• Celestia Radio Fanfic Reading Contest

    Celestia Radio is holding a contest for fanfiction reading! Have some copypaste!

    “Greetings everypony! Celestia Radio has been in existence for exactly one month now and we want to engage our community and allow you to be a part of Celestia Radio itself! In honor of this, we are holding a contest that absolutely anypony can enter! The contest is as follows:

    We ask you, our faithful listeners to select your very favorite fanfics and record yourselves reading them in a dramatic fashion, as if you were recording an audio book! Submit the recording to us and we will review it. If it passes a basic review, it will be entered into the contest for a chance to win some fabulous prizes! Many of the fanfics will also be broadcast on Celestia Radio's Fanfic Friday segment to be heard all over Equestria!”

    If you are interested in participating in the contest, or would just like to shake your groove thang to Equestria's finest radio station, you can check out the Celestia Radio blog at http://ponify.me.

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