• Poll Results: Which Pony Looks Best in Socks?

    I think we can end this nonsense already.

    I can't believe Nyx almost beat Fluttershy.  Remember 4 months ago when I said OC ponies would be more accepted as our desperation for pony increases?  Looks like it happened... I probably should have thrown Little Pip into the mix too...

    The website seems smooth enough now for polls again.  I've been trying to optimize the hell out of it, since the load times before were atrocious.  Feel free to suggest some below!

    ^Update^ As I was going to delete the poll, It looks like Nyx actually did beat Fluttershy! 


    1. >Nyx
      >Even on the poll

      Ridiculous. OCs ruin everything.

    2. How dare Fluttershy be beaten by an OC!?!

      This is a mild outrage... I thought we all loved Fluttershy? :<

    3. Luna and Nyx in socks... I can imagine seeing NMM in socks as well, now...

    4. The "meme" pretty much started with Luna; her 56% isn't too surprising.

    5. To be fair, all socks are OCs too, so you can hardly blame people.

    6. Ah, dang it Flutter-fans! We were holding second place for so long there! Ah well, Nyx was a worthy opponent.

      Next poll suggestion: Best OC pony. ... Are there enough popular OCs for that though?
      the FO:E characters...
      Midnight Sparkle...
      eeyup :D

    7. That's it. It's gone too far.
      Hasbro, release the second season. Now.

    8. Some OCs are built for greatness, but how did Fluttershy get beat by one :(

    9. The horror! THE HORROR!

    10. Have we even gotten a LittlePip in socks yet?


    12. I hate Nyx. She shouldn't have been on there in first place. Flutter is way better than that wierd OC drama filly.

    13. *chants* NYX NYX NYX NYX NYX NYX NYX NYX

    14. Well, at least Pinkie Pie beat Trixie. That was a surprise.

    15. @Anonymous and do Velvet Remedy in socks too for good measure.

      And Midnight.

    16. @Anonymous That ain't Brony talk! Where's your love and tolerance, man?

    17. @Anonymous O_O

      Have you read the story sir?

    18. As OC pony popularity increases, we get even more delusional about what the show truly is.

      Somepony needs to stop this madness.

    19. Pinkamina Diane PieJuly 30, 2011 at 4:08 PM

      Guys, stop hating on Nyx. The story is great, the characters are great, and Nyx is especially great. Just get over it. MOVE ON!

    20. There aren't even socks in the series, and I hope there never will be. They clearly bring out a horrible competitive, anti-originality atmosphere that is very un-loving and intolerant.

    21. NO CONTEST
      Luna Rocks in Socks.

    22. @C. Theron Vulpin

      Might as well just do a whole OC's in socks Drawfriends edition

    23. ... Who the hell is Nyx?

    24. @Nyx
      don't apologize Nyx! You're fine the way you are. *hug*

    25. @Pinkamina Diane Pie

      The story is average at best, the characters - while refreshing at a first glance - quickly grow stale, along with the plot, and Nyx is extremely lacking as a character in depth and development.

      A 3/5 story AT BEST.

    26. I'm just glad Trixie ranked suitably low. She gets enough attention as it is.

    27. Nyx beat fluttershy.



    28. @Hio590
      *imagining SteelHooves in socks now* O_o

    29. @Anonymous It's position on the list of most viewed seems to contest your opinion, gentlecolt Anon. Hell, it's higher than Fallout Equestria, and that is one hell of a story, and its author is taking a break to boot!

    30. I never though I would see the day where an OC would beat an official character in a poll, but here we are. That will teach me to not vote for Trixie.

      Anyway, I'm glad that the polls are working right again. I kind of missed seeing them here every day. They were a fun part of the blog.

    31. @Anonymous
      The poll was, "Which pony looks best in socks?" Nyx was a popular character to put in socks, therefore she definitely SHOULD have been in the poll.

    32. Pinkamina Diane PieJuly 30, 2011 at 4:12 PM


      Nyx is a character in the story Past Sins.

    33. I am developing my own OC.
      He is cooler than I ever imagined, and he fits so well into the storyline...
      Sadly there is still too much work to be done, so until I finish in about 500 years, take the whisper of his name: Skylark Torch.

    34. Fools, Dash is superior no matter what she's wearing.

    35. @Zak TH Apparently not, if its socks.

      They probably throw off her balance or something.

    36. An OC pony beat Fluttershy? Seriously? We must be going crazy from the lack of official content. I wish season 2 would start already so we could focus on canon stuff again.

    37. @Anonymous

      Popular opinion shouldn't be the sole deciding factor on what constitutes a good fic or not. I also believe that Fallout: Equestria is just about as overrated as Past Sins is.

      Other stories, such as Dangerous Business and Tales, deserve every bit of praise that they receive.

    38. @Pinkamina Diane Pie
      ... That's what I get for not liking fanfiction. :(

    39. Happy Friendship Day Everypony!


    40. Anyone else want to see Steven Magnet in socks?

      Moustaches get cold too, you know...

    41. Nyx is queen of the OC ponies!
      (totally voted for Nyx)

    42. Full ranking in order: (if you're curious)
      Rainbow Dash
      Other ponies

    43. Pinkamina Diane PieJuly 30, 2011 at 4:17 PM


      I thought the story was well developed.

      This may not apply, but don't judge work you may not be able to write better. Maybe U JELLY!

    44. @Anonymous 4:14
      So, what metric should we go by huh? "Real" stories are judged first by their popularity, since popular books sell more copies and make more monies. It's only later that they get ranked by aesthetic quality.

    45. Come on, the dark mistress of night won!

      Technically Luna and Nyx are almost the same pony so it's understandable why she was second in the socks vote.

    46. Obviously Luna won. She is best pony.

    47. @Anonymous

      for the love of celestia
      your comment made my brain think of him using a giant sock as a sleeping bag

    48. @Nyx

      It's okay, you do look really good in socks.

    49. In Nyx's defense she is featured, relatively prominently, in not one but two very well written pieces of fiction. Not exactly show script material it's true - one is an Alan Wake crossover and the other is darker in tone than any actual aired material could be in my opinion - but very well written all the same.

      Plus she has an awesome name...

      And she's black, which is the best pony color...

      Except for purple...

      Just sayin'.

    50. Fluttershy is and always will be my favorite pony and is by far the most adorable thing ever, but seeing her in socks didn't do much for me. Then I decided to check out the story "Past Sins" when I saw Nyx on the poll. When I saw Nyx in socks, my heart melted, and I changed my vote from Luna to Nyx immediately. So stop hating on Nyx, people, I got a story to read.

    51. @Pinkamina Diane Pie
      A story critic need not write in order to judge. Just as film critics don't need to be able to make movies in order to have an opinion on such matters.

      @C. Theron Vulpin
      So are you saying that the Twilight Saga is a masterpiece because it's popular? By that logic, you're saying Past Sins is like New Moon.

      Stuff like this is impossible to judge without an critics' circle or something of the sort...

      ...Pony Fic Oscars, anyone? :U

    52. I'm honestly surprised Derpy wasn't up there. That might've swung the vote a bit. Even if she is just about as much an OC (or Community Character, at least) as Nyx.

    53. Who the hell's Nyx?

    54. Glad Luna won.

      Nyx? Seriously? Have to agree, a lot of people are starving for new ponies.

    55. Who the hell is Nyx and why is it on the poll?

    56. Aww poor nyx. This is actually my first week being a brony so I have never heard of or know what OC (guessing original creation) but in my oppinion, original creations help keep shows alive in between seasons.

    57. Hangon. I missed this. Who's Nyx?

    58. @Anonymous

      Oh, just be silent.

      Critics are supposed to speak for the popular opinion (those who don't are just snobs with nothing better to do than berate various forms of art), and you've proven, if anything, that you hold the antithesis of popular opinion.

      Oh, and you're analogy is flawed. Popular opinion IS that Twilight is crap. Everyone knows that Twilight is utter crap. Hell, you used it in your argument under that very assumption.

    59. @Anonymous 4:21
      Yes and no. I'm saying just because something's popular doesn't mean it sucks. And this is a FAN site, for FAN-made works that will elicit FAN-type reactions. Of which yours happens to be a type- one of the negative ones.

    60. @Ridley

      Nyx is an OC pony featured in two stories that I am aware of: Creeping Darkness and Past Sins.

    61. @Anonymous
      C. Theron said that a story that is popular is good. Twilight is insanely popular. Critics hate it, but twelve year old girls love it. That's how I view Past Sins.

    62. To all that say I am un-brony for saying I hate Nyx. I am sorry, but I still do. I'm just not the person that can stand drama and ponies together. It doesn't fit. I don't need to read the story. Seeing Twilight that is about to be hanged on the artwork for the story is enough for me to dislike.
      Besides, there is a foal factor as well. Drama+Foals tears my heart even more. As cute as Nyx is, I still dislike all about and around her.
      Simple as that.

    63. ... and others have made the point that I somehow managed to lose in that previous rant. Yay. :P

    64. Where's the love and tolerance guys?

    65. To the anonymous of 4:22, Derpy tried to enter the polls but she was disqualified for slipping muffins over her hooves instead of socks.

      Furthermore Derpy has claimed that muffins don't taste as good with socks on her hooves and thus dropped out of the running.

      However if there was a contest about which pony looks cuter with muffins, no contest it'd be a landslide victory for the muffin queen.

    66. Nyx is a character in the fan fiction "Past Sins"; I suggest you read it.


      It's an amazing read, and I think all you are hating on her being in the poll should just get out. If it weren't for OC ponies, we wouldn't have several of the amazing fanfics that provide such great reading material as we near the premiere of Season 2.

      Be thankful that the ones writing these stories give up so much of their time to create such memorable fan-made characters, and stop hating. Please.

    67. @Anonymous Complaining About Fanfics You Dont Read, eh?

      There's actually several ways that scene could play out, as it has yet to actually happen. Although I'd imagine this won't dissuade your opinion much.

      Give it a read. If you still hate it, at least then it'll be justified. It's highly likely that you will, at that point, not.

    68. I could not stop myself (sorry if my bad art makes your eyes bleed) but here is steven magnet in a sock


    69. Both, Nyx (screw OC faggotry) and Seth are overrated in this fandom.


    70. Anonymous
      Don't feed this guy. Rather obvious, if I must say so.

    71. Past Sins, the story Nyx is from, is by far the most highly rated and read fanfic in EQ.

      Nyx is basically the filly form of Nightmare Moon, so it's not THAT bad.

      If you want, you can think of her as a modification of an existing character, or a clone, whatever you prefer.

    72. Well. Thats in interesting poll. But why has nopony gotten a MLP plushie and taken a picture of it wearing a sock?

    73. So much for tolerating the shit out of one another

    74. All hail Queen Nigh--err.. Nyx!
      She is our cute little evil incarnate! <3
      I'm both torn and overjoyed that Nyx beat Fluttershy!

    75. This is an outrage! I demand reparations!

    76. @Crest


      It may be the most read fanfic on EqD, but it is not the highest rated. Although it does have a 6-star tag, it only has 4.9 stars based on popular opinion, lacking that all important top tier 5.0.

    77. I find it sad that Fluttershy lost to an OC. Look at Fluttershy, look at what you did to her, you cold heartless foals. Fluttershy loves and cares for all creatures equally and you just kick her poor old flank out the door, how rude!

    78. @Jelfes
      Don't worry about me, I'm okay. I mean it would have been nice to win, but I can't get all huffy because somepony beat me in a silly poll.

    79. Seth, that's what I told you when I asked you to start this poll.

      Nyx is sock pony #1!

      Ehem.... If you don't count Luna that is.

    80. @Anonymous

      *squints at screen*

      Looks like five stars to me.

    81. @Crest

      I think Fallout : Equestria still holds that honor.

      If simply through seniority and length.

    82. My little Nyx beat Shy?
      I'm so proud of her.

    83. @Anonymous
      Roll-over text. Put your mouse over the stars (above where it says "1454 ratings") and wait a few seconds.

    84. I think the better question is:
      Does anyone here SERIOUSLY give a shit?

    85. @Anonymous It's the internet, I'll give as many shits as I damn well please.

    86. @Twilight Sparkle

      She's adorable, isn't she? I'm so glad for her! ♥ that little filly.

    87. @Anonymous


    88. I am amazed that you forgot the epic Roseluck in socks pic.

    89. Who started the sock meme anyway?

    90. Dont' know who started it, but I'm pretty sure Luna was the first pony spotted wearing socks.

    91. @SirLeandrea

      Know Your Meme says that the first image of a pony in socks was Fluttershy in January of this year, but I think what really kicked it off was the image of Luna after she had named her hooves.

    92. Sigh... And this has turned from a discussion of sock-wearing ponies into a flaming argument over whether Nyx is interesting and if Past Sins is a quality fanfic, All because an OC pony got a lot of votes for looking cute. Go discuss it in the Past Sins comments section if you want to hold this discussion.

      Because someone is inevitably going to make me throw in my own two cents, I like Past Sins, though it's not my favorite. Nyx is OK in my books. And I think that as long as they're not Mary Sues, OCs are perfectly fine. It's not like we've got a neverending pile of canon ponies on our hands. (We need S2 badly.)

      And along these same lines, why don't you complain about the use of background ponies in fanfics? I hardly ever see complaints about that. But background ponies have no real personality or anything. We just see them and write about them. They really are just OCs. The only difference is that their bodies and colorations were done in studio so there would be somepony standing in the background. That's their definition.

      ... And now I'm guilty of these same crimes of talking about something mostly unrelated to ponies in socks. Sigh.

      Go Luna!

    93. I voted Luna, but also support Nyx!

      OC's are OKAY to have, people - they aren't going to take away any love from the mane cast, and nor are all OC's a complete ripoff of other characters.

      Go Nyx! <3

    94. @Bloop

      Wow, thats a long time ago. And ya it doews seem like that Luna image was the one that started it

    95. Just to settle this argument once and for all ... the following ponys are the best (in no particular order):

      Rarity, Trixie, Applejack, Twilight, Luna, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Celestia, Photo Finish, Dr Whooves, Little Pip, Orrey Stargazer, Sundance, Hoyden, Mr and Mrs Cake, Stephen Magnet (who is technically not a pony), Derpy, Big Macintosh, Sweetie Belle, Granny Smith, Scootaloo, Hoity Toity, Twist, Cheerilee, Medley, Pokey, Nurse Redheart, Nyx, Celestia, Gilda (also not a pony), Storm Stunner, Shield Maiden, Checkmate, Applebloom, Hummingway (yes, also not a pony), Ashtail, Jigsaw, Tiptoe, Colgate, Minty Fresh, Snowy Slopes, Mort (does he count as a pony?), Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Mr Bridge, Mrs Aura ... and anyone else i forgot to add to the list.

      Except Blueblood, he's a jerk. 8D

      PS: Please forgive any typos, I didn't bother to check the sources for most of them.

    96. In before someone points out that i misspelled Ponies ... >>

    97. @Bloop, thanks, I did not know that.

      Although have to agree, Luna brought it to mainstream at least where I remember first seeing it.

    98. I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that the results of this poll turned into a war against OCs.

    99. @Anonymous
      You do need to read the story. I've never read fanfic before in my life, and I found Past Sins truly amazing.
      Also, Twilight being hung is the one thing that hasn't actually happened in the story(at least so far).

    100. Damnit Seth, now there's going to be an FO:E socks picture.

    101. @Anonymous 4:55

      I think you got just about most of them and definitely the more famous ones.

    102. @TenchiFreak5 If an OC appears in any way, OC haters show up. It was inevitable.

    103. The problem with the Anonymous title is it gets hard to separate all of them so I'm not addressing all of them.

      To be a critic, you have to get past likes and dislikes and be able to see what gives the content it's strength. You can like bad things as much as your allowed to dislike good things, a lot of people seem to not understand that.

      Anyway, stop arguing over something so stupid as a poll, the show itself is not gonna be ruined by this. If we are just killing time waiting for the second season, lets have fun and not be dicks.

    104. @Anonymous
      I've never really understood the objection to Mary Sues. From what I understand, Mary Sues are just hyper-idealized female characters, though I may be wrong in that definition. But it seems to me as though there are a multitude of hyper-idealized male characters, especially when you look back a few decades. Maybe this is supposed to be viewed within the context of male hegemony or maybe it's because the mary-sue tends to take up a disproportionately large amount of attention, taking it away from the more central characters. Could you enlighten me on this?

    105. Some scope, let me give some of y'all some:

      Freaking out about a fictional pony
      based on another fictional pony
      in a fictional novel
      based on a fictional show
      based on an older fictional show
      getting second place in a poll
      based on fictional ponies wearing socks
      in fan art
      on a fan site for aforementioned show.

      It's the Inception of silly things to hate on.

    106. @Anonymous
      Actually Twilight isn't as popular as you would think. The best selling Twilight movie made less money than the worst selling Harry Potter Movie. A lot of people just don't like it if the internet is something to go by. Also popularity and profit are two of the ways to tell a good movie, but not always. Past Sins has gotten a lot of attention. It has more ratings and comments than any other post I've seen. Around 1400 ratings and around the same amount of comments.

    107. Horse apples I say to this poll.

      If a Filly-Sue like Nyx can be put in the poll then so should Derpy and the other the background ponies, you know, the ones who ACTUALLY APPEARED ONSCREEN, should be on the poll.

      This is one of those times where the fandom disappoints me.

    108. I don't really have anything against OC's or Nyx... but seriously, I don't think I've even seen a picture of Nyx in socks, so I just can't understand how she beat Fluttershy. Or anyone, for that matter.

    109. @Bloop

      Mary Sues are only female-exclusive because male versions have a different name (Gary Stu/Marty Stu). It has nothing to do with gender relations.

    110. @Anonymous
      Not the Anon you're responding to, but I hope you realize what unbelievably stupid things you're saying. That is so irrational, so illogical that it makes my head spin. Do you honestly believe what you've wrote is true?

    111. There's no need to argue this much, this was just a silly little poll, and different people will always have different tastes.

    112. Ok, so Nyx beat Fluttershy. Who cares? It's a poll that will not have any effect on your life in a week anyway. If enough people voted for Nyx to beat Fluttershy, then obviously people enjoyed the picture of Nyx in socks. It doesn't mean that Nyx is better than Fluttershy, who is still the best pony, it just means Nyx looked adorable wearing a sock (Luna still looked the best, of course).

      Bashing the story for producing an enjoyable OC serves no purpose. It doesn't help your argument to call a story overrated. Don't like OCs? Don't vote for em. Don't read stories with OCs.

      No matter how much you complain, there will always be people who like reading stories with OCs, and whether or not you like them, someone will enjoy it. And that's what this community is about, making something people enjoy, not bashing on others work.

      TL;DR The poll was about ponies in socks, Nyx is a pony who wore a sock, Nyx is on the poll.

    113. @TenchiFreak5
      Ok, thanks for clearing that up. I've only ever heard them in reference to gender issues, largely because before I started watching My Little Pony I had never been involved in fan-fiction before.

    114. @A Terrible Person




    115. @TenchiFreak5
      I am not all that shocked that this happened, seeing as the story already has a sizable hatedom in response to its immense popularity (at least I think that's why). That, and some people just hate on OC's on sight. I was kinda in the iHate Ponies camp (mildly) before I actually watched the show because I couldn't understand why it was popular.

    116. @SirLeandrea

      It started when Celestia themed socks began showing up in target and someone jokingly drew luna wearing them

    117. Yeah! Nyx FTW!

      To be fair, I had just read Past Sins when I saw that poll and voted for Nyx. But come on, is it really that awful to have an OC pony in a poll? Fewer people will have read the fanfic than seen the show, so that would put an OC at a disadvantage. The fact that an OC pony did so well shows the love the story is getting on the site. What's so bad about that?

      And besides, the whole socks meme is silly anyway. Let's not take this seriously, everypony...

    118. @Bloop

      Mary Sues/Gary Stus are also a Cardinal sin of fanfics. Majority being the author inserting themselves into the canon universe as an idolized version of themselves.

      I'd just read up the wiki entry on them as I could go on and on why they're so bad.


    119. @Omatic

      YOUR RIGHT!!!I must now draw a 3.5 g character in socks to make up for it.

    120. @Anonymous
      The author said that Twilight Sparkle wasn't actually going to be hanged. Most of the scenes on the left didn't actually happen in the story or didn't happen that way.

      ___________Incoming Spoilers_______

      Also on the right they dueled with magic swords, not spells. She never attacked Twilight, just made her comfortable in the dungeon. She showed mercy to the Fluttershy Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Trixie, she didn't attack them. And she hasn't captured the CMC yet, but she might. The picture doesn't really show what happens in the story.

      ______________Spoilers Done________

    121. Nonsense is right
      Luna is so ridiculously overrated that she wins polls by just being present and not on real merits. The fandom's infatuation with her is really old.

    122. @Bloop
      Hi, same anon here. (I REALLY ought to get an account.) First of all, I was using Mary Sue to apply to both female and males, though males do have their own term (Gary Stu). The whole gender thing really doesn't matter in my book.

      TV Tropes had a decent definition of Mary Sues. Here:

      "The prototypical Mary Sue is an original female character in a fanfic who obviously serves as an idealized version of the author mainly for the purpose of Wish Fulfillment. She's exotically beautiful, often having an unusual hair or eye color, and has a similarly cool and exotic name. She's exceptionally talented in an implausibly wide variety of areas, and may possess skills that are rare or nonexistent in the canon setting. She also lacks any realistic, or at least story-relevant, character flaws — either that or her "flaws" are obviously meant to be endearing.

      She has an unusual and dramatic Back Story. The canon protagonists are all overwhelmed with admiration for her beauty, wit, courage and other virtues, and are quick to adopt her into their nakama, even characters who are usually antisocial and untrusting; if any character doesn't love her, that character gets an extremely unsympathetic portrayal. She has some sort of especially close relationship to the author's favorite canon character — their love interest, illegitimate child, never-before-mentioned sister, etc. Other than that, the canon characters are quickly reduced to awestruck cheerleaders, watching from the sidelines as Mary Sue outstrips them in their areas of expertise and solves problems that have stymied them for the entire series. (See Common Mary Sue Traits for more detail on any of these cliches.)

      In other words, the term "Mary Sue" is generally slapped on a character who is important in the story, possesses unusual physical traits, and has an irrelevantly over-skilled or over-idealized nature."

      I don't think ANYONE really likes these types of characters. Except maybe their creators.

    123. @Fire Brony
      Ah, thank you. I can certainly see why she placed so highly in the polls. Regardless if your positions on OC's, that is adorable.

      She still shouldn't have beaten Fluttershy, but I blame that on a lack of hyper-adorable Fluttersocks pictures. Fandom, I am disappoint.

    124. @Omatic
      I hereby award you 1.3 internets for making me chuckle. Good work!

    125. To all you people hating on OCs, consider the following: The only thing not OC about Luna is her name and her appearance. Other than her few lines at the end of the pilot, fanfic writers have pretty much nothing to go on. The personality she's given in assorted fics is almost completely OC.

      In short: Luna is 95% OC.

    126. @A Terrible Person

      I didn't really care who won (from the three top), since I love Luna, Nyx, and Fluttershy in socks all equally. They're all adorable.

    127. There is actually subjectivity as to whether Nyx is considered an OC pony or not. I say she is an OC, but some people seem to think otherwise. She IS technically in ways considered to be Night Mare Moon, a character from the show.

      Am I the only pony who thought that this poll and how it was rolling was NOT nonsense? "Oh no!
      somepony you wouldn't expect to win is in 2nd place by a longshot!"

      Regardless, I am glad to see that we can have some polls in the future now that Seth has done a great job upgrading the site.

    128. "Critics are supposed to speak for the popular opinion"


    129. A user named Dreatos on deviant art has a cute picture of Nyx with a Sock on her head.


      hope this helps with people who hasn't seen her with socks

    130. @DrahcirAloer

      ___________Oh God The Spoilers_______

      Twilight did get the shit beat out of her. The guards did it before they even brought her to Nyx.

    131. @A Terrible Person

      Past Sins page. Scroll Down. Fanart. Nyx in socks.

    132. @Anonymous

      Um Dreatos is kinda responsible for everything Nyx related as far as art goes. But ya thats a cute pic.

    133. @Pinkamina Diane Pie

      I was wondering who Nyx was, thanks forthe info...

      I'm planning on starting that fix soon too.
      As for fluttershy losing, stuff happens everypony. I actually think it's nice to see more OC love...NAND this coming from someone who says fluttershy is #1 too mind you. People are allowed to like OC's as much as they want lol... Some people make it out to be a crime l... >_>

    134. *giggles*
      I don't care who won, the poll gave me a reason to check all the ponies in socks pictures and that alone made my day :)

    135. @Anonymous

      > Critics
      > popular opinion

      I honestly laughed. Have you ever tried to get more familiar with the point of teh discussion: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism#Constructive_criticism

      Also, question: is twilight is obvious utter crap - why is this so popular? And if Nyx so popular - does it means... oh wait.

    136. If this kind of blatant flaming, trolling, arguing and a general lack of love and tolerance is going to happen every time an OC comes up in a popularity poll... well, the solution, as much as it pains me to say it, should be obvious.

      I love Nyx, but I hate to see bronies turning on their fellows, bashing fics, arguing about critics, then yelling at each other for not having perspective. It's all just depressing.

      So I am going to ask, if you plan on posting something so much as slightly angry here, go stare at a picture of Fluttershy for ten minutes and think, 'what would she do?'

    137. @All

      Thanks, That makes a lot more sense now.

    138. All you people complaining about OCs, think about this for a second:

      The only thing that's NOT OC about Luna is her name, her relationship with Celestia and the whole "banished to the moon" thing. Everything else about her (her personality, Abacus, the whole socks thing) was created by fans.

      The only canon thing about "Derpy" is her appearance and her derped eyes. Canonically, she doesn't have a name, is not related to "Dinky", does not live with Carrot Top, doesn't have a speech impediment and is not a companion of Doctor Whoof. She's more of an OC than Nyx, who is at least somewhat based on Nightmare Moon, could ever be.

    139. @TenchiFreak5
      More Spoilers, sorry.

      But not by Nightmare Moon/Nyx. In the picture it looks like she is the one hurting her. Like I said the stuff in the picture didn't happen the way it looked or it didn't happen at all.

    140. Applejack isn't last for once? Take that, Celestia!

    141. @Anonymous


      Personally, I hold no ill will towards Nyx, if people like the character they can. But I agree comments on a poll about characters with socks isn't a place to argue over such things.

    142. Love and tolerance all around, but sometimes it's difficult.

      OC ponies should've had their own poll. Not intermingled with canon characters. I didn't even know who the hell Nyx was. Technically I still don't, the only info I've seen on it is from these comment threads.

    143. @Anonymous

      I agree. Let us put that ordeal behind us and focus on these ADORABLE PONIES IN SOCKS (which make them 20% cuter, by the way).

    144. The socks are considered an OC (in a way, since they aren't in the show at all), so them on an OC character makes more sense. I still think OC ponies are bad, personally... why put them on the poll?

    145. This sock meme is retarded.

    146. @Nyx
      You have nothing to be sorry about my little one.
      In fact I'm so proud of you for beating my friends and I in the poll.

    147. Luna in socks is just utterly cute beyond belief, no doubt about it.

    148. @Fire Brony

      I...I am very sorry for getting caught up in it. I don't think I was fighting, I believe I was just trying to present valid counterpoints, but still it had nothing to do with the poll. I can't believe I got caught up in something like this when I was love and tolerance incarnate during the memebase wars. Again, very sorry. And if anyone recognizes the name yes I am DrahcirAloer from the memebase wars, but no one probably remembers me, but I thought I would just put it out there just in case.

    149. @Anonymous
      Personally, I think that Fluttershy would do something like this:
      Tell Nyx and luna "You rock!~ Way to go!~ Woohoo!~"

      She wouldn't have a problem with this situation, especially seeing as she hates attention.

      And now for something a bit less meta: I freaking love the ponies in socks meme. It creates weapons grade d'aww on a regular basis. My favorite socks!Ponies are Luna and Nyx.

      I am glad to see that we will be having more polls; I love to anonymously tell people what I think of stuff.

    150. Forget Nyx, and Past Sins is a stupidly over-rated fanfic that relies on astounding marketing. It's at best a 4 star fic.

      That's all I'm going to say about that.

      So, my main point in this is to say: ponies in socks is adorable.

    151. Nyx haters keep your harsh words to yourself and out of the community.

      Love and TOLERANCE, people.

    152. @Anonymous
      I appreciate you!

      Stop with the love and tolerance shit. I'm fed up with it. Criticism is needed when reading and reviewing all works, be it written, media, etc. etc. Without criticism, no one improves upon their craft, and we are stuck in an endless loop of mediocrity.

    153. @Anonymous

      You have a right to your opinion, but what marketing are you talking about? I just saw a six star story with a Luna tag and decided to read it. Then again, I find it very hard to be critical on stories so I don't rate a story unless I see it as 5-stars and can comfortably give it that. That is why I can never be a pre-reader. Everything would get in with me.

    154. @DrahcirAloer

      It's not your fault. *hug* Now, let us focus on ponies. Ponies in socks!

      Imma make a picture.

    155. If everyone would just stop being derogatory about other people and their works then maybe everypony would actually try to view things from another pony's angle. That would ultimately be best and I think its safe to say they're all adorable in socks and there's no denying it. The whole time the poll was going Fluttershy and Nyx were always close to each other so I think its safe to say its pretty much a tie. therewere less than a 15 vote difference on the two by the end of the poll and the one who was in favor was constantly changing.

    156. @Anonymous

      > "Stop it with the love and tolerance shit."

      Get out of this community.

      Luna be damned, you just have to make this into a fight again, don't you.

    157. @Anonymous

      No matter your words, we shall still love and tolerate the shit out of you. HUGS FOR EVERYPONY! *hugs*

    158. >FS beaten by OC
      >implying Luna is essentially and OC herself.
      She's git a whopping 2 lines?

    159. Fire Brony you are here what I once was on memebase. Thank you. You are a great example.

    160. Speaking of OCs how about a favourite OC pony poll? Or maybe a favourite fan-made characters poll, so it could include Bon-bon, Luna, Colgate, Derpy maybe even Trixie since much of her is fan-made falls on hard time after the show, plots revenge, has great powers similar to Twilight's, ect...

      Either way Nyx is cute. I had never seen any pictures of Nyx when I voted but she seems cute in my head.

    161. @Jelfes just noticed that i often repeat phrases a bit too often


      Now... Who here likes Twilight in socks? I know I do.

    163. Let's see, I wonder who... well, that's no surprise. lol Though I'll admit, I did vote for Luna myself. ;) I'm also not surprised Nyx ended up beating Fluttershy. lol

    164. @Fire Brony
      People like you are one of the big reasons that I freaking love this community, the other main ones being the high quality art and fanfic that it puts out.

      Still, I find it amusing that Nyx's fandom and hatedom rather derailed this comment section. By the way, has anybody made a Nyx version of the SweetyDerelle yet?

    165. @Anonymous

      I like everypony in socks. Especially the three highest-voted ones. Dear Celestia, ponies in socks are so cute. :3


    167. @Bloop

      I just realized, this picture:

      http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=My Little Pony Princess Luna&order=5&offset=120#/d41i1rw

      Suddenly is a lot cutier and makes a lot more sense now since Fluttershy was the first.

    168. Long live Fluttersocks!

      People often like what is familiar to them, even if there are better things out there. Example: Obesity causing junk-food. People are also exceptionally bad at identifying the causes of their emotional states, relying heavily on saliency. Example: Falling in love during a crisis. That being said, Past Sins isn't that bad. It clearly comes from the heart and I can respect that.

    169. Wow, link fail:


      is the link.

    170. Had I known who Nyx was before I voted Luna, I would've voted her :c

      Nyx is so freaking adorable

    171. @Anonymous Really unrelated to the ponies in socks but I think I know why Rarity is often the least liked pony. For me, I can relate to all of the mane 6 excluding Rarity, Twilight(because I always want to know more), Pinkie Pie(my spastic random ADD side), Fluttershy(I treat any life like its a humans so I will usually try to protect any animal, my nurturing side), Rainbow Dash(My immense love of aviation), Appljack(My brutal honesty), but with Rarity, I really cant relate much since I don't really care what I look like and I'm generous just not nearly enough to make it a prominent feature of myself.

      TL;DR I'm not an extremely generous fashionista

    172. @Anonymous
      I like. Fluttershy would make a cute sith padawan.

    173. @bloop

      Oh my Celestia, YES SHE WOULD! We already have Darth Pinkie, now we just need a picture of her training Fluttershy to be her apprentice! Great idea!

    174. Nyx beating my favorite of the Mane 6, I am fine with this.

    175. @Jelfes
      I think I can relate to all of them. Twilight(I am an avid reader and a very good student), Pinkie Pie(I consider myself insane, and when I am with just friends my Pinkie side comes out), Fluttershy(I generally refuse to kill anything. I will eat meat, but I won't kill not even insects in my house. Also I try to be a kind caring person), Rainbow Dash(I try for the adrenalin rush and the excitement. I love roller coasters for that reason. Also, I would never abandon my friends. NEVER), Applejack(I work hard and I strive to tell the truth even when it could get me in trouble) and Rarity(I generally care about how I look, even if I don't show it. I also try to help people and I don't like the feeling I get when I am truly unable to help).

      Seth should do a which Mane 6 pony do you most relate to poll!!

    176. Oh dear, we really DO need season two right away. The lack of official content seems to be frustrating some people and i'm guessing that's why we're all arguing about simple things like critics and socks.

    177. @ just about everyone

      Have you all learned nothing!

      Do not judge an OC just because thay are an OC there may have been alot of care put into thier creation, I will admit I have yet to read past sins it is about midways on a list of 60 some other storys i've yet to read but at this moment i'm sure i'll enjoy it.

      I say this and I know it to be true, All pony is the best pony! Everypony has thier own opinion but I hope after some thought you all will in some way agree with me.

      Sorry if i'm using thier & there incorrectly I just about allways mess them up.

    178. Disgusting
      Why let a fanon character in a poll with PROPER canon characters.
      Seriously Seth; you sure make some lousy decisions.
      That creepy shipping comic recently (you know the one)
      And why do you keep having these pictures with smutt and weirdness. I don't think ponies in socks or underwear (yes I remember that disturbing post) is anything but a WTF.
      There is a website Equestria After Dark for this 'saucy' stuff. Keep ED SFW.

    179. @Fire Brony
      It's been a pleasure doing business with you sir.

    180. @DrahcirAloer Goes the same for me, all those things excluding the adrenaline rush and excessive generosity(don't get me wrong, i help if i can but i wont totally disregard my own needs)

    181. Next poll should definitely be Snuggliest Pony. Just sayin'.

    182. @KShrike Nyx is the Only OC in this fandom where I that has a noticeable following. The fact you're assuming that OCs are taking over just because Fluttershy lost out to Nyx is extremely reactionary. I don't see an massive influx of OCs overtaking all the art.

      In the grand scheme of things does the poll really matter? It was a poll on who looked better in socks. Fluttershy with her Shy cuteness vs's Nyx's Filly cuteness. Nyx won that battle. Besides it wasn't like Fluttershy got blown out,heck Luna destroyed everypony on the poll.

      I just think people need to stop treating "x as the end of the world as we know it" it's something I've seen happen time and time again in this fandom and quite frankly it's getting old.

    183. Ouch! The sky just hit me in the head. Run for your lives everypony! Oh wait, it was just an apple...

    184. to the neighsayes who hate Nyx I would like to note Nyx is technically not a full blooded OC as she is "born" of nightmare moon which arguably balances her out to background pony level like durpy hooves/bright eyes/ditsy doo and Dr. whooves

      Second she has increased D'AWWWWW factor being a filly if the artist had drawn Fluttershy as a filly in socks then she probably would of beaten Nyx

    185. @Anonymous
      "Love and tolerance!"
      "I hate love and tolerance..."
      "Get out of here you intolerant bastard."
      I lol'd.

    186. @Fuzz
      Dangit! If we had a poll like that, I would be terribly conflicted between Luna, Fluttershy, and Nyx. Fluttershy definitely wins in the Moe department, but Nyx also brings her woobie-ness to the table and is a little filly besides. Luna sort of combines those two factors to lesser degrees and adds her fanonical social awkwardness to the mix, leaving me all confused. If I had to decide, my brain might explode.

    187. @Bugsydor
      In short, the contest for me would boil down to this:
      Moe (Fluttershy) vs. Woobie (Nyx) vs. Adorkable (Luna).

      If I could get show-accurate (well, you know what I mean) life-sized plushies of all three, then I would. Each of them severely needs hugs.

    188. @Anonymous

      Actually, the Twilight saga is really well-written.

      It's just the movies, plus maybe the fact that it totally defies what vampires are, that makes it crap.

    189. Meh, Rarity should have won. Just saying.

    190. I don't think Nyx should have been on this poll.
      Not to say I hate her. I haven't read the story. I don't know anything about her. So I can't hate her. I just don't like an OC being up here with official characters.

      That being said, this isn't the first time I've been unhappy with Equestria Daily's polls and probably won't be the last. So it goes.

    191. @Bloop

      *fastens cloak* Come back any time.