• Story: Gun With Occasional Pony (Update Part 8!)

    [Grimdark][Comedy] I'm pretty sure only squeak and a handful of others could get away with a story like this!

    Author: Squeak
    Description: I've gotten several requests to upload this fic to my DA, and I've mostly declined to do so. But you lot are very persistent, So I'm going go ahead and do it. But just so anyone who wishes to read this is aware, this fic was meant for the enjoyment of myself and a few friends throughout the fandom. It heavily references 4chan, and various other boards that have pony related content, and contains many grimdark elements. Any vicarious enjoyment is welcome, but keep in mind it's OC and not to be taken seriously.

    Squeak lives in The OC, a place where ideas are real. Ideas concerning one thing in particular, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In this world, where imaginings are given form, and everything is pony themed, life isn't quite as 'Love and Tolerance' as you'd think. When a murder takes place, it launches a series of events going deeper than anypony could imagine.
    All Links after the break! 

    Gun With Occasional Pony Part 1
    Gun With Occasional Pony Part 2
    Gun With Occasional Pony Part 3
    Gun With Occasional Pony Part 4
    Gun With Occasional Pony Part 5
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    Gun With Occasional Pony Part 7
    Gun With Occasional Pony Part 8 (New!)

    Gun With Occasional Pony (All Links)

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    1. *twitch* *twitch*

      it's not

      it's CANON, please *hyperventilates*

      - - -

      English nazi freakout aside, this looks REALLY REALLY interesting and I've only finished part 1! *5-stars and moves on to the next*

    2. Im not a 4chan kind of guy so I think I will skip it (no offense to the writer) I don't think I would get it.

    3. I may get if it it's /b/, but I bet it's /co/ mostly... oh well!

    4. I should hate this....but...I can't for some reason.

      I'm not on 4chan at all, and I got it fine.

    5. @Robin

      *Twitch Twitch*
      It's not English Nazi...
      It's GRAMMAR NAZI!

    6. moar plz.
      hope this comment will help out with the investigation.

    7. Could have swore Seth promised never to upload any of these trip-stories to the blog.

      Then again, you can't really trust Seth to hold his word.

    8. [spoiler]

      So in this story Sqeak is visiting ED.
      This story is on ED.
      Sqeak is visiting ED, where the story that dictates his actions is located.
      Possibility for a Grandfather's paradox right there?

      Also, I wonder if he would see my comment there :D

    9. @Cottonmouth

      That was trip SHIP fics. Besides, this is awesome.

    10. XD
      I love this! The style is AMAZING!
      Poor Semi.

      @Sethisto, I thought there was that one trip ship between you and buttersc0tchsundae? Or have I hit the sarsaparilla too hard again?

    11. When you first told me about this story. Squeaks, I was expecting something something with all the silliness of a loony toons episode.

      But what I got . . .

      What I got. It's awesome. The world you set up is legitimately entertaining, a fantastic idea of the manifestations our actions on another plane. And at the same time, the observations of the fandom and portrayal of how they work in this universe are funny and interesting. The prose you use is some of your best as well, nice and hardboiled. Everytime I click on a new chapter, I'm excited to see who and what I'll run into, and how the murder mystery will continue to unfold.

      Everyone who reads this comment, give this story a go.
      @crazyredemu @NinesTempest

      All I suggest is put your reservations aside for just five minutes and give the story a chance to win you over. I bet it will.

    12. It's a neat concept, certainly, but it could do with a lot of proof-reading. At least hit F6 in MS Word before submitting, but maybe consider getting an editor. The mistakes were distracting; I don't think you spelled "Equestria" right once.

      Other than that, though, very imaginative stuff. Looking forward to more.

    13. I... enjoy this far more than I should.

    14. Love the wingboner ending to Chapter 2. I'm guessing it's referencing an actual April Foal's thing of Slywit's -- anyone have a link to it?

    15. I'll admit, I've never really been interested in your stuff, Squeak, but I liked this--interesting meta story, funny at times, rather imaginative. I don't know if like actual critiques as opposed to simple comments are what you're looking for (I wonder what those critiques would look like in the office) are what you're looking for here, but if you are I'm too lazy to actually give one (if I'm even qualified to do so). So yeah, good story, can't wait to see more.

      And thanks for reminding me I'm a borderline summerfag. Sheesh.

    16. @Sweet, so do I. Ahh yes, October was a good month.

      @Robin, Oops, sorry, Heil Grammar!


      I'll take that as a 'I like it.'

      Come, join The OC side Anon, I am your father.

      Perhaps you comment will help...You never know..

      Wow, you're pulling an Inception on me there Nikita. We need to go deeper.

      Thank you! Indeed, poor Semi. But I'm on the case!

      Thank's Sly, I'm glad you approve! Originally this was going to be a 'Murder on the Orient Exspress' one shot. Then it just got....BIGGER.... I really shouldn't let my imagination run away with me. Or maybe I should do that more often...Hmmm. In anycase thanks for such a wonderful comment! I'll keep it up!

      @Anonymous, I've fixed a lot of errors, and hopefully it's up to snuff now. In the meant time glad you're enjoying the plot so far!

      It's the most important part after all.

      Yes, yes you do....It's all going according to plan. MUAHAHHAHAA

      Yes, it is a reference to that. I'm contemplating adding a link to a reference guide at the end of each chapter. Collecting the pics and fandom members/history that are referenced in each chapter. Kind of like a DVD extra. Think that's a good idea? Anyway, that April Foals joke of Sly's is on the Paradise page. Just google Ponies and Paradise, and it should come up.

      Thank you! I'm glad you got into this one! I'm also happy the humor and world concept work as well as they seem to! Don't worry about full novel length critiques, any comment is appreciated! And don't worry, we'll soon fix that summeriness.

      Anyway, new chapter out sometime tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy!

    17. I made a huge comment reply to everyone last night...but I think Blogger at it. Curse ye gluttonous beasty. I suppose I'll just summarize.

      In anycase, glad you're all enjoying it! Yes that wing thing in chapter two is a reference to Sly's april foals joke (Included in the Paradise post last I checked.). I'm contemplating adding a reference guide at the end of each chapter. Kind of like a DVD reference for those who might not get some of the things referenced in the story. Thoughts?

      In the mean time, tell me what you think of the newest chapter, and enjoy!

    18. @chapter-3

    19. @Anonymous

      Yeah, if you're expecting something sensual as a prank, you'll be disappointed. I basically posted up a fake updated to Paradise where I mirror imaged the first page of the chapter. So they clicked and were suddenly confused as to why the document was in reverse.

    20. @Squeak

      I hope.

      Also y no griffon or zebra OCs? What the fuck bronies.

    21. Reading the title, I was in the hope of seeing a Johnathan Lethem send-up... I am slightly disappointed.

    22. @Tenure

      Huh, you're the first person to get the title reference. It's title that way because I had the idea while reading the Johnathan Lethem story Gun, With Occasional Music. Not because it's a direct send off. Sorry. In either case, they're both rather strange detective stories, so you might enjoy this anyway.

    23. I'm liking this a lot.

    24. This is a really interesting story. I'm loving the subtle jokes here and there, a good laugh AND serious at the same time, very good mix.

      I'm also finding myself reminiscing the Sifi short, "The Tin Man" throughout this story. The reference to the "OC", like they called it the "OZ". How things are and such, it just feels so similar, and I loved the show.

      Keep this up, I'm waiting in high anticipation for more!

    25. Lol 4th wall


    26. I'm really liking this story, though I'll agree that there are a few spelling and grammar mistakes.

      The part I liked best was when the editor went to fix the plot hole.

    27. I was smiling start to finish. Can't wait for more.

    28. I love the noire style. This is a good story.

    29. Chapter 7, Roy pops in and things go to pony hell in a handbasket!