• Story: Pony Gear Solid (Update Part 19!)

    [Crossover][Dark][Normal] Yep, I think we have officially crossed over everything at this point. 

    Author: Posh
    Description: (Metal Gear Solid crossover) "Metal Gear has fallen into the hooves of an Equestrian revolutionary, who, with the backing of his human mercenary allies, intends to use it to depose Celestia and crown himself ruler. Now, the legendary Solid Snake must ally with the residents of Ponyville to prevent this monster from unleashing a nuclear catastrophe."
    Pony Gear Solid (New Part 19!)

    Additional Tags: Tactical Espionage Action. With Ponies.


    1. "Yep, I think we have officially crossed over everything at this point."
      Lies! I need to see MOTHER3 in pony form.

    2. It was bound to happen. I'm so glad it finally did!

      Now we just need ZOP - Zone Of the Ponies.

    3. What the...

      Well at least I was prepared for this when I made my crossover pic; it seemed quite doable.

    4. We still don't have Metroid, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Super Mario, Harry Potter... if any of these exist already, prove me wrong.

    5. Have we had a Dexter crossover yet?

    6. YES! YES! I've been waiting for this crossover since I discovered Equestria Daily!

    7. "Yep, I think we have officially crossed over everything at this point."

      Not quite everything! I want an Invader Zim crossover. Just 'cause.

    8. @Anonymous

      I don't care how you get to it, BUT I WANNA SEE THE MANE SIX AGAINST GIGYAS (which means MOTHER2 but oh well!)

    9. Have they done a Deus Ex crossover yet? :P


    11. @papersketch
      Amen to that. MLP has pretty much become our Touhou anyway in a sense.

    12. Crossovers we still need:
      Maretale Busters
      Two and a Half Colts
      Dead Like Me
      Secret Life of the Equestrian Filly
      Hannah Montana
      Teen Mom (w/ Rarity and Sweetie Bell)
      Equestria's Got Talent
      Back to the Future
      Pimp My Carriage

      At least I think those are all still do-able.

    13. ...

      "I've seen some crazy shit in my time. My father being roasted alive. My best friend being ground underfoot beneath a giant robot. Big Mama's cleavage."

      This last line. Just. This last line. I can't stop laughing.

    14. Naked Snake was best Snake.

    15. @Anonymous


    16. showmetheblueprintsAugust 15, 2011 at 11:27 PM

      @AnonymousOh, I love Dexter's Laboratory?


      P.S: I knew what you meant.

    17. Powerpuff Ponies. I've seen pics of that. Someone make it into a fic, or link to one that already exists. NAOW
      ... if you don't mind that is.

    18. not really, I can think of a few things we could crossovers :D

    19. eh, when danny dragonbreath comes to visit cousin Spike, and they end up meeting Digger-of-unnessesarily-convoluted-tunnels while fleeing Diamond Dogs.. then we'd have had every crossover.

    20. I havent seen any Kirby crossover...


    22. Best childhood game+best adulthood kid's show?

      Best idea ever!


    24. I'll tell you what we don't have seth. an Ed, Edd n Eddy fanfiction. WHY HASN'T THIS HAPPENED YET?

    25. i am not sure what rule of the internet it is but im certain it is one nowdays

      if it exists theres a ponyfication of it.

      maybe its rule 42?

    26. *raises hand* Ummmm... Question?

      Okay, I just finished chapter one, see, and there seems to be a very big plothole here.

      Now I know that Snake said how in awe he was of the portal and all, and I know he felt as though the portal were something sacred or otherwise mystifying... sort of in the same way that people are fascinated by Stonehenge perhaps. But he very clearly recognizes that the Pegasus Wings are obviously not in the vicinity anymore, and are, in fact, on the other side of the portal, which could be all the way on the other side of the earth or even on another planet or dimension as far as he knows.

      My question then, is... Why doesn't he just blow up the portal? I know he said he felt it was sacred or something but he goes on and on about how it's blood on his hands if Metal Gear kills people and how much he wants to stop this terrorist uprising before it starts so... honestly? That seems like the logical answer to me. Blow up the portal and strand the Pegasus Wings wherever they ended up. If it's on the other side of the world then they're stuck away from their resources and more than likely in hostile territory. If they're on another planet or dimension, well, then they certainly aren't going to cause any trouble anymore.

      So why, pray tell, does Snake instead follow them into the portal and risk his own neck and the necks of everyone else on the planet by prolonging the conflict? This mission could easily be over in a half an hour and he could get his "goddamned dinner." So why does he follow them in?

      So yeah. That's my question. It's a fun story so far and I think you capture Snake particularly well, and I like the scenario set up between the games. Still, that seems to be a pretty massive plothole there...

    27. Stop talking about crossovers and discuss the fic, people.

      First off, very well written. The whole thing written from Future-Snake's viewpoint seemed a bit off-putting to me, but I got past it. AJ and AB seemed a tad OOC, but well enough done to ignore it. Good job. I'll hold my rating for now.

    28. ...Boy, Applejack is kind of a bitch, isn't she?

    29. I like it so far.

    30. Metal Gear Solid + My Little Pony?

      Oh hell yes. I can't think of a better cast of characters to teach Snake the values of friendship.

      Honestly, can you IMAGINE the possibilities? Not sure what I'm looking forward to more, Snake meeting Pinkie Pie, or Snake meeting Rarity.

    31. "Yep, I think we have officially crossed over everything at this point."
      Ohh no we havent't, say that again and you can expect a crossover with the Incredible Crash Dummies!

    32. Posh MothershucklerAugust 16, 2011 at 12:33 AM


      The same reason that Celestia didn't tell Fluttershy that Philomina was a phoenix. There wouldn't be a plot that way. ;)

      But seriously, while stranding the PMC in a foreign, hostile environment does sound like a good idea in theory, they would be stranded with both a nuclear weapon and a means of using that weapon to a destructive end. Given that Philanthropy is dedicated to the eradication of Metal Gear, and the prevention of nuclear holocaust, it'd be pretty irresponsible to let this one slip through the cracks, simply because it wasn't technically Earth's problem anymore.

      I'd say more about the PMC and their military presence in Equestria, but I don't want to give too much away too soon. Nice catch though; I had to think a little bit about that one. This is the kind of feedback I like getting, because I enjoy thinking critically about my own work and trying to justify elements of it, even if it's just to myself. :)

      "...Boy, Applejack is kind of a bitch, isn't she?"

      Really? Huh. She was the one who I wanted people to sympathize with in that confrontation, but so far, the readers tend to take Applebloom's side instead. Which is odd. I figured folks would understand the big sis/mama bear instinct.

      Wait, is this because she made Fluttershy cry? Because I do get it then. ;)

    33. Have we got a "Naruto" crossover ? Thanks ^^

    34. Make a good Firefly crossover and we will bring the Browncoats into our fold. Wait, not fold. The herd, we will get the Browncoats into the herd.

    35. A good Starwars crossover will bring in that fanbase and if we secure the 501st, then ponies will be able to rule the galaxy!
      *Cue Imperial March theme*

    36. List of crossovers yet to be done in my book (Point these out if I'm wrong and they've been done):

      Resident Evil
      Neon Genesis Evengelion
      Power Rangers(seen pics, not fics)
      Chrono Trigger
      Any DC or Marvel franchise
      Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the related shows.
      Star Trek

    37. Twilight, what's wrong?! Twilight? TWILIGHT??? TWIIILIIIIIIIIIIGGHHHTT!!!

    38. "Yep, I think we have officially crossed over everything at this point."

      wrong. there are still plenty we have yet to crossover. we still need death note, bleach, one piece, dragon ball z, naruto, yu-gi-oh, castlevania, and megaman.

      and we have had 2 pokemon crossovers but no digimon!

      anyway now i shall read this story.

    39. List of Crossovers I need and NEED NAO:

      - Star Trek: TNG (Data/Fluttershy shipping zomg!)
      - Metalocalypse (Grimdark tag might be necessary)
      - BATMAN (Joker + Pinkie Pie = Maximum Pwnage)
      - A Song of Ice & Fire (Hooves or tongue? http://youtu.be/yoPi7jgTgpM)
      - Breaking Bad (OH *FUCK* YES)

    40. @Saint_Absol there have been a few marvel and DC crossovers...

    41. It would be art and not a fiction, but I've been considering drawing a crossover of Dot Hack. That series is one of my favorite in concept and character design.

    42. @Saint_Absol can't give links but i can name some of them

    43. @Anonymous Yu-Gi-Oh Crossover is already in the works...

    44. @Anonymous Though, I'd recomend watching on PonyFictionArchive since I won't be sending it to Equestria Daily until every chapter is done.

    45. @supersaiyanmikito almost forgot whats the name of the fic?

    46. We have not crossed over everything. Trust me.

    47. Mm.... reading it in Snake's voice; syntax and speech mannerism, other details keep it from working.

    48. I RSS bookmarked this post faster than I've ever RSS bookmarked anything ever before.

      It's strange, I was thinking of writing a MGS pony fic myself last night.

    49. Well-written. Can't wait to see what happens when Snake meets Trollestia.

    50. Crossed over everything? someone up there said Mother 3, But I'd like Eartbound [Mother 2.] first.


      *Waves Space Channel 5* I'm waiting for this one!

    51. I don't remember a Supernatural crossover being done yet.

    52. "Yep, I think we have officially crossed over everything at this point."

      Oh? Did I miss the Unico crossover?

      ...no. Seriously. Someone please bloody MAKE THIS!

    53. @2007excalibur2007 Damnit, I actually heard that little "ba dun dun DUN" musical riff in my head as soon as I read that. That, and the "!" sound when Mac found Snake. It's in my head man!!!


    55. This is rather awesome...

    56. I don't think everything's been crossed over...
      Anyone thinking Mother 3 or Earthbound?

    57. @TGPFluttershy

      Finally, a universe in which "Dingo Egret" isn't as completely ridiculous a name.

    58. Reading it in snakes voice.... the only natural choice.

    59. @8:93

      But who would be Ness? Applejack? [Co-relation- Ness has Baseball bat, Applejack probably bucks roughly as hard.] Twilight? [Co-relation- Both main characters, as a unicorn, can make up for lack of PSI.] Pinkie Pie? [Co-Relation- Pinkie... Well, she can do anything, can't she.]

    60. I felt that Applejack was rather OOC, since I don't think any one of the six would flip on Fluttershy like that. The number one way to pull the reader's strings to get them to hate a character is to make said character be mean to Fluttershy.

      However, I am going to give that particular error a pass, since I assume Applejack was rather drunk at the time and not thinking straight. My guess is that she'll be regretting it (and the hangover) in the morning.

    61. @Anonymous we need a cross over of EVERY mother game. (12 and 3)

    62. Posh MothershucklerAugust 16, 2011 at 10:47 AM


      Put yourself in that position: A trusted friend has just inadvertently revealed that she put your sister, who you love deeply and are responsible for raising, in mortal danger. Fluttershy or no, nobody--or, if you'll grant me the conceit, nopony--would take such a thing lightly. I know I wouldn't have been very understanding of my friend's side of the story were I in Applejack's horseshoes. But I also know that I wouldn't be mad forever, so you're right, there's gonna be a pinch of regret the next night. On all counts.

      Also, yeah, she was more than a little drunk. Actually, I may have accidentally established Bic Mac as the pony who can hold his liquor the best...

    63. Posh MothershucklerAugust 16, 2011 at 10:55 AM

      @Posh Mothershuckler

      *the next day

      I am not a clever pony. :<

    64. You shot Big Mac. You bastard!

    65. @ Anon 11:08

      Chillax, man. It was just a tranq.

    66. Still waiting for that Grimdark Star Trek Self-Insert OC Pony Shipping fic.

    67. This fandom is crazy. They can take the most bizarre, nonsensical crossovers you can think of, and make them work. Even work really, REALLY well. And I love it. XD

      This is very well written, and Snake is very in-character. I'm definitely keeping my eye on this, as a MLP fan, and as a MGS fan.

    68. Now all I need is a crossover with LOST.

    69. @Anonymous Aw Yeah! Powerpuff Girls and My Little Pony! Lauren Faust's Two Worlds Collide!

    70. @Anonymous I think there are a variety of good answers, really. For one thing, he just wants to make sure that the Pegasus gang doesn't cause too much mayhem wherever they're at. Innocent lives could be at stake. For another, he wants to know exactly where the portal led. That could very easily be crucial information. You don't know until you try. And for all he knows Pegasus Wing didn't even mean to come back at all. It may have been a one-way trip anyway (a theory which the empty ship and island would seem to support), which would mean that, even if the portal was destroyed, the Wing's nefarious plan could still be in full swing. They didn't go to the trouble of tracking down that terrorist base just to lose them again.
      So I guess it boils down to a lack of information. He knew too little about what was going on. The portal was a lead, and he wanted to follow it rather than destroy it. There are just too many big questions that needed to be answered. You don't let supervillains go when you don't know what the game is. What if they went to the moon to set up a secret death ray? They might be stranded on the moon, then, but they'd still have the death ray. Or what if there were more portals elsewhere? It could be an entire network. And of course that's to say nothing of the scientific value of a working teleportation system. Does he have the right to destroy such an important find? Heck, if terrorists have technology like that, who's to say the good guys don't need it too?
      And of course it's just a moral obligation. Like Snake says, he can't just walk away. There's a Metal Gear, somewhere, and he has to go deal with it. Really, blowing up the portal would be the most irresponsible thing he could think of doing.

    71. It's a good story, detailed, suspenseful, dramatic... however, I think Snake comes to grips with the "sentient talking ponies" thing a bit too quickly and easily. If I was in his position I'd probably suspect intense hallucinogens, psychic illusions, virtual reality, or any number of perception-altering scenarios. Or perhaps that he had come to some kind of "mutant preserve," where creatures were being genetically engineered to have human characteristics for some crazy grand experiment. The "red pony" might be a singular creation. Going right to the conclusion that he's on an entirely different world populated and farmed by such creatures is a bit of a leap.
      In any "human in Equestria" story (or, really, any such "stranger in a strange land" tale), the human meeting the inhuman is something that I think needs to be a kind of central aspect. A thread of character development. It dissatisfies me when I read the Earthling protagonist readily accept what he's seeing. I like it more when it's something which gives them pause and confusion, a situation which needs a bit of time to ease in to. This was handled well in The Thessalonica Legacy, where the human explorers were alternately bemused and disbelieving before growing comfortable with their whimsical surroundings, and even afterward maintained a healthy sense of the absurdity of their situation. I hope that applies to this story as well, and Snake doesn't just hop right into the thick of things without questioning what he's seeing as he explores Equestria. He's a steady tough guy, that's clear, but if anything that should unsettle him more. The more heavily you have your feet on the ground, the more jarring it can be when you go flying off to someplace nuts.

      "How did I get here? Someone changed my channel from anime to Disney!"

    72. Excellent read so far, waiting for more.
      I think Snake is a bit too cynical and jaded though (not understanding why dogs would be raised for any other reason than as guard dogs?) and I'm not sure if Snake was ever that snarky, though that I am definitely enjoying. OTOH it's possible, if not even likely that since the most recent games I've played in the series are MGS3 and Portable Ops that I'm putting Naked's character onto Solid (and that really sounded weird). Other than that I think his characterization is great. Especially if you 'hear' his parts with his voice.

      For the Apple family I can definitely see where Applejack's coming from but she seems a bit too harsh. Granted, getting Applebloom in very serious danger is something to be harsh with but I'd picture AJ having somewhat less rage and more steadfastness with it. Less low, murderous voice and more direct questioning, basically. You can put all that on the alcohol, however, so don't worry about that, just remember to give AJ a bad hangover (and Fluttershy, I can't picture her talking that freely without an unhealthy amount of the stuff).
      BTW, is it a bad sign that when I first read AB making a rope I pictured her hanging herself? Too much grimdark/sad fics?

      Also, to the "Snake not blowing the gate up is plothole", how would he have known that the gate leads to a completely different universe/planet full of ponies? For all he knew it could have led to Washington DC, Syberia or to a f'ing moonbase. It didn't become evident to Snake that he had ended up in Equestria until Big Mac showed up (even then, he had no idea where he is, just not on Earth). Even Otacon not responding could have been the job of a nearby jammer or a malfunctioning satellite.

    73. Well....we haven't crossed over everything yet...Where is the Spaceballs Crossover?

    74. @Joe England

      Didn't think of that, and seconded. Snake has seen some seriously strange stuff in his life but meeting talking ponies should still really give him something to think through.
      Though I'm not sure if standing in the middle of a hill is a good time and place to delve deeply into the strangeness of his surroundings. While Snake has a bad habit of going into long-winded speeches and rants in the middle of things, he did take a cigarette (calms nerves), has a track record for getting over strange stuff very quickly especially during risky missions and he is still very much out of cover and possibly in hotile territory. Not a very good place to start going "WTF", at least after a few gushots rang in the air.
      I'm giving the writer a benefit of a doubt that Snake will get his moment of complete and utter confusion after a while (at the very least when he sees a pegasus or a unicorn).

    75. @Hertzila
      "...possibly in hoStile territory..."

    76. Posh MothershucklerAugust 16, 2011 at 4:44 PM


      Snake watched a vampire run up the side of a building without batting an eyelash. I think it's canon that he copes with the absurd fairly quickly. Better than his dad did, at any rate, since Naked Snake was aghast at the bizarreness of the Cobras. It's a wonder he didn't just break down into hysterics after meeting The Sorrow.

      But you still have a point, and it's something for me to keep in mind for future chapters. I envision Snake going through an initial period of shock after being immersed in sugary-sweet ponies, then just throwing up his hands and deciding to just roll with it.

      Thank you for the feedback though. Same goes to all of you who've commented. There's a lot of very thoughtful, very interesting criticism being lobbed at this story, and I appreciate it. :)

    77. As it has been said, I have been waiting for this. Reading...

      Setting that aside I'd like to know where they mention snake seeing big mac since it just mentions a red coat (What i readed)

    79. I'm not a frequent commenter, but I just thought I'd say that this is great :D

    80. Everything?
      Not seeing a good mortal kombat, sly cooper, happy tree friends, kirby, pokemon(there probably has been one, and link me to it), sonic(probably been done, but eh, i can list it) or hell plenty of things.

    81. The end shall never come to the cross over potential!
      As long as somepony else is able to create new things, there shall be new outlets for the "Ponies crossed with x" scenario.

      PS A random thought, what about a fiction where "x" equals everything else, except exponentially more intricately plotted than the "ultimate battle of ultimate destiny" scenario.
      ...Did I just blow your mind?

    82. Not everything is crossed over yet. You guys still haven't done Pony Geass. :(

      Great fanfic, by the way. :3

    83. Hunh. Okay, so... Applebloom snuck off on Fluttershy's watch, and that makes Applejack angry at Fluttershy. And now Applebloom's snuck off on Applejack's watch.
      And Applejack's still angry at Fluttershy.
      Y'know, I hate to toss around words like "hypocrite," but...

    84. In fact, now that I think about it, Fluttershy's track record is currently superior to Applejack's. During the sleepover Fluttershy realized Applebloom and the other kids were missing almost immediately after they snuck out, in spite of only having an afternoon's worth of experience with their habits, and subsequently tracked them down and rescued them all (and Twilight to boot) from peril in the space of... what? An hour? Two? Applejack's known Applebloom her whole life, and now that her sister's been missing since last night she needs Fluttershy to help find her.
      I think it's pretty clear that, rather than damning Fluttershy's carelessness, Applejack should be congratulating her on her skills. It's not that either of them are incompetent... it's that that kid is just damn good at sneaking out!

    85. @Joe England

      I'm not saying that Applejack's one hundred percent in the right, only that she has a right to be angry, as much at herself as Fluttershy. I haven't delved into her inner monologue yet, and I don't want to give out spoilers, but there's stuff going on under the surface with her.

    86. @theposhmothershuckler Sure. I'm betting she's lost family to cockatrice inflicted death. I just make it a rule personally never to be hard on people who've made the same mistakes I have. And in this case, I think Fluttershy at least deserves thanks for saving the kid's life. After all, Applebloom's shown that she can sneak out at pretty much any time, regardless of which pony's house she's staying at.

    87. @Joe England No no, you're absolutely right. I took the comments about Applejack's flying off the handle at Fluttershy in the previous chapter to heart. It'll come up eventually, in a couple of ways.

    88. @theposhmothershuckler Did I mention it's a great story? Because it is. Weird, but great. The best kind of fan fiction!

    89. @Joe England You did not. :) But I appreciate that. The reaction to this thing's been better than I could have hoped.

      I figured to myself "someone's gonna make a Metal Gear Solid crossover sooner or later; it may as well be me. And if I'm going to do it, I may as well do it well."

      I don't think it'll ever be Fallout: Equestria good, but from the feedback I've gotten, I'm pretty relieved to know that I've succeeded so far in telling a good story.

    90. @theposhmothershuckler

      No offense intended, but you can't just keep playing the "just wait a little while longer" card with updates so small and infrequent. It's going to get very frustrating very fast if you keep confusing us because more information is "coming" but it a) takes so long to get here, and b) the chapters are so short.

      Now as for the story, you have a really good story going here. I enjoyed this chapter for the most part. Your snake is really in character (for the most part.There were a couple spots he broke but it wasn't enough to run the immersion) and you really seem to know how to write a fight scene.

      That said, I sill have a few things to suggest. First, while I know Snake is quick to adapt and accept the weird and strange, there is a HUGE difference between Psycho Mantis and talking diminutive ponies. I know you made mention of that, but I don't think you realize how BIG the difference is. It's really REALLY big. I know you did mention of that, but aside from a (painfully) short inner monologue, there was still no real reaction to this. I don't care how good Snake is at adapting or not freaking out, especially on a mission, but this needs adressing. There should be some sort of physical, tangible reaction to this. Confusion, Frustration, Amusement, Attempted Rationalization, whatever. I'd really like to see some of that 'cause Snake or not, he's still too accepting. I dunno, maybe it'll happen when he comes face to face with and talks to one. That seems like a good place to have it.

      Another thing I feel you need to work on is getting it to feel like a Metal Gear Solid game. Because it doesn't. Not yet anyway. Aside from a (mostly) in character Snake there's nothing that makes this feel like MGS. remember, MGS is a stealth game. It's Tactical Espionage Action. You have the Action part down, but not so much the Tactical Espionage. There's been painfully little stealth so far and almost no tension.

      Well, that's not entirely true. There's been tension, but not the right kind. During the fight scene there was tension, but it was the panicky, frantic, excited, piss-your-pants kind of tension. What Metal Gear needs is the kind of tension that comes from stealth. Slow, anxious, claustrophobic, breathing-drops-low-as-sweat-silently-drips-down-your-face tension. The kind that comes from sneaking around and being an otherwise military ninja. SO far there has been no stealth in the story save for hiding in a box for half a page in the second chapter, and a SINGLE short paragraph of him going through town in this chapter.

      Also, that's kinda a plothole. Sweet Apple Acres I thought was pretty much established to be right next to the Everfre forest. Why would Snake go the OPPOSITE direction into Ponyville when he heard the gunshots? And if Sweet Apple Acres IS on the other side of Ponyville from the Everfree, then how did he hear the gunshots from all the way across town, AND most of the Apple orchard? Just a plothole is all I'm saying.

      Now despite this criticism, it's still a really fun story. Four stars so far I would say. I had fun reading it. Your snake is well characterized, the ponies are... mostly okay... when they show up... and personally I thought the fight scene was pretty damn good. That said, it still just doesn't quite feel THERE yet, but it shouldn't be too hard to get it there.

      However, might I suggest you either try to make your updates larger or more frequent? Because you can't keep playing the "It'll come up eventually" card and have updates so rare and so irritatingly short. It'll only get your readers frustrated.

    91. This comment has been removed by the author.

    92. "Throughout my career, I've always been able to recover very quickly in the face of the bizarre, but there is a great difference between a floating psychic in a gas mask reading my PlayStation save data and waking up in a barn apparently owned and operated by a red horse with an apple tattoo on its ass."

      LOL. I can totally see Snake saying that.

    93. @Dusty the Royal Janitor

      I don't see how making it feel like a MGS game is important. This is a story, not a game. And there has been a lot of stealth, pretty much every decision Snake has made so far has been based on stealth (besides saving Applebloom from a manticore).

      That said, I haven't played any MGS games

      ...which is why it is odd that I love this story so far. Must be the writing. :)

      Only criticism is that the ponies were a bit OoC, but I guess you can chalk that up to the alcohol.

      This isn't a criticism per se, but the chapters are a bit short, I wish they were longer.

    94. @showmetheblueprints

      I'd say making the story feel like MGS is important. I'm not sure if it's by making the fic feel like a game (what exactly does that mean?) but the internal monologue/biography style of Snake's parts fits the fic immensely.

      So, supposing that it would be part of the MGS series, I must admit Dusty has a point. There's a dire need of parts with elaborated sneaking around (kind-of like how it were in the beginning). Maybe describing Snake jumping around Ponyville in length would have been too long-winded and without tension (unlike in games, where player's personal skill and the real possibility of a failure kept tension up, in a passive media you'll need a credible threat/risk that is also possible to go off for tension as the hero has to survive for the story, no matter what) but I hope Snake gets back to creeping around later.

    95. By 'in length' I mean giving descriptions of a few close calls, near misses and/or general tight spots for sneaking, in addition to the general feeling and tactics. The first chapter was like it, even if it gives more generalising description of the events, there were the rusted gates and doors and such that gave it a bit color. In Ponyville, you could have gotten Snake into a more interesting situation when trying to stay undetected. Say, by chance a pony spotted Snake when he darted from one hidey hole to the other, gets curious and investigates a bit; you would describe Snake's thoughts and actions before going on. Not the most imaginative situation but something like that. Or maybe nothing like that but I hope you get the idea.

    96. Loving the story. All except the Fluttershy/Applejack/Applebloom strife. I could nit pick at a lot of OOC issues with that but really it doesn't matter. It's a vehicle to drive your story and it will all be resolved in the end. Looking forward to the next part.

    97. I hope more chapters come out soon. That is all.

    98. @Dusty the Royal Janitor The story is only three chapters long so far. If we were further along, I'd understand your frustration with fruitless promises, but honestly, we're still fresh out the gate here. All I can really say is that the best is yet to come. The "tactical espionage action with ponies" moniker isn't a misnomer; I intend to keep this true to both MGS and FiM. I know that I took a shortcut by not describing Snake's trek through Ponyville, but I didn't want to spend excess time on something that wasn't crucial to the main story. Though looking back, it does seem like a missed opportunity for some internal development for Snake, so maybe I have some regrets on that part.

      Regarding Snake's character, basically, there are two sides to him in this story. The sections told from Snake's perspective are being written in a post-MGS4 timeframe, where Snake is very old and very retired. But more than that, he's free from obligation and from everything that was weighing him down during the series. His war is over, his time is up, and he's doing his best to see the age off and leave something behind to be passed on to the future. He is, put simply, free. He's still Snake, certainly, but he's Snake without the burdens that made him such a tired, bitter old coot. So that Snake, the one who's writing the memoirs, he's not so cold or humorless as the one who sneaked into the Big Shell in 2009.

      Then there's the Snake that he's reflecting on, from the MGS2 timeframe. He's younger, definitely idealistic (listen to the guy talk in the Codecs during MGS2; he's in a far better place than the character in the original Metal Gear Solid), but he's still a gruff, taciturn badass. That's the Snake that I'm more concerned with capturing, rather than the old man reminiscing on his past adventures, and if I can portray that Snake well, then I'll consider it an accomplishment.

      I see some complaints that the ponies are a little out of character. I chalk that up to me not quite being fully acclimated to writing for FiM yet, this being my first go at it. I'm still trying to get a good feel for all of them. I won't make excuses if I botch someone's character (the bit about Applejack brushing aside the idea that liquor drove her to rage was an acknowledgment of that), but I do ask that you bear with me as I go along. This whole thing is a learning experience, and it's a valuable lesson for if I decide to write another FiM fic in the future.

      As for the complaints about length and update time, this chapter was submitted a week before it got posted and wound up getting lost; I had to resubmit it. I did not intend for there to be a two week gap between chapters, and I don't want that to happen again. Updates will appear with more of a semblance of regularity. Of course, as with all hobbies, it's sort of subject to the whims of real life.

      On the matter of length, the answer is simple: This isn't going to be a novel-length epic like Fallout: Equestria. I'm thinking north of ten chapters, but not much more than that. Accordingly, I don't want to cram too much story into one chapter, or else the thing will only be, like, five chapters long. It's an issue of pacing. But I understand the criticism, so perhaps future chapters will have more meat on them.

      One last note, on the Sweet Apple Acres/Everfree Forest dilemma. I looked up several maps for reference, and none of them could really agree one hundred percent on the geography, so I figure that I can take a little creative license on some of the vaguer stuff. Yes, I know, it's a bit of a schlep.

    99. @Unknown

      You're suffering from that Blogger glitch. You need to reset your name.

    100. I made an image. I hope you like it.


      Feel free to remove the subtitle. I wanted to think of something fitting.

    101. That is the nicest thing that anybody has ever done for me. <3

      Um, in case anybody's checking the comments for news on the story, no, I haven't given up on it and I don't intend to. But, you know, standard excuses--school, too much to do, I'm house-sitting for a bear.

      But I'm working on it.

    102. So... this takes place between the events of MGS2 and MGS4?

    103. @Wolfblitz

      Well, yes, sort of. The Equestria events do take place between 2 and 4, but they're told from the perspective of Snake remembering them post-MSG4. But yeah, you pretty much nailed it.

      BTW - this part is directed towards the author - It's a good story, and I've been enjoying. So yeah. Not much more to say besides that. Though, I do hope for some crazy-ass MGS-style plot twists coming up. Not sure if I'll get them though, since it sounds like the story'll be a bit on the short side. That's okay though. It's been a fun ride so far, I can only imagine it'll get better from here on out. With, or without major plot-twists.

    104. For the love of Celestia, update author!

    105. It amazes and pleases me that people are still clamoring for updates for this thing after almost two months. I'm going to try not to disappoint you guys.

      You know how writers--amateur writers especially--love to make excuses about real life keeping them from their beloved literary hobby? It's sort like that with me. But I will not forget this story. And when this story returns, so too will I, announcing, like the great Douglas MacArthur before me, "People of Equestria Daily, I have returned!"

      I may be taking some liberties with the quote.

    106. Now is a good time as ever for an update; MGS HD Collection comes out today. *nudge nudge*

      Admittingly I've only finished the first chapter. This has been sitting in my bookmarks for so long... I went browsing through it, saw this, and thought - might as well get in the MGS mood!

      Looking good so far; I'm sure I will enjoy this fic. Just sucks I'm going to be forced to wait for more afterward!

    107. Holy Molly, he returned ! Thank you The Posh Mothershuckler for continuing a promising work.
      Couldn't keep myself from commenting your ressurection before actually reading the chapter but it came out of nowhere and it is truly a good surprise

    108. I think you might be slightly undermining the strength of the ponies. But otherwise all good. Very exciting chapter. Look forward to the continuation.

    109. @DPV111

      By having them be defeated so quickly, you mean? That was a concern of mine as I was writing the last moments of the chapter, yeah, but I needed to establish the villain as being a legitimate threat, and physically overwhelming the cast (the whole cast, including Solid Snake) seemed the logical course to take.

      For that scene, I looked to MGS3 for inspiration. During the Virtuous Misison, Naked Snake takes down an entire elite unit sent to capture him, and disarms the series' most persistent villain in the process, all using nothing but a tranquilizer gun, a knife, CQC and a herring. In the next scene, The Boss shows up, breaks his arm, dismantles his gun, and generally kicks the crap out of him before throwing him off of a bridge. It's a good way to set up a villain: Demonstrate the hero doing something particularly awesome, then follow that by having the villain soundly beat him down, the logic being "if that villain is able to do so much damage to someone so awesome, then I need to take that mo'fo seriously."

      I hope that nobody takes away from this story that I have a particular dislike for certain characters, based on the way this chapter unfolded. Rarity and Rainbow Dash, in particular, went down rather hard. I know you weren't saying or implying that, but I may as well introduce the disclaimer that I don't have a grudge against any of the ponies, and that if any of them get their asses handed to them, it's not because I'm a petty bastard who gets his kicks by having cartoon animals that I don't like suffer. Likewise, if somepony executes something particularly awesome, it isn't favoritism on my part. Actually, I'm going to try and make it so that every one of the Mane Six gets at least one moment that showcases them as amazing. We'll see if that works out.

      I want to point out that Snake suffered the same fate as everybody--er, everypony--else in the fight. I'm equal opportunity, if nothing else. Don't worry; the story will not become "Solid Snake bails out the ponies whenever trouble starts." These ARE strong characters, and they'll be portrayed as strong characters.

      Of course, there's also the possibility that I misinterpreted your comment, and that you were speaking of a less literal kind of strength (strength of character, personality, what have you). Because I do get things wrong sometimes, and then I feel silly afterward. Especially when I write long responses with multiple paragraphs to a misinterpreted point.

    110. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ltynjzfR3R1qd47v9.jpg

    111. New chapter!
      The Snake parts in general are great, the Zecora part is just excellent and your fight scenes are described with enough details for them to come alive, so to speak.
      However, Snake's sudden determination to save Applebloom seems a bit strange. Granted, it's a lot like the case with Meryl but suddenly going "I'll save her no matter the cost." sounds like an overreaction if you ask me. Not that Snake wouldn't try to save her.

      The library scene is also very good and you portray the characters well there, but the whole cast seems a bit 'background pony' -like while they are standing in the square and walking towards the forest, if that makes any sense. Maybe it's because I was expecting something else when they're just making small talk and throwing jabs around but I agree with Applejack that they seem a bit too much like a comedy show building steam rather than a group of friends going into the most dangerous place in their world. It might be just me but that's the feel I get.

      Keep up the good work!

    112. @DanRaccoon

      Yes, that was rather my intent. :)


      I see what you mean. One of my weak points as a writer is crafting dialogue scenes with multiple characters interacting. I'm better at scenes featuring two characters than several. For instance, the two scenes that saw the most revision were the scene with Twilight and Applejack in the library and that scene that you mentioned. I think that one turned out better than the other, if you ask me. Hopefully, I'll get better at it as I go on.

      As for your other remark, about Snake's determination to save Applebloom...mmmmm...I sort of wanted to echo his resolve to rescue Meryl in MGS1. Maybe I should have made it more explicit? Tied it in to his brief moment of angst during the vision at the start of the chapter? Ah, now I'm seeing missed opportunities all over the place. I can always revise it though, right?

      Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad that the fight scene turned out well. Sometimes I feel like I have a tenuous grasp on those.

    113. Sherclop Pones.

      I busted a gut laughing at this.

      That is all.

    114. @The Posh Mothershuckler

      No, what I meant was that The Ninja was at a borderline stalemate with Snake alone, then 7 more enemies show up and the Ninja defeats 8 opponents it is trying to subdue more easily than 1 it was trying to kill?

    115. @DPV111

      Okay, so you meant literal strength. Gotcha.

      Well, Snake is a trained fighter, and he's used to taking on superhuman freaks of nature in fisticuffs. Ninjas, in particular; he's fought Kyle Schneider, Gray Fox, and Olga Gurlukovitch. So he's got his ninja-bustin' chops, and in a one-on-one duel, could hold his own.

      The Mane Six, on the other hand, are not trained fighters. One is an athlete, one is a farmer, one is a pastry chef, one is a veterinarian, one is a librarian (albeit an outrageously powerful one), and one is a fashion diva. They all have their strengths, but martial combat is not among those. Yeah, Applejack and Rainbow Dash are in great physical condition, and Rarity apparently knows karate, but stacked against a superpowered cyborg who can cut bullets out of the air? Even with strength in numbers, it's a one-sided fight.

      Plus, there are numerous instances in Metal Gear Solid of a single ninja, like Trenton, ripping apart multiple enemies in a melee. Raiden slew a brace of elite troopers while wielding his sword with his feet and his teeth, because his arms had been completely crushed.

      I should also point out that Trenton did not have the use of one of his arms during the fight with Snake; if he didn't have Applebloom to restrain, it may not have been such a stalemate. Especially with Snake still recovering from the fight in the last chapter.

    116. This comment has been removed by the author.

    117. Finally!! What took you so long, man? I've been waiting for an update months ago.

      I've only played MGS1, I know a big piece of MGS background history, and I've chosen Snake as a playable character in Brawl a big couple of times. Yeah, I'm not the biggest MG expert. And yet, I cannot stop reading this fanfiction. Keep up the good work.

      When will we be delighted with another episode?

    118. @LloydZelos

      I can safely guarantee that it will happen sometime before Half Life 2: Episode 3 is released.

      Probably a lot sooner.

    119. This comment has been removed by the author.

    120. @The Posh Mothershuckler

      I'll just chalk it up to lack of preparedness and narrative license then.

      Then again they don't seem to do well if taken by surprise or without a cohesive strategy. Or under excess pressure.

      Of course, under the right circumstances they all have abilities to make all of Snake's foes pale in comparison.
      Fluttershy's stare may have proven ineffective and Twilight did use a shield, but:
      Fluttershy, Rarity and Rainbow Dash all know martial arts.
      Pinkie Pie and Twilight can teleport.
      Rarity and Twilight can use telekinesis.
      Rainbow can fly at supersonic speeds, control wind and lightning, and create large explosions.
      Rarity can create immersive illusions, and blinding light.
      Applejack can kick objects hard enough to turn them into high velocity projectiles.
      Pinkie Pie can predict danger directionally.
      Twilight can transform and transmogrify animate and inanimate objects, survive almost any trauma, use a wide array of magic, and strategize on the fly.

    121. I'm sure that absolutely no one cares (DO YOU RIKE MY PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE SELF-DEPRECATING ATTEMPT TO DRUM UP SYMPATHY AND READERSHIP GAIZ???), but I'm maintaining a series of blog entries about the writing process for each chapter on my FiMfiction account. Here's the link, for any curious parties.


      I think I'll submit something more visible to Equestria Daily with the next chapter.

    122. @The Posh Mothershuckler

      I do follow any updates to this story, and am quite pleased by the most recent delivery. Snake comes off as too harsh sometimes, but that's him being on character all right.

      Wonder why Zecora knew so much about him, though...

      Thanks for the most recent chapter. Keep it up.

    123. @Darth Equus

      Well she's a witch doctor.
      Also he was probably talking in his sleep...

    124. @DPV111

      People are speculating about something I wrote~! That totally makes my day.

      I'm fairly new at that whole "people speculating about things that I wrote" thing, so I can't quite decide if I should confirm or deny anything anyone suggests in regards to the story.

    125. I've revised chapter four's ending as per the feedback I was given regarding Snake's spastic, sudden need to rescue Applebloom. I think it's better, but it matters more what you guys think.

    126. I would like to mention that writing (what I hope amounts to) serious, dramatic prose while listening to a bouncy, uplifting orchestral score is one of the most surreal things I've ever done.

    127. You wrote this story just for me, didn't you? I mean, check out my username. :P

      Fun to read so far. If I can offer any critique, weak though it may be, I thought Pinkie was a little unPinkie-like. I feel like she'd get pretty excited over a new creature like Snake, maybe even offer to throw him a party before remembering that now is not the time, I dunno.

      Also, I'm waiting for Snake to trip and fall into some Poison Joke. I'm thinking maybe he'll start glowing a bright flashing blue.
      Maybe a megaphone will sprout out of his head yelling "HEY GAIZ, TRAINED KILLER OVER HEEERREEE" over and over. Heh.

      Oh and for the record, Snake is a boss in Super Smash bros.

    128. Finally, a new update. Keep up the good work man, that was an awesome chapter. Also, Pinkie knocking off the timberwolf with her speech was priceless.

      I'm confused over a thing, tough. I've expected Applejack being far more grateful towards Snake for saving her sister from a certain doom.

      Given my liking for guns, I have one thing to say. S&W500 is indeed a heavy and hard-to-use weapon, but is far more reliable than a semiautomatic weapon if you can handle with its cons. Less ammo, right, but less need of maintenance and no risk of jamming too. Just a personal thought.

    129. I saw this story once back in December, but I didn't think to read it then. Now that I have finally read it, I have no idea why I waited. This story is extremely well crafted.

      While Snake sounded odd with his narration at first, since it didn't QUITE sound like him entirely, I chalk that up to the difference between someone writing versus someone speaking. I know that I generally tend to sound quite a lot more...eloquent in writing than I do in speech, and it's no surprise the same is true with Snake.

      The whole fight between Apple Bloom and Applejack felt in character for both of them, and the conflict arose naturally, but...I question Fluttershy, Apple Bloom, and Twilight not telling Applejack about the events of Stare Master before now. I'm not entirely sure when in season two this is set(if I may hazard a guess, is it right after the events of The Cutie Pox?) but it seems odd that they wouldn't have told her before.

      But I can set my quibble with that aside for the excellent way you carried the dialog. This whole story had me enraptured.

      The fights have proceeded in a way that is rather surprising to me with how well they're written. My own attempts at writing fights have been...inept at best, and I think I may look to your story for some inspiration on how to craft them in the future.

      I have to agree with you that Trenton would have wiped the floor with the ponies. That's no surprise at all. What is a surprise is how well they adjusted to slaying the timberwolves. Only Fluttershy seemed upset at all at the violence and death, which to me doesn't seem QUITE right...if only because so far in the actual series, we haven't seen them inflict a fatal injury to any sort of monster.

      However, I can still buy it. They are stronger sometimes than I give them credit for, and these were just timberwolves, not other ponies they were killing.

      You had me by midway through the second chapter, I think. This story is fantastic and easily deserves its five star rating. I hope you can start updating more frequently than you have been, because I really want to see where this story goes.

    130. My thanks to all the people who've commented thus far. Your support is like a big warm fluffy blanket that insulates me from the harsh and unrelenting realities of the cold, miserable world we live in. :)

      As long as I've got your attention (probably), I have a question I'd like to pose to my readership. As I'm sure every human being in America and its protectorates knows, Derpy Hooves and her name are now canon. As I'm sure that readers of Pony Gear Solid know, I've already included the name "Ditzy Doo" in chapter four.

      Derpy/Ditzy is going to have a minor role in the story later on, and I figure that I should ask this now. Do you think that I should go back and edit her name to conform to canon, or should I continue calling her Ditzy Doo? I realize that if I altered the story and its scenario every time something new in canon popped up to contradict it, I'd never get anything done (I do add or alter some things based on new developments in the episodes; the timberwolves, for instance, were only recently added to the plan for chapter five), but this is such a little thing that it wouldn't be any trouble to change. It'd hardly affect the story, and it wouldn't change Derpy's role at all. It'd be a cosmetic alteration, and nothing more.

      What do you guys think? Is such a little alteration even worth making? Share, share.

    131. RE: Ditzy/Derpy

      Ditzy is fine. I personally take Ditzy Doo to be her real name while Derpy is her nickname.

      Good job on the story by the way. It really seems to be hitting its stride.

    132. I have various Metal Gear Solid music tracks competing for dominance in my head while and after reading this story. Keep it up.

    133. Also, because I didn't see your post about Derpy/Ditzy until after I posted mine: I doubt it matters. The purists of both sides may quibble about it, but it's unimportant. It's your story; you tell it how you need to.

      I personally have always called her Derpy, and I always will (especially since that name's been canonized), but I know that if/when you say "Ditzy," I'll know who you mean and I don't need to raise any ruckus over it.

    134. As for the Mane 6 Characterization I'd say you have a pretty good grasp of the general personalities and roles, but missing a bit of their nuances.

      Twilight: You have her "Crisis Mode" leadership persona down perfectly, but you could play up her nerdiness a bit more. Fluttershy's interested in Snake as a new species, but Twilight should be equally curious about many other things.

      Fluttershy: You have her fearfulness and Kindness well portrayed, but are lacking in her shyness and her super subdued hyper-non-offensive phraseology.

      Applejack: Just a little less angry in general.

      Rarity: She's just about perfect but I hope you do something with her unique abilities in fabrication and illusion. I bet she could design a pretty decent camouflage.

      Pinkie Pie: You could stand to make her more random and a bit less cheerful. She's not as kind as Fluttershy but is super empathetic and should be primarily be acting as emotional support for the others rather than morale officer. Think the scene in the Library comforting Twilight at the end of Lesson Zero.

      Rainbow Dash: I'd say play up her hero complex a bit. Make her super focused on finding Apple Bloom. Also feel free to transfer some of that temper of Applejack's to her. She's the one with the real short fuze after all.
      Also Dash's Loyalty isn't blind. Her comment to Case that he was just being loyal is OOC. Remember Gilda? Gilda was Dash's friend but she ended their friendship just due to Gilda being rude and abusive to her other friends. Dash would not condone loyalty to someone who would do the kind of things Cain was even without the backstory.

    135. As for the battle with the Timberwolves, I have to say I did not like it at all for the most part.
      If you wanted to kill off the pack I would rather have seen Case take more of them out prior to the party's intervention.
      If Fluttershy was using even part of the Stare it should only have failed due to the number of wolves (possibly circling around and out of the field of vision), not their wills.
      The ponies would fight hard but I don't see any of them going straight for a kill like that.
      Dash's hits and dive bomb should have been more like Trenton's hits on Snake. Extremely powerful and debilitating but only to the point of knocking the wolf out or driving it off, not killing it outright.
      AJ should not have had any problems fully hogtying that Timberwolf especially considering she can use not just her mouth but her tail.
      Rarity's telekinesis can not move a boulder. That's why she carried Tom around on her back, remember?
      Pinkie talking the wolf to death was funny but really silly. If you want to MGSify Pinkie's combat abilities think a cross between the outlandish presentation of Fatman with the physics and logic defying antics of Vamp.
      Twilight's telekinetic blast was awesome and appropriate.
      The encounter with the 2nd wolf had problems. First you should remove Twi's insinuation that she was worried the wolf would rape her. It's in poor taste and makes no logical sense for twilight to think that, nor for the wolf to be likely to do that since they are not animals but carnivorous plants essentially. Second, even if her teleport spell was interrupted her telekinesis should have been able to deal with the wolf. Third, the wolf should have run screaming into the forest after it's head was set on fire by Spike. Fourth, even enraged Twilight, who had never killed anything before, would not slam the wolf to pieces; at worst she'd fling it like the last one.
      The wolf Snake took out would have been better if he had broken it's leg and knocked it out. Then had to euthanize it later with Case's gun. That would draw a greater parallel with his dog he had to put down.
      Finally, Fluttershy's speech to the Alpha at the end was HORRIBLY OOC. Her callous patronizing tone was incredibly cruel. She should have snapped from all the carnage and fighting around her and completely gone off on the Alpha with tears of loss for the dead wolves and tears of anger at the Alpha for it's unnecessary violence and reckless leadership.

      tl;dr: Only Case and Snake should have liked the wolves and the rest would have been incapacitated or driven off until Fluttershy finally cowed the Alpha.

    136. However I do love the story overall and look forward to what you have in store next.

    137. That review was so perfect that I think I became twenty percent cooler just by reading it.

    138. Hey, you like fanart? Well here you go.
      Hope you like it.

    139. @NightBlader

      Someone made fanart! Of something I wrote, no less!

      I'm sorry it took me so long to notice that! Really, I am! I sometimes forget to check the comments on the Equestria Daily page because I'm a silly. Thank you, thank you so much! That was very, very thoughtful.

      Snake appears to be strutting. DISCO GEAR SOLID.

      ;D Thank you!

    140. Awesome fanfiction. 100% Metal Gear Solid style and 100% MLP FIM style. Pure awesomeness! I can't wait for sixth part!

      I have some questions:

      Timberwolves maybe look like wolves, but in fact they're just pieces of wood animated by some dark magic, right? They aren't natural real-living creatures. So... why Fluttershy was so worried, when the alpha timberwolf was about to get killed?

      Twilight was smashing one of timberwolves against the ground three times and he was out. All right, but then, despite the fact that he was dead, she violently SMASHED HIM INTO PIECES! The question is: "god... why?". Twi doing such a thing? Shit.

      This is my theory: she was so furious, because that timberwolf nearly killed Spike. Is that right?

      "but Twilight continued to pound it violently against the rock. Again and again and again, the wolf was smashed against the rock" That quote still echoes through my head :(

      BTW I CAN'T WAIT TO FIND OUT how Zecora knew that Solid Snake wasn't naturally born!!!

    141. @Mati9319

      No, the Timberwolves ARE living creatures. Being magical in nature does not make them any less alive.

      2: The battle scene has been revised to make it more IC. The new version is up on FiMFiction. Posh says he'll update the GDoc when Ch. 6 is posted.

    142. @DPV111

      Sounds good to me. You know... i just can't imagine Twilight as a monster, who is torturing dead body (even being wooden). She's killed the wolf? OK, no problem, cause he wanted to kill Spike and nearly did it. But smashing frickin' body against frickin' boulder into frickin' pieces? Like Colonel said in MGS2: I TOTALLY DISAPPROVE.

      I think i'll play Metal Gear Solid to calm down ^^

      Oh and Cain's speech was AWESOME! Zanzibar Land? Hell yeah!

      And meeting The Sorrow at Shadow Moses in 4'th file. Awesomeness.

      Hell, maybe Zecora got in contact with Vulcan Raven's spirit?! And it told her about "snake not created by nature"? xD

    143. @DPV111

      Sounds good to me. You know... i just can't imagine Twilight as a monster, who is torturing dead body (even being wooden). She's killed the wolf? OK, no problem, cause he wanted to kill Spike and nearly did it. But smashing frickin' body against frickin' boulder into frickin' pieces? Like Colonel said in MGS2: I TOTALLY DISAPPROVE.

      I think i'll play Metal Gear Solid to calm down ^^

      Oh and Cain's speech was AWESOME! Zanzibar Land? Hell yeah!

      And meeting The Sorrow at Shadow Moses in 4'th file. Awesomeness.

      Hell, maybe Zecora got in contact with Vulcan Raven's spirit?! And it told her about "snake not created by nature"? xD

    144. I just finished reading new version of this scene.

      Man... my soul has been saved.

    145. @Mati9319

      I got messiah all over the place again. Dang.

    146. All five current chapters have been edited and updated to bring them up to bare minimum standards of quality. Chapter five, in particular, has been thoroughly revamped. Have a look!

    147. @Posh
      Will do! It has been a while, after all.

    148. *finishes reading* Very nice, loving the aperance of the Sorrow.

    149. YES




    150. Whoa, am I seeing this right? An update? I don't read much fanfiction and this is one I've been enjoying.

      Much love to the author.

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