• Official soundtrack petition (Update + How you can help!)

    (Image header unrelated. I just find it fabulously hilarious. =D [Also, go Red Wings!])

    Senn555, the brony who started the official MLP:FiM soundtrack petition, has updated me on his plans to pass it forward to those who'd have both the resources and the most likely potential interest to actually bring it into glorious existence. As Chief Passer-Alonger, I couldn't help but assist. All of his info & suggestions to help out can be found after the break!

    First off, the four companies that could take a viable interest in producing an official FiM soundtrack are Shout! Factory, Rhino Entertainment, Intrada Records, and La-La Land Records. Below are their websites (if ponies wish to learn about the companies and possibly even talk up a possible soundtrack release at their forums [please, don't spam!]):

    Shout! Factory
    Rhino Entertainment
    Intrada Records
    La-La Land Records

    Hasbro will likewise be notified, especially in the event of any official feedback from the companies in question. Also, e-mails could similarly generate additional interest - or at least awareness - and should be directed to the following addresses:

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Finally, if a pony hasn't yet signed the petition, a pony can certainly do so here:

    Soundtrack CD release for MLP:FiM (petition)

    (Yeah, it's linked above, too. Deal with it. B-] Also, parentheticals are matchless fun~)

    Senn would like to thank you all for your support in this endeavor. With skill, vigilance, and a little luck, these efforts could go a fair way toward securing an official soundtrack release! Ponies have already brought about so many other wondrous things; for you guys and gals, sparking a CD release would be far from impossible indeed. ^.^

    Love you all, pony fans! Tek out.

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