• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 7

    I have awesome friends edition. Just when I thought I would never find a good sketch-style filly, here somepony swoops in and hands me this... made just for me! Yay! I hope everypony's taken their insulin, because there is some high level diabetes coming your way tonight. It's a colt-crazy, filly fantastic submission night. I am so amazingly impressed by the quality of your ideas and the productivity you guys are showing. We're six themes in and you're still going strong. 223 itty bitty ponies so far!

    Here's your nightly reminder of the submission guidelines, the end results of which have been refined to a satiny smooth level. So good. As an extra special bonus for all of you guys interested in doing digital art, AlterForm has produced an Inkscape guide for drawing pony eyes, which I'm going to leave here for you to reference as you please. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony dreaming. What do I mean by that? Well hm, I wonder. On the one hoof, a pony in the act of dreaming would provide great practice for more position training and consideration of the effects of objects on anatomy. On the other hoof, I bet there are some fascinating things these ponies are actually dreaming of. Hm, hm, hm...

    A quick round of applause to everypony for your very creative ideas. You managed to hit on just about every interpretation of the prompt I could think of, and then a few more that I hadn't even considered. Like gender bending. I giggled, I d'awwed, and I generally just loved the hell out of tonight's entries. I think you will, too. Step quietly now, and let's enter the nursery...

    1) By Anakah

    2) By Fickle (...Well. That happened fast.)

    3) By Inkwell-Pony

    4) By Luke Goldfain

    5) By Lulubell

    6) By ChaosDrop

    7) By Inspiration

    8) By Mellowbloom

    9) By Trunksi (This is a pretty neat visual effect.)

    10) By blindferret

    11) By Damian Foxx (Mother, tell your fillies not to walk my way...)

    12) By Fish0and0chips (I'm surprised nopony has written this story yet.)

    13) By A. Bernard

    14) By Saphin

    15) By FrostV952

    16) By Strawberry Spice

    17) By Thanqol

    18) By zomgitsalaura

    19) By Stabbercube

    20) By Partition

    21) By Taco Bandit

    22) By Lancer5317 (I think that's closer to 100%)

    23) By Milk

    24) By Tarynsgate

    25) By Twilight360

    26) By ClearSkies

    27) By FoxOfWar (Luna wuvs her abacus)

    28) By Lorina

    29) By Hamcha

    30) By Kitty Tail (That's right, Lyra. A whole banana!)

    31) By Squidbombed (Poor little Celly needs a hug.)

    32) By Sherbert Quillfeather

    33) By RDash

    34) By Alleen

    35) By Gig

    36) By Miyajima

    37) By Auburn Pixel (But one pun, get another half off.)

    38) By MHPayne

    39) By PandaRoux

    40) By Spark (Phoe/Lyra is the new Seth/Trixie)

    41) By Smock (Don't worry, it's playing in my head too.)

    42) By zorg

    43) By Bravura (Can't you see I'm trying to express myself? Gawd!)

    44) By Kyouhen

    45) By rich-tea

    46) By Swordplayer

    47) By Syggie

    48) By EssAeEm

    49) By Shiko (It's sooooo truuuue!)

    50) By Family Man

    51) By Jimbo1023

    52) By Nido Media

    53) By Kitsune (Even from a young age, Hoity Toity knew exactly where his place in life was: at the top.)

    54) By Mere Jump

    55) By Eliwood10

    56) By loz

    57) By Kjh242

    58) By Coquette

    59) By Mister Bristle

    60) By Mihaaaa (Filly Celestia is just so gosh darn huggable.)

    61) By Goggle Sparks

    62) By DB (In her memoirs, Trixie would note this as the moment that eventually spurred her on to true greatness.)

    63) By Circuit Mane

    64) By PenguinPlayer

    65) By Noneko

    66) By Knightly (Is that a filly Big Mac? Very interesting twist! =D)

    67) By Frith

    68) By Invidlord (Don't tell me ah cain't! Ah grew this moustache from sheer force of will!)

    69) By Mockingbird

    70) By Quill

    71) By Twist

    72) By Easteu (That's too damn bad, Blueblood.)

    73) By Ori

    74) By Moabite

    75) By PinkamenaPie (I do believe that's all six themes so far in one image. Impressive!)

    76) By Dragon Rage

    77) By DJ Rainbow Dash

    78) By Mr. Wonko (*slow clap*)

    79) By Game Broth

    80) By Amehdaus

    81) By Chromadancer

    82) By Lunar Apologist (Someday...)

    83) By The Obsessor

    84) By Poker Face

    85) By Nullh (*ahem* eeeeeeeeeeeeee~)

    86) By Shockwave

    87) By Cybie

    88) By Dangereaux (Sir, that is a pony as a Flyer. Do you think I don't know baseball from hockey?)

    89) By Captain British

    90) By Ricky (Why is her fabric on fire?)

    91) By dhas

    92) By Relias

    93) By Erthilo

    94) By Roper (I can't stay mad at that face.)

    95) By Kits

    96) By Bananizen

    97) By Zork787

    98) By Lunawings

    99) By DDDchu

    100) By Lyus

    101) By Zach (Uh... guys?)

    102) By Shiver

    103) By redcladhero

    104) By Andï (I really love the makeup/combo submissions. It's like getting an extra scoop of icecream on your waffle cone for free!)

    105) By ecmc1093

    106) By Infinity

    107) By Farvei

    108) By Immersa

    109) By Sapphire

    110) By Wisdom Thumbs

    111) By VeoBandit

    112) By UnintentionalRyhme

    113) By Lolstaz

    114) By unholyhen (Inside that box is the stuffed animal Luna would continue to treasure for more than a thousand years)

    115) By kmmgreen5

    116) By Tenchi Outsuno

    117) By Muffinsforever (Brushie brushie brushie)

    118) By Luna (Everypony love ma-- yeah, you're right. Too obvious. Neat picture though, huh?)

    119) By Tanman

    120) By badzerg

    121) By Sherlock Hooves (The artist dedicates this picture to Cereal, because he loves OCs so much.)

    122) By Fetchbeer

    123) By toonboy92484

    124) By Issy

    125) By Windfall (Evidently they've been testing for Pinkie Sense for years.)

    126) By PonyLover

    127) By Omega RKB

    128) By Konig

    129) By Ego (All of my usual hyperbole and joking aside, this is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen.)

    130) By Pegasus Leo

    131) By Alipes

    132) By 041744

    133) By Latverian_Ponyfan_2993

    134) By panda_instinct

    135) By Leaf Growth

    136) By The Flying Tomato

    137) By Riokenn (If you spend your life afraid of the ground, you'll never see all the things it has to show you. And there are So Many Wonders...)

    138) By Liska

    139) By Paintroller

    140) By Doc Steedly ( Doculean )

    141) By DarthVader

    142) By Afentis (I am reminded of my youth. Those things are heavy!)

    143) By Gear X. Machina

    144) By Mistal

    145) By Moogie

    146) By Drilltooth

    147) By Sali

    148) By Atlur (Wow, look at all that win.)

    149) By T-Brony

    150) By Fox E:

    151) By Spiritofthwwolf (Prince Caelestis is badass.)

    152) By Doombah

    153) By PinkiePied (Octavia, west side ponies represent. What?)

    154) By Spiritofthwwolf

    155) By scio

    156) By Lucky

    157) By Rydel (Well, see, Equestria is like this horsey worsey... ball.)

    158) By Haafiz

    159) By DiZaster321

    160) By Prismatic Pretzel (If I were a young unicorn, the idea of horn rot would terrify me.)

    161) By ajremix

    162) By Condor

    163) By Zephire

    164) By Canadian Bacon

    165) By al03480049

    166) By Buddy Vox

    167) By rkr7

    168) By Natry (That about covers the puns I initially had in mind, I guess.)

    169) By Kt Kat

    170) By Kelz

    171) By Starlite (If I ever meet the author of that story, I'm going to hit him with a brick.)

    172) By Da Chi (This, on the other hand, seems cute and should be encouraged.)

    173) By ninjawarior

    174) By BenaSPACE

    175) By AlterForm (What does it say about me that I'm hungry now?)

    176) By Portalsoup

    177) By Facelessguru

    178) By James Lyons

    179) By MasterofRoku

    180) By Arion

    181) By Passer Palmatum

    182) By The Recliner (A note to future newcomers: don't feel like you have to include all previous themes. That could get really hard!)

    183) By Uncle Leo

    184) By A Terrible Person (And this long line of puns... is all because of you,)

    185) By Neoridgeback

    186) By PonyDrawer

    187) By Kooldude (And then little Scratch realized her life would be one of Scary Monsters and Nice Ponies.)

    188) By Ethrx (Seth!? What did he ever do? ...Oh, right. Started this blog. Ehehe...)

    189) By Taffy

    190) By Starlight Bolt

    191) By Silver Shine

    192) By Pony Stark

    193) By SiuiS

    194) By Aeiou

    195) By Avohkah Tamer (This artist and several others today admitted to breaking away from referencing templates and tutorials for the first time. I'm so proud of you!)

    196) By Why485

    197) By CreatorOfPony

    198) By K9saurus

    199) By fugue

    200) By MetalPandora

    201) By Rayn Shyu

    202) By TopoCruz

    203) By Professor Basil

    204) By ThunderThorn (She's Celestia's faithful student for a reason.)

    205) By 8ftmetalhead

    206) By Alleydodger

    207) By djTeka

    208) By RaspleZS

    209) By TapeDiggity

    210) By nuclearsuplexattack

    211) By Thattagen

    212) By Xiagu (Passing along a fun fact: Granny Smith apples were named for Maria Ann Smith. Granny once was Annie!)

    213) By Tarragon

    214) By StarStep

    215) By Ergnon

    216) By m00finsan

    217) By Pineapple Skitter

    218) By StarSongPony

    219) By Eeful

    220) By Filiecs

    221) By Spurs

    222) By Lunchmonkey

    223) By Periphery

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