• Nightly Roundup #98

    Prince Blueblood hasn't had an edition yet,  and that's totally not because I'm biased against stallions... nope. 

    Have some news!

    Brony Cosplay Facebook Group

    If you go to conventions with rainbow hair and pony ears, this is probably the facebook page for you!

    READ Poster Painting

    Because printing is lazy. This is from the people over at Ponybrook University, the best school... obviously.

    Swedish Grocery Store Carries Blindbag Sets

    A store over in Sweden called "Lidl" apparently carries the 4 pack blindbag set. If you live over there, you might as well pick one up!

    Season Two Australia Stream Times

    For those over in Australia who get confused at our USA Voodoo time zones, someone has created a quick reference list. If you want to tune into pony the second it airs, check out the times below.

    Western Australia- Perth- 9 PM
    Central Australia- Darwin, Adelaide- 10.30 PM
    East Coast- Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane- 11.00 PM

    Pony Themed Party

    With inspirational speech thing in tow. I don't see any pin the tail on the pony...

    Various Facebook Groups

    Bellingham WA USA Facebook Group
    Winnipeg Group

    Brony Dance

    Just in case you were wondering how to dance to all these crazy remixes that pop up.

    More Pony Pizza

    That is one awesome Derpy Hooves.

    GMOD Pony Project Update Video

    For those looking forward to seeing season one animated in GMod, a new video is out demonstrating everything. This dude has a long way to go!

    Megaman/MLP Crossover Game Seeking Help

    Someone over on Ponychan is looking for assistance in creating a MLP Megaman game. If you have game making experience, hit up the ponychan thread and toss him some feedback.

    Screw Attack Briefly Mentions Pony

    Being too cool to watch an episode and judge for yourself is so 5 months ago. It will happen eventually! Just suck it up!

    Check out the video here, and the actual pony part at 34:23

    Pony Posters invade Campass Wall

    Where do people print this stuff out at that size? It has to be expensive. I want a wall sized trixie damnit!

    LAD RPG Pony Art/ Stream

    More streams and art have popped up for the LAD RPG. Check them out below!


    The next stream is scheduled here at 9:00 PM PS

    Makkon Interview Number 2

    For those that followed the first Makkon interview, part two has popped up. Check it out here!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Pets and Custom Blindbags
    Custom Nightmare Moon/Celestia/Twilights Mom/Derpy
    Steel Wing Designs
    Pony Clothing
    Awesome Vintage Pony Shirt Collection

    Equestria Daily News

    Best Trixie origin story so far.

    No fic report tonight! Nathan slacked!

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here