• The Great and Powerful Unboxing #4

    Unboxing time! I actually got this one a few days ago, but I've been so busy with everything else, I haven't had time to really sit down and create this.

    I'm still surprised people like these so much, but I won't complain...even if they do tend to take over my science section on Youtube...

    More after the break!

    I tore off the cover paper thing.  I didn't even know boxes came with cover paper things.  Is there a name for cover paper things?  Well regardless, on with the unboxing!

    Unlike the last few parcels, this one actually required a "box cutter" for the tape; "box cutter" meaning my car keys.  I actually snapped a key a while back opening something, but excitement drove me to grab the nearest sharp object I could find.  Luckily the tape slicing process went smoothly, and inside the box was a big pile of newspaper!

    Looking back when I took these pictures, I think pulling the paper out and reading an article would have been interesting.  Sadly it is 3 days later and any non-bubble wrap packaging material has long since taken a trip to the recycling bin.  I could have cheated and busted out today's news, but that wouldn't be anywhere near as fun now would it?

    The blue thing poking out had me in an OPEN NOW daze anyway.

    Once again, this smug ass unicorn has snuck into my room.  Someone actually asked me why I use "smug" so much.  I checked thesaurus.com out for other words that could take it's place, but nothing really matches the Great and Powerful Trixie's facial expressions quite like the word smug.

    After some quick hair brushing, and discovering the hat at the bottom of the box, the Great and Powerful Trixie returns to her gloriously obnoxious self!

    So uh.... Trixie shrine?  Yep... (Minus the bubble gum sculpture)

    And with flash on since my cell phone camera doesn't really do my Great and Powerful collection justice! (That Trixie plot shirt was totally sent to me, I swear I didn't do it! Even If It's awesome anyway...)

    Thanks to Brainbread for the plushie! A quick glance at their Ebay account that I randomly check for plushie posts reveals a Pinkamena Diane Pie with less than 37 minutes left for those that like that crazy pie thing!

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