• Experimenting With The New Layout

    Yay, it does fit.

    Please wait a day before attacking it.  Change always feels a bit weird for a while.   Let yourselves adjust a bit.  This has a lot of neat benefits that the tiny post boxes didn't allow.  Pretty much every major blog has this exact layout. 

    Anyway here are some changes, and things I'll be working on over the next few days!

    • The archives are now at the bottom, like more traditional blogs
    • The side bar buttons/fanfiction button/ect are getting an overhaul (they don't really..match)
    • Fluttershy is still the best pony
    • Banners will be longer but less tall
    • Oh god experimenting with the website puts me so far behind.  Afk emails/Nightly roundup for the next 2 hours. 
    Please note: It's the same 1100px as the old one for width, that hasn't changed.  It does look a bit wider due to the extra space is gives on the side bar.  

    This isn't finalized, It's just an experiment.  Two side bars was just difficult to work with, considering their tiny size.

    Honestly I'm leaning toward bar on the right, every blog on the planet does that.  

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