• Story: The Somewhere Cycle; Volume 1: "Wander and Green Brier"


    Author: The Descendant
    Description: Wander is a city colt who has fought his way up through the ranks.

    Green Brier is born to gentry and fights to maintain his ideals.

    No two ponies in Equestria are probably more different, but both keep inside themselves a powerful secret. Both of them have memories of a time of horrific war fought by baffling creatures on a distant world. Of those creatures two showed them what it means to be an officer, what sacrifices a good soldier must make, and how friendship can surpass even the borders of time and space.

    In this story, the first of The Somewhere Cycle, Wander and Green Brier share with you, the reader, these memories. See if you can figure out who their beloved masters were and what famed horses they were in our reality before the story ends!

    The Somewhere Cycle; Volume 1: "Wander and Green Brier"
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