• Nightly Roundup #6

    Lyra edition!  Because Lyra is amazing!

    All news after the break!

    World of Tanks Brony Clan
    Another Clan has popped up, this time in World of Tanks.   There aren't any requirements to join, so if you are interested you can find the clan link at their section of the site: 20th Equestria Royal Armored Division. 

    They are also looking for someone to set up their website and create a logo. Those poeple can contact Blueblood if they are interested. 

    Ponychan Donation
    Over on Ponychan, they are once again spreading that Love and Friendship bug around.  Apparently there are websites that donate to various causes with just a simple click of a link.

    If you are interested in joining in, you can find the Ponychan thread here, Or go directly to one of the donation sites below!

    Poetry Compilation
    I am not really sure what to do with poetry and stuff!  On one hand it is artistic, on the other, allowing it would be a massive headache since most of it is really easy to write.  These guys had the right idea, introducing a massive compilation of Poetry and short fanworks in one big easy to read google document for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing.  You can find it here!

    World of Warcraft Guild
    The WoW Brony guild is seeking new members.  It's still over on Arathor server Alliance side with the name "Friendship is Magic".  If you are interested in joining up, message Bastiat, Friendman, Carmody, or Rainbowcrash for more information.  

    Transformice Brony Tribe Room
    I hope you guys aren't sick of all the clan/guild plugs in this news update!  Maybe I should have just spun them off into another post... Oh well!   
    Another group of bronies is building up a clan in Transformice (The game with the new pony hair unlockables) If you are interested, join the "Pony" room over at the Transformice website

    MLP Facebook Page Plugs the Wired Interview!
    It sure is nice to see so much love for bronies lately.  Season 2 can't come soon enough. You can find the wall update here!

    Project Poni Fanimation
    The team over at Project Pony is looking for a few voice actors to help out with their fan cartoon.  They are currently rolling with a team of seven, and all of the important rolls are filled, so they definitely have the numbers to back something up.  If you are interested in auditioning, toss an email to [email protected].  The all slots EXCEPT for Pinkie, Fluttershy, and an Un-named pony are currently open.

    Massive Pony Image Collection
    Someone over on Ponychan has uploaded their fully sorted pony collection for everyone to download.  It is currently sitting at around 1.6gb, so it should give anyone who hasn't already devoted an entire subsection of their hard drive to pony a leg up.  You can find the entire thing in This Thread.

    Super Fluttershy Land 2

    Another crazy game mod is in the works, this time adding Fluttershy, Luna, and Pinkie Pie to the classic Super Mario 2 for the gameboy. 

    It's still a work in progress, but expect an update and youtube videos in the near future. 

    FiM Dating Sim Update
    The team working on the FiM dating sim would like to let everyone know that a three different versions of the game with be available:

    1.) Humans with full rule 34
    2.) Ponies with full rule 34
    3.) Ponies, completely clean with no 34.

    They would also like to let everyone know that everypony will make an appearance in some form.  That's a lot of pony to handle! Hope they can pull it off! Not that iId play the 34 version or anything... 

    My Little Magic the Gathering Update and Missing Links!
    Earlier I posted this thread but completely forgot the link. I tend to do this a lot, but the amount of things I need to post/update/fix/file on this site usually forces me to either rush, or fall behind.  

    If it does happen, feel free to yell at me in E-mail  

    The post is now updated with the full 62 card DA page, so head over there if you want to check them out!   If only for the awesome flavor text. 

    And that is all for tonight.  Pretty massive update, sorry it's so late... It took a while to compile this one.  I'm sure there are a few typos, but I'm really tired and still have to add the entire day to the sidebar/schedule tomorrow morning, so forgive me on those!