• Humble Frozenbyte Bundle - FOR FRIENDSHIP

    This isn't pony...at all, but it is my duty to spread the word! I'm pretty sure a large amount of you are gamers anyway.

    The Humble Indie Bundle is way early this year, and bringing some really nice titles to the table!

    What is the Humble Indie Bundle?  
     Indie developers all pool a bunch of games into a huge bundle for charity, and let you pay whatever you want for it. 
    Why am I posting this?
    The Same reason why I posted the Allspark charity, friendship is magic!
    What games are included?
    1.) Trine
    2.) Shadowgrounds
    3.) Shadowgrounds Survivor
    4.) Jack claw (Prototype bonus)
    5.) Pre-order for a game called Splot

    Go check out the link below!

    Humble Frozenbyte Bundle


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