• Very...Strange Ponychan Contest

    So a while back, an image popped up on ponychan...

    As you can see, someone over at the merch department of Hasbro typo-ed Fluttershy as Shutterfly.  An honest mistake right? I mean, just because I work at Blockbuster doesn't mean I know even half of the movies we rent out.

    This is ponychan though! And stuff like this tends to spark.. things.  A new contest has popped up.

    The general premise is to draw/photoship/animate Fluttershy into a half pony, half fly, abomination. That's right! The most loved character in the show is apparently lacking insectoid features. 

    But why would you take part in such a crime against nature?

    Well, the person running the competition is so psyched about turning our cute little nature lover into a demonic ponybeast, that they are offering the rare, Fluttershy blind bag toy to the winner. 

    You can find the ponychan thread here if you want to give it a shot!