• Wired Interviews Bronies

    For a few weeks now, someone from Wired.com has been interviewing various bronies for their "Underwired" blog.  It looks like the news finally went up today, and unlike CNN, Angela Watercutter actually took the time to learn a about the community before splurging an article.   

    Pretty much every aspect of the fandom was hit in some way, including various stats for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing.  Even Lauren Faust threw her two cents in.  I'm just glad it didn't turn into one of those "look at these sad adults playing with ponies" articles.  I was nervous, considering she asked for a picture of me in a (Which you can find near the middle of the article). 

    Anyway, check it out below!

    Wired.com Brony Interview

    I'm sure my picture will be shopped to hell thanks to our 4chan background, so at least use the bigger one (After the break, 10 internets to Trixie hat/cloak). 

    Also up on Cartoon Brew now! Go flood it with pony support!


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