• Drawfriend Stuff #78

    It's Celestia Day (Or at least in a few hours it will be) So Celestia edition! 

    I started browsing /co/ again, so a lot of this stuff needs sources. 

    Please email me if you know of one, I can't keep up with comments anymore sadly =(

    Source 1

    Source 2
    Daww Overload

    Source 3

    Source 4
    It's true, they DON'T look like normal horses!
    Also Needed

    Source 5

    Source 6

    Source 7

    Source 8

    Source 9

    Source 10

    Source 11

    Source 12

    Source 13

    Source 14

    Source 15

    Source 16

    Source 17
    (Its not what it looks like!)
    I think

    Source 18

    Source 19

    Source 20

    Source 21

    Source 22

    Source 23

    Source 24

    Source 25
    (Oh mlp staff, you so silly) 

    Source 26

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