• Nightly Roundup #107

    Breaking News: Ponies, Sea Ponies Reach Historic Accord
    Coastal towns can rest easy, as the late summer summit lead by one Lyra T. Unicorn and her Seapony doppelganger ended in what witnesses described as "a frenzy of hugs and excited squealing."

    "What else was I supposed to do?" Said Lyra, "She's just so gosh darned adorable. Finally, somepony who understands me. I mean, just the other day I was saying to Bon Bon, I said... hey, wait! Where are you going with that microphone? I'm not finished yet!"

    The meeting is expected to usher in a new era of friendship between the two estranged cultures while preserving the all-important Bridle Shores fishing and marine industry. More news after the break.

    Pony RPers Declare Nightmare Moon Alive and Dangerous
    A dedicated group of game-savvy folk have begun to stake their claim in a world where Nightmare Moon lives on through her armor and corrupts ponies in the night. To save the world from this terrible influence, they've invited others to play along. "It looks a little bit like Mafia/Werewolf, except not quite", says one reporter. Find them here.

    Rainbow Dash Sighted in Far Off Webcomic
    Intrepid explorer and ace stuntspony Rainbow Dash, best known for her stellar victory in the Best Young Flier competition has been sighted on a desk in a comic known as Yosh.Viewers are urged to check it out, and decide if this has any significance to them whatsoever.

    Ponies Continue Speaking in German, Blog Authors Continue Needing Subtitles

    German sources are reporting seeing Season 1 episodes daily on local broadcast stations. They invite interested parties to check out the recordings thus far on the little-known video sharing service "Youtube". See below for "hyperlinks".

    Episode 1/Part2
    Episode 2/Part 2
    Episode 3/Part 2

    Starcraft Races, Ponies Find Common Ground Over Gensokyo
    An intrepid brony has released a video of a long running project in which ponies fight various Starcraft units in a Touhou-style danmaku shooter. By request, Applejack took a look at the footage and declared, "Bullets are Heck." Rare and exclusive footage can be found here.

    Student Creates Pony Pillow in Sewing Class "Because I can."
    You sure can, Mr. Cursorpad. You sure can.

    Pen and Paper RPG System Released. Basements Everywhere Experience Sudden Increase in Dice

    My Little Pony: Role Playing is Magic, currently in its 1st edition, is a production by one 'Tall Tail'. It promises a rules light storytelling-focused experience with "enough meat for veteran pen and paper players to sink their teeth into" (although this reporter tried and found only ink and paper), tied together with a strong emphasis on canon-centric details and a Seasonal update schedule. Find it here.

    Colorado Bronies Plan 'Winter Moon Celebration' Despite Royal Proclamations

    A large contingent of bronies in the Colorado area lead by j11 and Spiritofthwwolf have announced preparations for a Winter Solstice celebration (Facebook Page, Events Forum), and are inviting everypony with an inclination to come on the designated date. Her Most Serene Highness, Princess Celestia, had only this to say, "Well. If they like the moon so much, maybe they would enjoy a much closer encounter with it."

    Musical Ponies Discovered on Cakes, Then Eaten Shortly After

    Vinyl Scratch and Octavia, known roommates and Odd Couple extraordinaire have been spotted on a pair of completely unrelated birthday cakes. One was intended for Bronystate moderator and pony namesake 'Octavia', while the other was found in the home of a shadowy figure known only as 'JC'. Neither pony was available for comment, but reports of frosting covered plates are still coming in.

    Brazilian Import Rates Confirmed For Still Being Absolutely Obscene
    Brazilian bronies delighted by the appearance of talking pink Celestia figures in local stores were dismayed to find that their country's policy of always upcharging everything by 7 million percent did not make an exception for the Magic of Friendship. The electronic figurine, beloved the world over for responding to having her butt touched by asking the offending party if they are a princess too, retails for $18-24 on the US market. Seen below is a price tag on a Brazilian shelf, after conversion showing a price of nearly $70 USD. What else need be said?

    Pony Podcast Titled Fundamentally Wrong
    A group on youtube has put together something they're calling the 'Fundamentally Wrong' podcast, a 2-3 times daily showing of pony discussion and music played with permission by the original artists. Those still looking for more people on the internet talking pony are encouraged to explore the issue for themselves.

    Pony Presence Discovered in Middle East in Advance of Hasbro

    As if to prove the ever expanding influence of Friendship and Marshmallows, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic would appear to have found its way onto Middle Easter air waves before any sort of corporate presence by parent company Hasbro.What this means is a matter of speculation, and a highly sophisticated journalistic organization such as Equestria Daily must refrain from such, as it always has and most certainly always will. A digitally captioned version of the advertisement slot can be found here.

    Definitely Accidental Seeks Help On Purpose

    Minecraft Machinima series 'Definitely Accidental' has gone brony, and is seeking help incorporating ideas to include ponies without running afoul of copyright claims. All parties interested in providing assistance to this effect should report with bright eyes and eager faces to [email protected]
    Examples of current work may be found here and here, but Viewer Discretion is advised.

    Merchandise For Sale Strong Evidence of Capitalism's Continued Existence

    The following ad spaceis brought to you tonight by Brony Cola. Brony Cola: a saucier cola there is none.

    Twilight Sparkle Hat (With Horn!) Available At Auction
    Painted Princess Luna Sketchbook Available At Auction

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