• 40,000,000 Hits!

    Season two is right around the corner, and EQD Just hit 40 million hits! Is it fate?  Is it an equestrian conspiracy started up by the ghost of Nightmare Moon?! 

    This was supposed to be a Discord banner, but we kind of hit the threshold a bit earlier than I thought.  I figured the season one villains needed some love anyway.  They did a damn good job of shaking up the mane cast, and I'm really looking forward to the new ones throwing our favorite little ponies even further into insanity.

    Onward to season two! 

    Celabratory images/Comics after the break. (I'm seeing a lot of Trixie here!)

    I honestly didn't even know this was possible in Minecraft, holy crap! Thanks to Flashback for this one. 

    EQD Cast end up in Silent Ponyville

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    Source : Squirrel

    Source : Cedar