• Nighty Roundup #14

    Coming to you live from deep within Princess Celestia's sugar mines, I have somehow also been placed in charge of the news for tonight. At least that means the return of Lyra! Now if you'll excuse me I'm being whipped by the overseer, so instead of being witty and charming let's just dive right into tonight's headlines:

    Pro-gamming Pony Comparisons Sighted. Parents don't react at all.
    Somepony over at the Starcraft pro-gamming site TeamLiquid made a writeup matching up the programmers of that community with various ponies, most of which are some combination of little and mine. It's kind of cute. If you're familiar with this community or just want to see a brony being geeky, check it out here.

    Drinks On Da House Deluxe Edition to be released June 25th, filly hospitalized in ill-advised attempt at holding breath in anticipation
    Musical talent Silvahound has announced a planned release for an updated version of his album, Drinks on Da House, a collection of pony inspired music you can get drunk to. 5 additional tracks will be added to the album on the 25th, but in the meantime scope it out and see if it's your thing on his bandcamp page.

    Pinkie Pie declares: Rainbow Dash birthday cake is "Totally delish!"
    Birthdays were had, bronies were involved, cakes were consumed, and there were totally ponies. Reports are limited at this moment, but hey look at that cake isn't it cool?

    Escapist reports violence in the streets of Ponyville!
    Two days ago we reported on the pre-alpha demo of the upcoming My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic game currently in the works. And now those slowpokes at The Escapist have caught up to the scoop as well. It should be some wonderful press for what looks to be a really promising and cool game, and I hope the extra publicity helps coax it out a little sooner. Some arguments regarding ponies and the word "best" need to be settled, and sometimes the only way to do that is in the ring.

    Forever Alone guy threatens to cry that much harder if ponies don't stop being popular
    Evidently Ponies have closed the gap between themselves and the top spot on Know Your Meme views to less than 100,000. The race is on to 2 million views is on. Who will win? This reporter for one welcomes her new pony overlords.

    Google Reports: The word 'counfound' now universally applied to ponies

    Hell is other ponies, and also bullets
    The developer of a My Little Pony bullet hell game just recently set up a blog to centralize his update announcements and gather feedback. If you like danmaku (and if you don't what's wrong with you?), head on over and lend a hoof to the cause of Bullet Hell Ponies.

    Summer Sun Celebration Stolen! S-phonemes spreading!
    Over at Ponychan, Moony and the Pinky Poll crew put together a "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" style story in honor of the Summer Sun Celebration. So now you can have some story with your news and read while you read. Fantastic!
    Ponychan thread
    Google docs

    Halolz converts to pony. Luna pictures once again roam free
    The headline pretty much covers this one. See? Banished to the moon and stuff. At least I'll have company. Or, wait. I'm in the sugar mines this time. Whatever, they're all cold and full of white dust.

    Video Voting Contest Announced! Reporter runs out of clever headlines!
    To be perfectly honest I don't have the slightest idea what this is about, but maybe it's significant to you. Go... vote on what the best pony video is, or something. Learn about it over here. This is interminably lazy reporting. I'm going to get flogged for this.

    Ponies Profess Insiatiable Lust for Roleplaying. Additional forums open to slake thirst
    We seem to have gained yet another place to get your pony RP on. Roleplay of Equestria is new and looking for members to help kickstart things. Dive in, have fun, be a pony! It's all the rage.

    Gametracker Reports: Friendship is Magic #1 TF2 Server. Sandviches and acronyms prepared in celebration
    Source. It seems these days that everywhere you go, there are ponies dominating it. Move over 4chan, the internet has a new face. I guess this means it has a face for the first time, actually. Your face when your face is ponies. I need to not talk anymore, I'm so sorry.

    "The Ponies" Project Updates. Photographs of street crossing annoy the elderly
    A full scale Beatles pony project is rapidly picking up steam, having gained a dedicated youtube page and forums to help organize efforts. They're looking for help with making PMVs, fanart, and album cover art. Beatles enthusiasts, now is you chance to shine.

    Customized Pinkie Pie being auctioned. Proceeds to help little girl.
    The links I'm handing you now lay out the situation better than I can in any short amount of. Bottom line: buy a Pinkie, help a mom and child stay together.

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