• Pony...Cameras?

    Working retail for a few years, I have seen a lot of these camera things sit on shelves collecting dust until eventually they drop so low in price we pretty much give them away.

    But can ponies make them worth it?!

    (Probably not :3)

    That Applejack in the top left just looks...awkward.  Maybe it's a chiropractor before and after ad?

    Translation after the break!

    Trochę dalej, już na obrzeżach Ponyville -> A little further away, just at the outskirts of Ponyville

    znajduje się farma kucyka Applejack -> there is an Applejack pony farm

    Słynąca z najlepszych czerwonych jabłek -> famous from its finest red apples.

    Gęsty, tajemniczy las oddziela Ponyville od reszty krainy -> dense/thick(?) , mysterious forest separates Ponyville from the rest of the lands

    Zapraszamy! -> Welcome! (literally : [we] welcome [you]!)
    Za miesiąc następny numer czasopisma -> a new issue of the magazine will be next month

    Mój Kucyk Pony -> My "Pony" Pony [it's common here to say "kucyki pony" jusst because many people don't know what Pony means. We grew up on the old cartoons.]

    Cudowne opowieści ->wonderful stories
    ciekawe zagadki -> interesting riddles
    kolorowanki -> colouring [book pages]
    Plakat -> poster
    2 prezenty - 2 gifts
    kucykowy aparat + niespodzianka - the pony camera + a surprise
    w kioskach od 26 maja -> in kiosks [kind of small shops and magazine/newspaper stores] at 26th may! 

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