• Nightly Roundup #51

    Why are ponies with katanas so awesome?  Does that make me a weeaboo?

    Today is the International Day of Friendship technically.  I'm hitting up the Arizona meetup tonight to celebrate, what are you doing?

    The MLP twitter is even on board! 

    Have some news!

    Fanfiction.net Adds MLP Character Sorting 

    I guess it was inevitable!  There are over 1000 fanfiction uploads for Friendship is Magic over there.  You ponies sure do love to write...

    Smosh Posts Ponies Again!

    In their recent "aww yeeaa" guy compilation, smosh threw some rainbow dash into the mix.  I'm pretty sure shes the best one of the group!  You can find it here!

    FiM heading to Poland

    Over in Poland, a channel called "Mini Mini" is going to start playing FiM in October. Sadly, the channel is primarily for small children.  It's kind of getting the shaft over there... but at least it's going up!

    Ponychan Colbert Report Event
    Stephen Colbert has asked the internet to decide what his PAC should stand for.  He set up a website for it, and a bunch of people from ponychan are trying to get it FiM on the show.  Head over to the website and toss something good about the show in the "I Stand For" box in 110 characters or less.  Who knows if he will actually use it, but it would be pretty neat!

    You can find the ponychan thread here!

    And the website to submit to here

    Magical Pony Theater 3000 Still Seeking More

    Another group of bronies over on Ponychan are looking for a few more people for their ponified MPT3K project.  They need voiceover talent, and the deadline to audition is 11:59 PM EST.  If you think you've got what it takes, head over to this thread!

    Slovakia EU Stocks Pony Toys

    For those of you over in Slovakia, it looks like Tesco Mall is now stocking pony stuff.  Have an image!
    Those 4packs are still pretty rare in the states.  Confound these other countries getting all of them!

    Web Comics With Ponies Round 45! 

    The Awakened Comic
    Kila iLo (Requires some quiz thingy)

    Pony MMO Project: World of Friendship LFM

    Another MMORPG has popped up! This one running off of the World of Tanks engine.  They are currently looking for modelers, Python scripters, and pixel artists!  If you have the skills, and want to build some pony, head on over to their to this steam page and toss a friend request out. 

    Staples Taken over by Pony Wallpapers

    Jimmy over at staples got bored one day, and changed the backgrounds of all the displays to the Megasweet wallpapers from a while back.

    This reminds me of my old Best Buy days.  I played many the game of bejeweled while bored out of my mind there. 

    Equestria Daily News

    Heart of Glass (Update Part 2!)
    Gun With Occasional Pony (Update Part 5!)
    The Lingering Nightmare (Update Part 9!)
    Silent Ponyville (Update Story 2 Part 2!)
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    World of Ponycraft (Update COMPLETE!)
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    Letters To and From a Princess (Updated Part 11!)
    Order-naries (Update Story 3 !)
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    Ebay Stuff
    Cupcakes Dash Plushie..