• 30 Million Pageviews Contest: Gallery

    ...Well, that happened fast. So fast we weren't quite ready for it to happen (sorry about the delay)! It's still kind of hard to believe we've gotten this far, but thanks to you guys here we are! And since coming here every day and commenting and sending us awesome content all the time wasn't enough, 38 of you also took the time to help us celebrate this awesomest of all possible milestones (pending 40 million) with some very cool images and comics. A very special thanks to Virga Rainboom for the above image, which was unfortunately too late for the actual contest, but awesome enough to be our title image on the day.

    A scientific panel of three blogponies has gone through all your entries and selected three as our very favorites, because there must be winners. But that doesn't mean we appreciate the others any less! It's not all about being the most talented pony in the world, just about taking the time to try something. And now the time for being sappy has come to an end! Check below the page break to find the winners! And check below that to see everypony who entered!

    First Place: Sakuyamon I've lost more than hour staring at this, enraptured. The cathedral aesthetic is beautiful, and everypony is full of life and vibrant energy. If we can be half this epic going forward, I think Equestria Daily will be in good hooves. Congratulations, Sakuyamon!

    Second Place: Karzahnii
    The energy coming out of this one is just fantastic. We liked it so much that it became our banner for a few days before the judging could even take place. Scootaloo is rocking the house down, and it is amazing. Hopefully she actually learned how to sing for this one!

    Third Place: Geoff K.Distinguished as the only entry to make me tear up. A lot of effort clearly went into this, and I think it provides an incredible sense of perspective on the number and all that it can potentially mean. It's not something that can be overlooked. Thank you very much for this heart warming piece.

    Congratulations to all our winners! Your prizes are well deserved, and can be collected on Friday. Please contact Jake Heritagu at [email protected], with a CC sent to me so that I can confirm that everything is received and kosher.

    This was a really hard decision - there were a lot of phenomenal entries, and it took many hours of debate to finally settle on the winners. But don't be fooled into thinking those are the only three of value: there's some absolutely fantastic stuff gathered in the rest of the field. Dig in and enjoy, ponies!

    1) By Annary (this was done in Minecraft, and it is awesome)

    2) By Armenta (I would totally play in this league. Or watch it.)

    3) By Atlur (30 million pageviews, all the way across the sky)

    4) By beancode (kind of a compilation of fanart through the ages)

    5) By Black Tea (all attempts to physically draw 30,000,000 ponies are doomed to end in madness)

    6) By Colinmlp (to infinity! And beyond!)

    7) By D Hooves (this is getting added to my desktop cycle)

    8) By Dandy Lion (this one's a link due to implied sauce. But I thought it was silly.)

    9) By EssAeEm (I don't blame her. The counter's hypnotizing.)

    10) By Fadri (Scroooooge!)

    11) By Fire exit on your right (ponies sure do wind up in space a lot...)

    12) By Hobo (memetastic)

    13) By Holy Sparks (click the image to go to the actual comic. Then, marvel at it!)

    14) By irontiger (I think there's a few more than that by this point...)

    15) By Jake Uribe (Rainboom Cross!)

    16) By Jose Duran (This is referencing something I don't understand)

    17) By Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi (not gonna lie, I giggled like a small filly)

    18) By Lawn (What I have seen cannot be unseen)

    19) By Light Dasher (I like the look on Trixie's face in the last panel)

    20) By Lion vom Silberwald (Luna is a master of her craft)

    21) By Meatloaf studios (30 million derptastic hits)

    22) By Midge (I'm very relieved that letter turned out to be a hoax)

    23) By Nathaniel Fosmer (a little more memeism, I suppose)

    24) By Oolong TeA (Oh no, contests are bleeding into each other!)

    25) By opusthepenguin (Come to Equestria Daily and find your special talent. Money back guarantee!)

    26) By ord (the best part about this is the little Hub logo. EqD should be canon in Season 2)

    27) By partyhard (reportedly done in five minutes.)

    28) By Prismatic Pretzel (That's a lot of party hats)

    29) By Pyrobunneh (buildin' a Celestia out of gems)

    30) By Sefling (by the way, if we ever get an office building, that's going to be the slogan we put on it)

    31) By Shoutingryan (And now some Courage the Cowardly Dog references. Enjoy?)

    32) walsh95 (with a classic EqD site aesthetic.)

    33) By Yukitoshii (The Gary's Mod invasion continues)

    34) By The Paragon (Animated! Click to see!)