• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 15

    I had to break my rules regarding sketch-style images in this space for today. Hopefully you'll understand why after the page break. Right now, let's talk about art! Myth ponies, story ponies, classic ponies, all the ponies of the rainbow. 164 in all! Come in, sit down, and learn a lot about antiquity! And some more recent things because you guys just love looking for ways out of what I ask for. It's part of why I love you, after all. You know what's disappointing, though? In all of the hullabaloo, not a single one of you gave me an image of Fluttershy as Yggdrasil. I lobbed this one underhand to you. For shame. Shame!

    Moving right along, let's go ahead and link the submission guidelines, same as always. And just like always, talk to me at [email protected] if something goes wrong. It's hard finding new ways to say this every night. Almost as hard as coming up with interesting themes.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony standing in the wind. I think with all the action we've been doing lately, it might be nice to return to something a little more simple and serene. And deceptively difficult, from what I've been told by all the ponies I've spoken to who live in the world of art. I apologize for requiring so many scenery pieces. I know it's hard work but keep at it! You're all improving so much!

    Once upon a time, in a magical land called Equestria, there were two ponies who were very much in love. Bon Bon spent her days baking, or picking wildflowers, sharing both each night with the mint colored unicorn called Lyra, whose lyre was said to play the most beautiful music in all of Equestria. Ponies came from all over to Ponyville to hear her songs, entranced by the love entwined within every note, every pluck of the string. But it was only one pony who heard her true masterpieces - under the moon each night at midnight, the pair would sit and look up at the stars, and Lyra would play. They say that these notes were so awesome that to hear but a chord was to touch the heartstrings of creation. And they were all for Bon Bon. Only for Bon Bon.

    But it could never last. One day out gathering flowers to decorate a very special plate of candies with, Bon Bon was beset upon by a jealous stallion who sought to seduce her. He chased her for hours across the countryside, matching gallop for gallop, wearing the frightened mare down. It seemed that he would have her any moment, but when he made his move she backed away, falling into a pit filled with a viper. The frightened serpent lashed out against her leg - the poison took her before he ever could. Much to everypony's surprise, when Lyra found out she had not a single tear to shed. "I will save her," she said, "For Bon Bon, I will go through Hell. I will give up everything I am."

    The Underworld was filled with perils, but the unicorn bard never flinched. She crossed the river Styx, stared down the three headed hound. At last she stood before Persepony, Queen of the Dead. "Give her back," said Lyra, "Return my Bon Bon to me." And Lyra pulled free her instrument and played a song, one that had been meant only for Bon Bon. The Queen was moved to tears - an event that had not happened before or since. With a nod of her head, she relented. Lyra was allowed to lead Bon Bon out to the surface, if she would trust the word of the Queen and never look behind her until they had returned home. Lyra consented. "Of course. Anything for my Bon Bon."

    And Lyra was true to her word... until she saw the entrance to the surface. Her heart ached with longing. Her head turned of its own accord. She just had to see! "...Lyra?" Bon Bon's face was a mixture of sadness and terror as the shadows wrapped around her form and pulled her back in. The tears that fell from Lyra's eyes in that moment never ceased for one day or one moment. She played her music... played Bon Bon's music, wandered lost and listless across the land. The passionate notes brought many suitors seeking her hoof, but she would have none of it. Months turned to years, and never once did her crying or her playing cease.

    There came a day when her suitors had had enough. They cornered the unicorn, demanded she choose somepony. Demanded she love them. But she could not. Enraged, they assaulted her with everything they could find. But their rocks and sticks fell short, refusing to strike the player of such transcendent music. Furious, the set upon her themselves, striking with head and hoof, opening cuts all across her body. With one powerful buck, a deafening crack filled the air. The music had stopped - Lyra's horn had shattered into dust. Everypony stared at the mangled mess of a mare they had created, shaking their heads in disgust and scattering. What good was she now? Lyra winced, but bore the pain. "I... will give up... everything..."

    "For me?" Bon Bon's voice floated over the grass into Lyra's ears. Lyra closed her eyes, and swore she could feel the other mare's breath against her neck. She smiled, and drifted away in the night air. Her gift was gone forever, but she could not remember a time she had been so happy...

    1) By Ethrx

    2) By Voyageris (Shawn)

    3) By Mellowbloom (This is not the tenth Fluttershy in Wonderland reference.)

    4) By ChaosDrop (This is beautiful, but also if you think about it incredibly sad.)

    5) By Tabs

    6) By Lucky Charm

    7) By blindferret

    8) By Thanqol

    9) By VeoBandit (Luna Red Riding Hood!)

    10) By Easteu (Ouroboros Magnet)

    11) By Quint-t-W

    12) By dirty pie (I suppose classic movies count too)

    13) By Emerald Dust

    14) By FoxOfWar

    15) By Sherlock Hooves

    16) By blasthemis (I knew him, Horatio. A snack of infinite zest...)

    17) By Cybie

    18) By Atlur (Don't worry guys, I got this!)

    19) By Mister Bristle (Fun fact:: it was actually an urn. Also, the thing left inside the box was knowledge of exactly how and when everypony would die.)

    20) By Heidds (Pyramus and Thisbe as filtered through Romeo and Juliet as filtered through The Lion King II as filtered through My Little Pony)

    21) By Pwny_Pokes

    22) By Fisher (Medicine is now 20% cooler.)

    23) By The Recliner

    24) By Invidlord (Raridusa was slain by Derpeus, who could see where to strike because she was incapable of meeting the monster's gaze.)

    25) By Smock (In the comments for this one was a fanfic the artist wrote. He shipped Dash and Pinkie. I giggled.)

    26) By NikaScott

    27) By reaverson

    28) By Philith (I did not think of this.)

    29) By Philith (...Or this.)

    30) By vertlizardgirl (Some Native American tales for you.)

    31) By Alleen

    32) By RaspleZS

    33) By DB (This just about killed me.)

    34) By Doctor Whoof Fanatic

    35) By PenguinPlayer (Wait, Muramasa isn't a famous myth? Since when? Artist, you're crazy.)

    36) By Saphin

    37) By Kitty Tail (Eat. Your. Heart. Out. Trixie.)

    38) By Vissia

    39) By Alipes (Hahahahahaaaa... oh goodness.)

    40) By Dragon Rage (This poem is 123 years old? I didn't know that!)

    41) By Mere Jump (I love it.)

    42) By GonzaHerMeg (I've been sitting here for ten minutes trying to come up with a pun for Mordred, but got creeped out by the idea of Dash having a daughter.)

    43) By Spiritofthwwolf

    44) By Circuit Mane

    45) By Doc Steedly (Myth confirmed!)

    46) By Farvei

    47) By Jimbo1023

    48) By EssAeEm (Wish by wish, putting it together)

    49) By Mockingbird (Fluttershy is a magnificent Persepony.)

    50) By Erthilo

    51) By Moabite (Ooh, Celtic ponies!)

    52) By Taco Bandit

    53) By LadyLegos

    54) By PinkamenaPie (I'm... just gonna... hey look a Life of Brian reference!)

    55) By Poker Face + Flare The Wolf

    56) By Kitsune

    57) By FLASKGARG

    58) By rich-tea

    59) By Partition (Check it out! Eskimo myth!)

    60) By DI-FL

    61) By The Obsessor (Whether tis nobler to suffer the constant brushing and horn rot, or simply to have it removed...)

    62) By Nullh

    63) By Lacrox

    64) By LifeSequenceBreak (Hrm... Siegshy? Flutterwulf? Not sure which story this is.)

    65) By Gear X. Machina

    66) By Ori

    67) By Lunar Apologist (Gordian knot solved in ten second flat.)

    68) By Chris (Not a good night for Trixie, is it?)

    69) By Latverian_Ponyfan_2993

    70) By unholyhen (By Celestia's beard!)

    71) By PastelPony

    72) By Ego (...I have no words.)

    73) By Kyouhen (My... my heart...)

    74) By Tabs

    75) By Hawkeye92

    76) By Blu

    77) By Lancer5317 (If Celly is the king, who is Gweniviere? And did Twilight sleep with her?)

    78) By Bananizen

    79) By Relias

    80) By Kaiserin

    81) By Neoridgeback

    82) By Vanner

    83) By DCPIP (Derp Quixote!)

    84) By Kooldude

    85) By fetchbeer (At least she hasn't forgotten how to call a chicken.)

    86) By Starlight Bolt

    87) By Amehdaus (I'm sorry this is so tiny. I can't do anything about it...)

    88) By Facelessguru

    89) By toonboy92484 (Rarity later changes her mind when Blueblood shows up to rescue her.)

    90) By Mr.Paulsen (All ponies are equal. That's it. You were expecting another sentence?)

    91) By Frith (Pinkie as The Laughing Buddha.)

    92) By Doombah

    93) By Scootaleo

    94) By badzerg

    95) By badzerg

    96) By Eliwood10

    97) By The Flying Tomato

    98) By Dangereaux (Eeyup.)

    99) By Fox E: (Pushing the boundaries of the theme to its limits, its... Selpnir? Sort of?)

    100) By Afentis

    101) By Lulubell (Dashie looks like she's mad at me. What did I do?)

    102) By Infinity (This is a beautiful representation of Classical style pottery work. Love it to pieces.)

    103) By Condor (And I'm not writing one!)

    104) By kits

    105) By Solomos

    106) By Kits

    107) By Erica C

    108) By ShoeboxWarrior (Turns out that love isn't blind. Just Derpy.)

    109) By Kt Kat (Absolutely gorgeous.)

    110) By Prismatic Pretzel

    111) By Haafiz

    112) By Buddy Vox (Ooh, nice. Jonathan Swift...)

    113) By Goggle Sparks (This is a Thai myth about a tree that grows fruit in the shape of females. Fluttershy, you got your wish!)

    114) By Ambrose (Don't worry, she's got snacks in there.)

    115) By Natry

    116) By Leaf Growth

    117) By Crowfall

    118) By Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

    119) By Djrk16

    120) By PVRyohei

    121) By Immersa

    122) By Uncle Leo

    123) By A Terrible Person

    124) By Zephire (I prefer Fluttermis to Artishy.)

    125) By MasterofRoku

    126) By TopoCruz (Some Guatemalan folklore here! I'm learning a lot today!)

    127) By Windfall

    128) By Rydel

    129) By Chromadancer

    130) By Damian Foxx

    131) By Randomjack

    132) By Liska (Not a good day for Rarity, either. Hahaha!)

    133) By Moof

    134) By Shockwave

    135) By TapeDiggity (And now, some Dante's Inferno.)

    136) By Da Chi

    137) By Rachel (Wow, just look at those colors...)

    138) By MHPayne

    139) By Phantom G

    140) By Starlite

    141) By StarStep

    142) By Zach (I will fiiiiiiind my way. I can go the distaaaaance)

    143) By Drilltooth

    144) By Wolferahm

    145) By Tenchi Outsuno

    146) By Virga Rainboom (Sea ponies!)

    147) By Albert

    148) By Jiyrath (Rariphus? Sisyty? These are hard.)

    149) By Xiagu

    150) By Thattagen (Another artist requesting a color job here!)

    151) By Kelz

    152) By Entropy

    153) By nuclearsuplexattack

    154) By Eeful

    155) By Sashley

    155) By Muffinsforever

    156) By Syggie

    157) By djTeka

    158) By Magnet

    159) By Avnas Ishtaroth

    160) By DJ RBDash

    161) By Spurs

    162) By Periphery

    163) By Heireau/HarrowTPrower/Ineedtostickwithoneusername

    164) By Nido

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