• Pouches, Glimmer Wing Pony, and Train Car

    Source: Whellu
    Source: Shortyboo
    This is a pretty heavy merch day!  All sorts of random stuff is popping up.  Above is a pencil pouch found at Wal-Mart of all places, retailing at $3.97 (Canadian).
    Source: Shortyboo

    And for the Sweetie Belle fans out there, another part of that train set I posted a while back has popped up.  This one was found, once again, on Taobao... the goddamn matrix of the internet.

    Source: SoSilver
    And finally, an addition to the Glimmer Wings line of ponies.  Unlike Rainbow Dash, this one at least fits...somewhat.  At least she did at some point have wings in the show in this style. 


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