• Nightly Roundup #20

    So... it's  4AM as I begin this.  I'm going to try to get this done before 5 AM, but probably not.   Pardon any typos, I don't really know what I'm typing right now.  The good news is, everything in the archives is all sorted.  Apparently blogger doesn't allow jump links, so that was a failed...2 hour project for the story section.  I'll try to figure out an alternative.

    On with the news!

    Webcomics Converted to Bronydom

    Least I Could Do (Not the actual comic, but the artist of it selling pony prints)

    Conroy Cat

    Menage A 3(NSFW on their other comic pages, so watch it!)

    Russian Fluttershy Car

    This crazy Russian Brony has completely ponified his car Fluttershy Style.

    This is definitely a huge improvement.  I'm pretty sure my next car will be blue and purple with a wizard hat... just sayin.

    If you can speak Russian, you can find more info here!

    Clever Bot Sings the MLP Theme Song

    Apparently typing "My Little Pony" on Cleverbot.com leads to the full on theme song back and forth with the program.  This thing never ceases to amaze me.  You can find the website here! Apparently it only works 70% of the time, but I got it to work twice in a row, so keep at it!

    Russian Brony Meetup

    And back on the topic of Russia, a bunch of them got togeather for a good old meetup, complete with pony toys, music, and singalongs.  You can find the entire thing filmed here!

    2D MLP MMORPG Releasing Single Player Game 

    It looks like the people working on the 2D MMORPG are planning to release a separate standalone single player RPG after rolling back to an old engine that saves them a bunch of time.  You can find the complete news post, along with technical stuff I am way too tired to convert right now, over at their DA group!

    More Pony Over-analysis!

    So I heard you guys liked over analyzing things?  The Nuclear Unicorn blog has dug pretty deeply into all things friendship is magic.  You can find the article here!

    Roseluck Art/Fic Ponychan Contest

    Another contest has popped up, this time for various pony toys as prizes.  The goal is pretty simple: Either draw her, or write a fic about her.  The best one from each category gets a free pony toy.

    The deadline for the competition is July 11th, you can find the ponychan thread here!

    Gaia Online Adds Alicorn Monsters

    Over on the "Monster Galaxy" game built into the Gaia Online site, a new creature has appeared.  Known only as "faust" it strikes a startling resemblence to an FiM pony, though much less cute. 

    This isn't too surprising considering the site regularly takes part in various memes, but it's still cool to see the pony presence spreading.

    Luna Plushies On Ebay

    The Luna plushie I posted a while back apparently has a double, and it is currently up for sale on Ebay.  You can find the auction here!

    He is also doing commissions. If you are interested in that, you can find the DA page here!

    More Minecraft Skins

    Another set of skins are available for minecraft.  These are a bit on the old side, but pony is pony! The downloads can be found on this da page!


    You should cheer up dood, have some Fluttershy

    Smodcast Mentions Bronies

    Kevin Smith from over on Smodcast is might just be a brony thanks to the side influence from his daughter's pony obsession.  Apparently this is a pretty big deal, since a bunch of you emailed me about it!  You can find the it at 41:23 in the recent cast on his site here!

    Equestria Daily News

    Story Archive Attempted Updates

    The Story archive has had a few changes added.  Sadly half of them were lost, but I now have a human section at least! If you have a story that needs a "human" tag, feel free to let me know and I'll file it in there.  I honestly just need a break from it though.  Adding 50 jump links, then seeing blogger replace all of them with "Blogger.com" sort of killed my will to fix anything else in there.  I'll get back to it tomorrow.

    Also considering a "Horror" tag, for scary stories.  Let me know what you think in comments. 

    New Layout

    A few things will be going on with the new layout in the next few days.  I know its a bit of a shock, but this is just an all around better setup for the site, and will allow me to embed larger strings of code into posts.

    Pretty much any change to a website you have been going to for a long period of time can be obnoxious at first.  Youtube regularly throws me for a loop with their seemingly quarterly revamps.  Just give it a day or two. Really the only major change is the archive at the bottom instead of the side bar.  A lot of people begged me to do something with it other than having 100 links on the side.

    And that is all for tonight!  Looks like I passed 5:00 AM.. but only by 1 minute.  I'm kind of disappointed.  Off to schedule the next few hours so I can sleep! Again, sorry for any typos, but I really need to get the morning updates done before I pass out.

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here