• Community News Post #2!

    I get a lot of random news each day that I don't really know what to do with, so it's time to compile it!  I tried this out last night, and it seemed pretty successful.

    Also Rarity won today, meaning Rarity gets the spotlight.  Sorry G&PT! 

    Onward to Community News #2! Everything can be found after the page break!

    Celestia Radio
    Celestia Radio has seen some massive improvements over the last week or so.  Some of the new additions are:
    • Full fledged artist profiles for people to post their content to
    • Increased Listener cap to 100, with a mirror channel for 10 extra. 
    • New IRC chat
    • Download links to everything (With artist permission)
    • A pop up player script that can be embedded just about anywhere
    You can find the site here!

    Everypony Radio
    The Livestream channel "Everypony Radio" has been upgraded a bit.  The team has acquired a full access account, so they can now support an unlimited number of bronies.  Hopefully these guys are around for season two.  The channels last season were always full!

    Achievement List Version Three
    I know... you all just upgraded two days ago!  But the author of the Achievement list (Pony Pokes) has released yet another updated version.  You can probably just dig through it and add the new stuff yourself.  It isn't a complete revamp by any means.   The newly added achievements are also found in the "Additional Achievements" section of the post, right below version three.  You can find all of that here: Summer Achievements Master Post.

    Official My Little Pony Convention Update
    Muffiekun emailed the people working the convention about what their views on bronies attending are.  It sounds like we are completely welcome, but they do stress that the majority of the merch will be aimed at older generations.  However, Pre-Built Q&A sessions will revolve around G4, so at least there is something out there for us! They ask that anybrony attending the con shows the utmost respect to the older gen folks and keeps the rowdiness to a minimum.  (We have a reputation for being rambunctious I guess)

    Equestria Gaming Creepypasta Contest
    This month's contest on Equestria Gaming is all about creating the creepiest game imaginable.  The rewards are once again a 10$ steam game of your choise.  If you can code, and are interested in checking it out, you can find the contest page here!

    Equestria RP Forums Migration
    If you are an RPer looking for a place to call home, the Equestria RP forums have migrated over to a new domain: www.Canterlot.com

    Project: Cover Libraries in Twilight Sparkle!
    Do you have a nearby library that desperately needs some pony?  It's time to do something about it!  Twilight Sparkle is the PERFECT pony for the job.  Her book smarts and good looks are sure to drive any kid to drop his 3DS and pick up a good old fashioned novel!

    I'll feature them in these news posts every night! 

    And that would be it!  Thanks for stopping by.  If you have something small to report, that usually wouldn't require an entire post to showcase, feel free to email me, as always. 


    1. And that is why Twilight is my favorite Pony.

    2. >screwing up the 3DS's name


    3. Woohoo Rarity won!

    4. I wish I lived closer to attend that convention. And I will get right onto the Twilight-in-library thing.

    5. Sigh, If only the Library closest to me didn't close down.

    6. I love that Twilight READ poster so much.

    7. MOTHER FU-
      You did it again Seth, you skipped over us again...

      Next time, I'm breaking out the memes...

    8. And now you have me thinking of how I can tape up a large poster in my high school library without the librarians noticing a former student taping up a large poster in the library... figured it out.

    9. Thanks for the mention, Seth! Cheers from Celestia Radio~


    10. @Anonymous

      Get a job at said library, and get high enough on the food chain that you'd have some say what posters go up. Get Twilight Sparkle poster up, and then quit.

    11. I think he may be referring to that weird ass RP fight they had on Phoe's last night

    12. Tears of a valedictorianJune 9, 2011 at 11:45 PM


      It's so awesome, isn't it? I love how she looks pretty pissed-off too. S'all like "Read, bitches."

    13. Oh, I remembered my email doesn't match my Blogger name...

      I just thought a mention of our RP board would be nice. Despite the fact it's a hidden topic, we've almost hit 1000 comments already.

    14. Sorry but if I see that poster anywhere I'm stealing it.

    15. @ Torrential Rains

      What was that post called again? I forgot.

    16. And there's those 16 docs of chat logged that came from 3-5 people...

    17. @Sethisto


      ^ RP Board 2 there's umm a linkie for you

    18. www.equestriadaily.com/2011/05/rp-board-2.html

    19. @Anonymous

      0_o sorry, is it wrong to talk with ones coltfriend?

    20. Oh Noes! 4 minutes left in that poll!

    21. @Torrential Rains When I read that, it was directly next to the poll. It lined up directly with *clop clop clop*

    22. Hehehehe... The game I going to make will mess you up so bad you will have a nightmare, wake up, find that your inside another nightmare, wake up, and find that your inside ANOTHER nightmare. >:D

      Also, what just transpired in the comments above me... that was indeed awkward.

    23. What the hell?

      How is this awkward?

      Stupid civilians...

    24. Yo dawg so I heard you like Nightmares...

    25. how wow! you used my Rarity picture! <3

    26. I read novels all the time and I don't have a 3DS... most likely because my rocket launcher armed sharks is taking up all my monetary gains as is the constant repairs to my evil lair.

      Surprisingly despite the three thousand or so paperback or otherwise books I've read, I've read just as many fan fictionm and internet stories.

      For some reasons this doesn't affect my ability to write a story; which are still low quality if good concepts, I'm thinking about doing a fanfiction spread of random ideas with no coherent story involved.

      I'll try to hit every genre of story and themsome and then I'll run it by a some ponies, in the hopes that someone picks them up.

      Hopefully my achievements will stay at a rather nifty negative ten that no other person, pony or monster could posibly follow or even want to follow.

      If I had any sense of coding I would have a game where you go through a nightmarish world based on each of the mane six and Derpy's idea of worst possible thing to happen to them. (It would be something like "Craze'd" or "an untitled story")

      Just flinging this idea out there right now.

      Twilight- A world without books and only vicious creatures, the quest would involve finding the magic and freeing it so the dream world becomes a brighter place. (Think "Eversion" style gameplay and ramp it up)

      Rainbow Dash- A world were she wakes up without wings and her dreams are pardon the pun dashed, she sets out on an adventure to earn her wings back from the nightmare creatures that ripped them from her back.

      Fluttershy- her animals have all turned on her and attacked in her peaceful dreams, she must gather objects and show kindness to even the ugliest and scariest creatures to restore her dream world.

      Rarity- She wakes up(in dream) as a ridiculously ugly creature(worse than a mule) and crosses pathes with Fluttershy at least once, she must find out what inner beauty is or she will fail to wake up from her unfashionable nightmare that even her knowledge of clothing can't solve.

      Pinkie- No party supplies world and everyone hates her to the point of almost no return for Pinkie, she has to keep her sanity and exuberance to avoid turning into the psychopath version of herself that stalks her throughout her dreams and it looks just like her.

      Applejack- A world where there is no food and ponies are going crazy with hunger and attacking each other. To save her dream world Applejack has to find important objects via 'knytt' style and make the eternal apple tree.(throw in visages of Applebloom nearing starvation and it's completely disturbing)

      Derpy- her dream world is Muffinsburg, but there are no muffins there anymore and Derpy has to help every other pony out of their dream worlds to save her own. (Add in Dinky being kidnapped if you wish)

      Ja Neigh! My post has gotten to long.

    27. Yay Rarity *hugs Rarity*

      Though yesterday I was kinda biased against Trixie until I read the shipping fic called Out in The Cold. I like Twixie almost as much now. *hugs Trixie*

    28. I should totally cover my library with Twilight Sparkle Posters.

      Also, I agree with Torrential, what happened that was awkward? Besides watching ponies over the internet text hug(I'm used to that at this point)?

    29. @Ivan2294
      Oh, hey Ivan...
      You still human then?
      I thought you might have reverted to being a pig...

    30. Nope, still human!

      Notch gave me the gift and blablabla, remember?

    31. I am a Minecraftian Human though, so my hands are still blocks....

      Well, at least I can relate to you pony folk better! My hands are like hooves except more square!!!

    32. Huh...
      Well, hopefully Seth didn't just disappear... Again...

    33. We should call him by his real name!!!

      ....Wait, what was it again?

    34. HEY SHAUN
      Why haven't you gotten back to me yet?

    35. Yeah, that's it!!!

      They both start with S.
      Which sounds like Ace.
      Which is like Ace Attorney or Ace Combat...
      ...where was I going with this again?
      *Looks at clock*
      2:45 AM....again.

      Stupid projects that I like to do....

    36. *totally got that poster up at the library where he works and took that picture*

    37. Seth, just Email me if you decide to add it on.

    38. I still don't know why I am still here.

      The only thing I'm doing is waiting for more comments so I can talk to people.

      I may have a problem. It's like Civ IV/Civ V/GTAIV/Portal 2/Minecraft/Terraria/Spore/Half-life 2/Super Meat Boy/Arma 2/Left 4 Dead 2/Left 4 Dead all over again. Except with a cartoon instead.

    39. @Ivan2294

      I know that feeling bro. :\

      Also, I have a feeling that we will be seeing a few more luna games in the future...


    40. *F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5*



      *Starts crying at inability to leave his PC*

    41. I know the feeling, Ivan! D:

      Except I'm here to see what the people have to say about my getting that poster up at my library. XD

    42. @Luke

      Well, if you want to know.

      We are either glad that you helped spread the word of reading and ponies.


      Dissapointed that this hasn't happened sooner.

      Most likely it's both. But right now my legs are acheing for no reason other than I'm tired.

    43. @Ivan

      I hope it's the first. XD Cut me some slack, I only JUST found out about that image and its use in libraries, and I acted as quickly as I could.

    44. Poor Ivan I can leave my PC at any time yet I can never stop being a monster or stop staying awake for more than forty eight hours at a time.

      Eye monsters like me are notorious for insomnia, plus lately I've been fearing the people of the Terraria lands are hunting me again. It's very hard to sleep with so many heroes out for your blood.

      Ah well I'm going to go start on my cavalcade of pony fanfiction so I can finally flush all the cute and adorable out of my system nearly once and for all. Ponies are just that addictively cute, chocobro's didn't give me this many problems.

    45. Just saying a HUGE thanks to every single pony here on behalf of Everypony Radio - Not only has your support got us the unlimited viewer allowance but it's given us the motivation we need to kick it up a notch, expect to see some sweet variety soon so do be sure to tune in soon!

      Thanks again guys, seth,

      Grey Nightmare

    46. I'll post it in the next one!

    47. Where would one acquire these Twilight posters?
      Can somebrony hook me up with a link?
      (I love you octavia)
      (but trixie was first)

    48. @Sethisto

      *hugs* thank you Great and Powerful Seth ♥

    49. @D. Shadows

      *Stab Stab*

      ...I'm sorry what? I was too busy trying to stab you...

      *Stab Stab*

    50. I'm totally gonna try and get my librarian to put Twilight Sparkle at my campus's library!

      I found a high-res version, if anybrony else is interested:


    51. I'd love to stick that Twilight Sparkle post in my school's library. XD

      And wooo! Ferrarity! XD I love Ferrari, and Rarity seems perfect for the emblem. <3

    52. Some more awesome brony news -- Check out a website archiving any and ALL fanfics. No one gets turned away. (click my name or go here: ponyfictionarchive.net

    53. This is one of the most fucked up comment sections I've read on EqD.

      Anyway, brohoof to the guy who put up yet another Twilight READ poster.

    54. the MLP convention was in my hometown last year and I MISSED it. *headdesk* Oh well, there probably wasn't much FIM stuff at that point anyway.

    55. As for the convention, I can understand where they are coming from. We are pretty vocal about our love for FiM and only FiM. Ripping on the older pony generations (and toys) is something that this fandom is (to the executives) notorious for. Those going to the convention will have to remember that MLP has been around for nearly 30 years now and we (the Bronies) are the new kids on the block. Remember the Luren Faust was a fan of the original series.

      This can be the opportunity to show Hasbro that we are not a bunch of loud, unreasonable, disrespectful people. We may not like the earlier generations but we need to show some love and tolerance for those that do. Walk around, look, talk and listen and most importantly be respectful. Especially at the Q&A. Don't bombard the pannel with angry questions Like "Where is Applejack's hat?" or "Look at this custom figure this person made, why can't the FiM toys look like this?". If we are respectful to them maybe they will show us some respect in return.

      I also question whether you should even explicitly state that you are Bronies? On the one hand you want toy represent the community and give us a face and a voice, but on the other hand they may just shut down and not listen once they know that you are one of those "Bronies" off the Internet.

      I wish I could go, so I ask that is any one that is going and is reading this could you please forward a question of mine for me. Thank-you.

      "MLP has been around for nearly 30 years now and is one of Hasbro's flagship properties, but unlike your other properties that have scene improvement and inovation over the years the MLP toys seam to have remained relatively unchanged. I have the utmost respect for the earlier MLP generations, but when I compare the quality of the MLP merchandise to your other properties I get the feeling that the same amount of detail and care that went into making them did not get carried over to MLP. For example I look at the Transformers figures and I see that you put a lot of effort into making the toys as accurate to the current series or movie airing at that time as possible, but when I look at the current MLP figures they are not very show accurate. They lack detail both in their show accuracy and in overal design, and are not posable. My Question is this, Do you have plans to improve the overal quality of the MLP toys in the near future?"

      Finally, yes all Libraries need Twilight Sparkle.