• 30 Million Pageviews Contest!!

    So, I was just thinking to myself that I hadn't really exploded my inbox in a while, when I was asked to host a contest! We're approaching 30 million page views (which was a stupidly huge number the last time I checked), and Jake Heritagu wants to make it the most memorable landmark yet! But he needs your help to do it. The short version is that if you send me comics and pictures of ponies celebrating the big event, you could potentially win prizes. Prizes like Steam purchases and drawings of your own request. Major, major props to Jake for fronting the prize pool out of his own pocket saddlebag (silly Phoe, ponies don't have pockets!). Find the full rules in the man's own words after this convenient page break:

    Attention all Equestria Daily Fans!

    Jake Heritagu here, and today I’m not bringing you a comic or a fanfic, but instead a Contest! You see, the next two weeks are going to be extremely busy for me and Equestria Daily will be reaching its 30 million page views in that time. I would love to celebrate by making my own comic, but I simply won’t have the time. So I turn to you! I’m extending out this special moment to you all, and asking you to create a special picture or comic that commemorates Equestria Daily’s 30 Millionth Pageview!

    Rules: Create a Comic or Picture celebrating the 30 Millionth Pageview. It must incorporate the number 30,000,000 somewhere in it and star a Pony that appeared in the show! OC Ponies are allowed to be used (After all, this is a community based on fans) but they must be alongside an official pony! Once you’ve created it, send it to Phoe at Phoe@equestriadaily.com

    Determining the Winner: This will be up to the staff of Equestria Daily! I won’t have time to judge all the entries, so they’ll deciding who best celebrated Equestria Dailies landmark number!


    1st Place: Up to 50 Dollars of merchandise from the Steam Store. Plus you can also get a free picture request or an important role in an upcoming Fanfic of mine!

    2nd Place: Up to 25 Dollars of Merchandise from the Steam Store, plus you can get a free picture request or an important role in an upcoming Fanfic of mine!

    3rd Place: Up to 10 Dollars of Merchandise from the Steam Store or the picture request/an important role in an upcoming Fanfic!

    Deadline: When Equestria Daily hits 30,005,000 views! Giving you a little extra time to finish your submission!

    If you have further questions you can contact me at ff102rulesam@hotmail.com (its an old e-mail account) and of course the winners will need to contact me as well so I can send you you’re prizes! Thank you to everyone who participates and good luck to you all! ^_^

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