• Nightly Roundup #78

    Octavia night! I can't wait to see what they do with her in season two.  Hell even if shes the same exact animation playing the same exact instrument I'll probably go nuts. 

    Don't lie, you will too.

    Anyway have some news!

    Pony Vs Ninja Turtles Web Comic

    Another web comic with ponies! This one is actually pretty freakin awesome too.

    (But please don't write this crossover)

    You can find it here!

    Halo Pony Cutie Mark Forge Art

    For the Halo people out there, someone has created a bunch of Cutie Marks out of spawn markers. You can find them here!

    New Pony Forum

    For those of you looking for yet another pony forum to join, you can find it here!

    Brony Interview Channel

    Someone has taken it upon themselves to interview a bunch of random bronies in the fandom. You can find the video with more information in this video!

    Rainbow Dash Invades Afghanistan

    Apparently this is straight out of Afghanistan! Hell yah Rainbow Dash!

    I didn't get any more information on it sadly. 

    Canterlot Toys Available in the UK

    For all you crazy European bronies, it looks like Canterlot Toys are either already available, or soon will be available. 

    Now go buy a Luna! Or something. 

    More Hot Topic Shirts

    Where the Trixie at?!

    Irish Brony Facebook Group

    For all the Irish bronies out there, have a facebook group!

    French Brony Meetup

    Another Meetup is taking place, this time in France! Have some Copypaste.

    Scheduled for October, 1st (same day as International Rainbow Dash Day), in Paris a meetup will be held, and we wandered if you could relay this information on Equestria Daily. You'll get the pictures of course when it'll be done !

    Here are a few links :

    The official Ponychan Thread : http://www.ponychan.net/chan/int/res/9849.html

    "I Love the Whole World" Pony Collaboration

    Another project has popped up to create a pony version of Discovery Channel's "I Love the Whole World" commercial.  You can find all information on it in this video!

    Left 4 Dead Pony Weapon Skin Thread

    A huge compilation of pony weapon skins for Left 4 Dead, along with requests for more, is being hosted on ponychan.  If you are interested in joining in, hit up the thread here!

    Equestria Daily News

    Lyra! yay~

    Another pony I can't wait to see more of.

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