• Story: Spark (Update Continuation!)

    [Shipping] Twiluna! 

    Author: Avery Strange
    Description: Twilight Sparkle is called away to tend to Luna when she falls ill. As Luna grows sicker and Twilight more determined to help the younger princess, she begins to uncover dark secrets about the elements, the alicorns, and her own past.
    Spark Chapter 1
    Spark Chapter 2
    Spark Chapter 3
    Spark Chapter 4
    Spark Chapter 5
    Spark Chapter 6
    Spark Chapter 7
    Spark Chapter 8

    Additional Tags: Sappy, romantic, magic, medium length

    [Sad] (New!)
    Description: Taking place long after the events of 'Spark', Twilight Sparkle returns to Ponyville at the behest of an old friend. She finds things not as she left them, and has to come to terms with what it means to be an immortal alicorn as she says her goodbyes, her last ties to Ponyville cut.
    To Be An Alicorn (New!)

    Additional Tags: Sad, dark, death, ending, short, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack