• Community News Post #2!

    I get a lot of random news each day that I don't really know what to do with, so it's time to compile it!  I tried this out last night, and it seemed pretty successful.

    Also Rarity won today, meaning Rarity gets the spotlight.  Sorry G&PT! 

    Onward to Community News #2! Everything can be found after the page break!

    Celestia Radio
    Celestia Radio has seen some massive improvements over the last week or so.  Some of the new additions are:
    • Full fledged artist profiles for people to post their content to
    • Increased Listener cap to 100, with a mirror channel for 10 extra. 
    • New IRC chat
    • Download links to everything (With artist permission)
    • A pop up player script that can be embedded just about anywhere
    You can find the site here!

    Everypony Radio
    The Livestream channel "Everypony Radio" has been upgraded a bit.  The team has acquired a full access account, so they can now support an unlimited number of bronies.  Hopefully these guys are around for season two.  The channels last season were always full!

    Achievement List Version Three
    I know... you all just upgraded two days ago!  But the author of the Achievement list (Pony Pokes) has released yet another updated version.  You can probably just dig through it and add the new stuff yourself.  It isn't a complete revamp by any means.   The newly added achievements are also found in the "Additional Achievements" section of the post, right below version three.  You can find all of that here: Summer Achievements Master Post.

    Official My Little Pony Convention Update
    Muffiekun emailed the people working the convention about what their views on bronies attending are.  It sounds like we are completely welcome, but they do stress that the majority of the merch will be aimed at older generations.  However, Pre-Built Q&A sessions will revolve around G4, so at least there is something out there for us! They ask that anybrony attending the con shows the utmost respect to the older gen folks and keeps the rowdiness to a minimum.  (We have a reputation for being rambunctious I guess)

    Equestria Gaming Creepypasta Contest
    This month's contest on Equestria Gaming is all about creating the creepiest game imaginable.  The rewards are once again a 10$ steam game of your choise.  If you can code, and are interested in checking it out, you can find the contest page here!

    Equestria RP Forums Migration
    If you are an RPer looking for a place to call home, the Equestria RP forums have migrated over to a new domain: www.Canterlot.com

    Project: Cover Libraries in Twilight Sparkle!
    Do you have a nearby library that desperately needs some pony?  It's time to do something about it!  Twilight Sparkle is the PERFECT pony for the job.  Her book smarts and good looks are sure to drive any kid to drop his 3DS and pick up a good old fashioned novel!

    I'll feature them in these news posts every night! 

    And that would be it!  Thanks for stopping by.  If you have something small to report, that usually wouldn't require an entire post to showcase, feel free to email me, as always. 

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