moment from Lesson Zero in my comments on the episode thread, but I forgot. Pinkie nuzzling against Twilight when she thought she was going to be sent away was one of the cutest things ever... really sweet little fanart.
      #5 I don't know why I find this picture hilarious but I do... anyway interesting idea for a fanart. It has a pretty tangible mood to it for such a simple piece, too.
      #6 Absolutely love the sense of texture to this picture... I should really use paper/canvas filters more often. And as a hobby gardener (albeit not the most proficient one, I'll admit) I can empathize, Applejack.
      #10 It's like The Picture of Dorian Grey. Disturbing as it is at a close look this piece really caught my eye... it is a beautiful piece of artwork in my opinion. Great style and I LOVE the use of light and dark and the sense of texture (the dust motes visible in the light pouring through the windows have even been captured wonderfully, I see).
      #13 This picture is hilarious.
      #20 How incredibly cute is this... I really love the artist's style here. Such a lovely softness to this picture.
      #23 Seemingly I am missing a reference here. But even without it, I find this picture quite amusing.
      #25 Random as this picture is I quite like it. It's rather nicely done anyway.
      #26 What is this I don't even...

      A rather short review again I know, bleh... my apologies fellow artists... *gets back to work*

    82. @jodyjm13
      Ok, thanks for clearing that up for me. I'm just culturally ignorant of some things...

      But srsly, she has her hoof on Twilight's...


    83. Source 19: It's NYX!!!!! :D

    84. 23... Would that be reverse-cowgirl?

    85. #5:

      I've got a ticket to the moon
      I'll be leaving here any day soon
      Yeah, I've got a ticket to the moon
      But I'd rather see the sunrise ~ in your eyes


    86. #6 awww AJ ur so fierce staring down that little weed

      #16 This one is pretty I like it

      #20 D'aww cute little Twilight xD

      #23 GO AJ!! Ride em' cowpony!!!!

    87. @Brony Neumo I'm so glad I'm not the only one that laughed when I saw the Dr. Strangelove Parody. I'm also glad I'm not the only one that knew what it was. Now I don't feel like the only old guy watching this show.

    88. I saw #3 with baseball bat on Ponibooru (it was bloody GIF as well) so I found this clean version cuter

    89. #6
      It makes me so happy to see something I made get on here.

    90. #23 Bwahaa! ah am hoofin' 'ur plot!

    91. @jodyjm13

      SOOOOO glad someone else got that. I was gonna say, but I only loaded the DF last night, and didn't get around to saving the pics and commenting till today.

      Dash Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Rainboom

    92. #26 all i can say on that is Rarity is riding Scootaloo and loving it and yes that was supposed to be a sex joke of sorts

    93. This must be the no theme edition. I couldn't find a coneection between any of them except for ponies.

    94. @NDupree93 I was thinking a few weeks ago about which major arcana the Mane Six would be. I wonder how many people would agree with me.

      Twilight Sparkle--The Hermit (or possibly The Magician)
      Rainbow Dash--The Chariot
      Rarity--The Star
      Fluttershy--The Empress or Temperance
      Pinkie Pie--The Fool