• Newbie Artist Training Grounds Day #27

    I am taking over tonight so Phoe can sleep, because I don't sleep anyway!

    So far this event has been amazing.  After the 30 days are up, we might roll without another set of challenges after a short break... It has been a lot of fun.  I really want to participate too!  Confound this blog taking my free time.

    I'll use a Lyra for the sake of continuity, and because I can appreciate her minty freshness just as much as the next pony obsessed lunatic.

    Anyway, the Entires/Links/Topic/ect can be found after the break!

    That's a whole lot of Celestia Wanna-be's! 173 to be exact! The nerve of someponies.
    Have some Links!
    Training Ground Submission Guide
    Drawing Guide
    Summer Achievements

    And the topic for today: Draw a pony locked in a dungeon in the place they were banished to.

    However you want to spin this, it's up to you! 

    I don't really get a whole lot of free time, so for late entries, please submit it to the training ground site anyway, and I'll toss them all up in an hour, later than that just submit it tomorrow!

    1) By Tenchi Outsuno (I think Luna needs a wacky theme song.)

    2) By Mush (Some humor for the UK bronies out there. And some EqD injokes for the rest of us.)

    3) By PinkiePied

    4) By ChaosDrop (The looks like the funnest fair ever. That's right, I said funnest.)

    5) By Vest (So, um, hello new wallpaper.)

    6) By Several Alpacas

    7) By Narwhals' Bend (First you draw and then you pony.)

    8) By TensaiOni (She really went all out with this, huh?)

    9) By TheMediocreSock (Still love you, Madmax.)

    10) By D4SHTH3R4INB0W (Glad to hear your wrist is recovering.)

    11) By Rzadko

    12) By Thanqol (It took me forever to figure this one out. He's raising his son. Get it? Thanqol I hate you.)

    13) By Philith (I feel bad for Celly. I really do.)

    14) By wesmir (Muffiiiiiins)

    15) By FoxOfWar

    16) By Gig (I can't decide what my favorite part of this is.)

    17) By Fadri (Monocle'd!)

    18) By Wolferahm (Surely THIS one will work!)

    19) By Tarynsgate

    20) By Cinder

    21) By zorg (Despite your assurances, Celly looks really mad at Derpy for some reason.)

    22) By Goggle Sparks

    23) By Blu3berry Muffin (Who knew the sun was so heavy?)

    24) By Farvei (Don't be too hasty!)

    25) By Silver Shine (There is a blithe cheeriness to the scenery that accents Lyra's pain in a way that words struggle to keep up with. This is heartbreaking.)

    26) By nekoneko (But... why?)

    27) By Mister Bristle

    28) By Rekkin (Twilight's getting ready for D&D night.)

    29) By Saphin

    30) By SelectFew

    31) By NonoPony (There's a lot of neat stuff going on here.)

    32) By Immersa (I approve of any and all instances of Party Girl Celestia.)

    33) By Da Chi

    34) By Vanner

    35) By Smock (I'm trying to fill in a piece of background or come up with something witty, but really this is just adorable.)

    36) By Emerald Dust (The longer I think about this the more my head wants to explode.)

    37) By Mr.Paulsen (Why there are no humans in Equestria.)

    38) By DB (Don't tell her I said this, but I think Celestia might be older than 1000.)

    39) By Infinity

    40) By Spaerk

    41) By Invidlord (How To Raise the Sun; and Why You'll Never Do It. I'd read that.)

    42) By Nido Media

    43) By Alipes (Pinkie spares no effort for a theme party!)

    44) By Ckik (Simply sweet and adorable.)

    45) By Mingmingfurb (Celly's very first sun raising was accompanied by a lot of theatrics.)

    46) By rich-tea

    47) By ASGallardo (Oh neat, mosiac art!)

    48) By RoyKirbs

    49) By Mere Jump (I wouldn't have the heart to tell her either.)

    50) By Colin

    51) By Zarcophagus

    52) By Amehdaus (The story of why there are deserts in Zebrica.)

    53) By GonzaHerMeg (Ouch, poor Big Mac.)

    54) By Kitsune

    55) By Partition (You have way too much time to think. Celestia suggests you enroll yourself in one of her many Activity Camps.)

    56) By EssAeEm (I mean, duh!)

    57) By Erthilo (The headlines on these things continue to slay me.)

    58) By SherlockHooves (You sure did!)

    59) By purpletrauma

    60) By TheLaughingMare

    61) By Zach (Not pictured: Doctor Whooves hanging in the streets of Mos Eisley.)

    62) By Wraith (A Summer Sun peach pie? That counts, definitely. Also, can I have some?)

    63) By WoefulWriters

    64) By Jiyrath (I have not the slightest idea what is happening here. I'm scared.)

    65) By FilipinoNinja95

    66) By Chocolate Splash (Razing the sun would be kind of hard, I think.)

    67) By Lunar Apologist (Luna in a sundress? Luna in a sundress.)

    68) By Nullh (I think this is technically the sun raising a pony. Still, young Celly always makes me smile.)

    69) By Dragon Rage

    70) By Vergioso

    71) By BenaSPACE

    72) By SpikeHawk

    73) By Lunchmonkey

    74) By Brongaar

    75) By Doc Steedly (Ow, my everything. This was a bad idea.)

    76) By Eliwood10 (On the thousandth year of the biggest muffin, the confectioner's sugar will aid in her escape.)

    77) By Chris

    78) By Chris (Trixie's sign amuses me more than it should.)

    79) By Jdan-S (Delightfully immature.)

    80) By Chromadancer

    81) By frith (Yum yum, instant sun!)

    82) By yiKomega (Epic Derpy action a go go.)

    83) By Rachel (There isn't praise effusive enough to satisfy me.)

    84) By Starlight Bolt (You know, it's the internet's fault she's become like this. Shame on you, internet.)

    85) By Horizon Bound (One picture later, here's me shooting her. Do you guys plan these things?)

    86) By Horizon Bound (Lyra's... plot is well developed. Plot to raise the sun. Yes.)

    87) By Kt Kat (300% of your daily dose of cute in one easy serving!)

    88) By facelessguru (I know make up days are hard, but thanks for delivering!)

    89) By Argembarger (I'm honestly glad there are more of these than successful usupation attempts.)

    90) By Prismatic Pretzel

    91) By Latverian_Ponyfan_2993

    92) By SiuiS (We say a lot of mean things sometimes. Even princesses have their limits.)

    93) By Dangereaux (Oh wow, that came out beautifully.)

    94) By pageturner1988 (Not pictured: ReDead ponies.)

    95) By ShoeboxWarrior

    96) By Mockingbird (Please don't be evil, Celly.)

    97) By harley

    98) By Kyouhen (...Whoops.)

    99) By Doppelgänger (Derpy Shrugged.)

    100) By toonboy92484 (The Sonic Sunboom.)

    101) By Ori

    102) By Djrk16

    103) By kits (This is probably the best)

    104) By kits (interpretation of the bonus bonus theme ever.)

    105) By SiuiS

    106) By Rydel

    107) By Relias (Yay, a Lyra!)

    108) By RaspleZS

    109) By Croop

    110) By Neoridgeback

    111) By DJ RBDash

    112) By Yuri

    113) By Kovigary (How heavy is it, Dashie?)

    114) By Luna (Raising a Sun Princess. Too cute for words.)

    115) By fetchbeer (In answer to your question, I have no idea what color my eyes are, either.)

    116) By DI-FL (Dedicated to everypony out there with a dream to follow and the courage to make it happen.)

    117) By Virga Rainboom

    118) By Leaf Growth

    119) By Natry (Meeeeeaaaan!)

    120) By Uncle Leo

    121) By Atlur

    122) By Buddy Vox (I want to hug her so much. I think we shared this storm today. Things keep flickering off and on.)

    123) By Ambrose (Watercolor pencils are awesome.)

    124) By McGack

    125) By rabidcow147

    126) By DiZaster321 (Keep trying!)

    127) By Circuit Mane

    128) By LifeSequenceBreak (That's a very good rope.)

    129) By 20percentcooler

    130) By Pcjoyce (I love the ninja theme attempts. Draw whatever! Sneak in Celestia so it gets posted! Aren't Derpy and Dinky cute?)

    131) By Kelz

    132) By MHPayne

    133) By Kaiserin

    134) By Spurs

    135) By Kooldude

    136) By Kooldude (Simply fantastic. And refreshing? If you can get the damn straw in.)

    137) By Tabs

    138) By Oliver

    139) By 8ftmetalhead

    140) By Passer Palmatum

    141) By badzerg

    142) By MasterofRoku

    143) By otherunicorn

    144) By Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

    145) By Shockwave

    146) By Silverfang

    147) By Easteu

    148) By Prismatic Pretzel

    149) By Doombah

    150) By WraithX79

    151) By Tabs

    152) By MHPayne

    153) By Thattagen

    154) By Liska

    155) By The Recliner

    156) By Dinoburger

    157) By A Terrible Person

    158) By StarStep

    159) By Phantom G

    160) By Randomjack

    161) By Tabs

    162) By nuclearsuplexattack

    163) By Moogie

    164) By Virga Rainboom

    165) By Mournblade

    166) By Jena-su

    167) By Fox E:

    168) By Periphery

    169) By djTeka

    170) By Drilltooth

    171) By Eeful

    172) By RToasts

    173) By Xiagu