• PMV: Play Like Pinkie Pie / Virus Alert Weird Al / Nissan - Pôneis Malditos

    These mane cast PMV's are amazing. I'm pretty sure Drums&Base Pie is way cooler than Dubstep Dash

    Also some weird al, and the strangest commercial I have ever seen. You can find the translation under the video, courtesy of Luke!

    1.) Play Like Pinkie Pie
    2.) Virus Alert Weird Al
    3.) Nissan - Pôneis Malditos

    Very roughly translated...

    Announcer: "Do you want a truck that runs on horsepower, or pony power?"

    Rage guy: "Damn you, ponies!"

    Ponies: "Damned ponies, damned ponies, come and dance with us! I hate mud, I hate grass, I will not move from this spot!" *kiss* "I love you."

    *stuff about the car*

    Pink pony after the commercial: "Hey, don't close the video! Let me tell you something..." *turns satanic* IF YOU DON'T SHOW THIS VIDEO TO TEN PEOPLE, YOU WILL SUFFER THE CURSE OF THE PONY. YOU WILL LIVE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH THIS SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD!" *turns normal* "Damned ponies, damned ponies, lalalalalalala..."

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