• Nightly Roundup #58

    That post earlier? It never happened.  Have some cute twilight sparkle in socks to make up for it.

    Pony Toys in Glasglow, Scotland! 

    For all of you scottish bronies out there, a store called Forbidden Planet now has stock of pony stuff.  Now go give Hasbro your money!

    Hub Friendship Day Palooza

    Over on the Hub facebook page, a new commercial celebrating friendship day on Sunday is up. Not a huge amount of pony in it, but hey, that's what nightly updates are for! 

    You can find it here!

    Friendship is Dragons Comic Launches

    A new pony comic series has started, this one celebrating ponies and Dungeons and Dragons!  You can find it, and the first entry, here!

    Central Florida Brony Meetup Looking for More! 

    For those of you around Central Florida, another meetup is starting up.  You can find more information over at the Facebook page

    Best Pony Competion

    I don't think its possible to gauge the best pony, but this thread on ponychan is making the attempt!  You can find the polls and voting system here.

    Panthera Pony Comic 

    ... or humans with pony shirts.  Ehhh humans.  Have a link!

    Weekly Pony Singing Contest

    A few people are trying to set up a weekly singing contest.  If you want to practice making your voice not suck, check out the video below!

    Tusla Brony Meetup

    Another meetup is happening in Tusla, Oklahoma.  It's going to be a simple restaurant visit followed by raiding Toys R' Us.  You can find the page for it here if you are interested.

    Pinkie Pie Raids Bakery

    Good thing shes apparently immune to gaining weight.  Over on Staten Island, NY, a bakery called Mother Mousse is currently stocking these Pinkie Pie cookies.  Have a story!

    "I work in a local bakery here on Staten Island, NY, named Mother Mousse


    I work at the main location, where everything is produced and sent
    over to location two. Location two's main job is decorating the
    cookies. We have several licensed characters in our showcase such as
    Spongebob and Dora and Spider-Man and The Hulk and Domo, among others.
    I finally convinced BossLady to do Pony cookies. Obviously we can't do
    all the Mane cast, so I chose Pinkie and Twilight. After a false start
    where location two sent us random Ponies, I sent over the giftset
    Pinkie and Twi in a bag, explaining we're doing exactly these two for
    the same reason we do exactly Yo Gabba Gabba and not random bootleg
    monsters. So now location two knows I'm insane.

    Today, to my delight, Pinkie Pie cookies arrived! My cell phone camera
    washed out some of the pink, but I assure you its a great color match!
    Don't know if Twilight will show up, but I'm thrilled! The previous
    cookies sold out, so I have high hopes for these!

    I'm one of those old time collectors who's been looking for another
    local pal for yonks, so if any Bronies DO stop by, please ask one of
    our counter girls to pass on to Jessie that a Brony stopped by. <3 At
    least I'll know to keep looking!"
    That's influence right there!

    ACAD Sugar Cube Corner Design

    An architect brony designed sugar cube corner for one of his classes over on Deviant Art.  You can find it here!

    Fandub of the Celestia Prank Call Comic

    I still haven't heard anyone try a Trixie voice.  I know its magical and neigh impossible to mimic, but at least give it a shot!

    Anyway, have the video below!

    TFW2005 Brony Artist Training Event

    Another artist training ground style event is going on over at the Transformers Forums.  They are looking for more people to participate!  You can find the information about it here!

    If you have any questions, toss an email to [email protected]

    Ebay/Merch Stuff
    Reddit Brony Shirt
    Blind Bag Luna Custom Commission

    Equestria Daily News

    For those of you who missed the announcement earlier, please try to include images in future fanfiction submissions! It saves me and Cereal loads of time!

    Stories Updated
    Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel (Update Story 2 Part 1!)
    And Then They Were Ponies (Update Part 2!)
    Hoennshy (Update Part 8!)
    Fluttershy's Origin (Update Part 3!)
    Antipodes (Update Chapter 19!)
    On A Cross And Arrow (Update Part 6!)
    Screenplay: Life with Derpy (Update Part 3!)
    Moldbreaker (Update Part 4!)
    Silent Ponyville (Update Story 2 Part 3!)
    Of Mares and Magic (Update Complete!) (LIES!)
    Bronyville Podcast (New Episode 15!)
    A New Equestria (Update 2, 3, 4!)
    The Conversion Bureau Compilation (30+ Updates)

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here