• Drawfriend Stuff #148

    It has been a while since we have had a good old fashioned Dash shipping drawing as the main image, so lets do it!

    Nostalgia edition? 

    To the drawfriend!

    Source 1

    Source 2
    Twilight Sparkle confirmed for cuter than Fluttershy?

    Source 3

    You know... whenever I make these drawfriends I keep a list of sources every time I find an image and a brief description so I know what label goes with what.

    Fluttershy's description is almost always just "Fluttershy".  You guys need to draw this girl in some action sequences!

    Source 4 need

    It probably gets pretty tiring carrying around that staff all day. 

    Source 5
    Kloudmutt is back!   Drawfriends will now be 20% saucier!

    Luna PLOT

    Source 6

    Madmax convinced me to read past sins with this one.  I need to make some time for it! 

    Source 7

    Source 8

    Source 9

    Source 11

    Source 12

    Totally a crossover, yep. 

    Source 13 Sonicrainboom93


    Source 14

    Source 15

    Source 16 need

    Sorry Trixie, you are too cute to look disgruntled.

    Source 17

    I love this style. 

    Source 18

    Source 19

    Source 10


    Source 21


    Source 22

    I'm pretty sure they built Rarity to look good in just about anything.

    Source 23

    Ponies make chubby cute.

     Source 24 

    That was short!

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