• Bronies at Conventions!

    I took that discussion post from a few days ago and dug out all the conventions people said they would be attending, then gathered dates/website links! Below is the list!

    Let me know if anything is broken. 

    If you have something to add, please leave...
    The Con Name
    The Location (With state/country/city)
    The Date

    Also HTML and tables can go jump off a cliff.

    Convention Name Location Date
    ACen Chicago, Illinois May 20
    My Little Pony Fair Rhode Island July 8th
    Otakon Baltimore, Maryland July 29
    Middle Tennessee Anime Convention Nashville, Tennessee April 22
    Anime Weekend Atlanta, Georgia September 30
    Nuke Con Omaha, Nebraska September 30
    A-Fest Dallas, Texas September 2
    Yule-Con Fort Worth, Texas November 12
    Fanime San Jose, California May 27
    Desucon Oslo, Norway Auguest 2
    Genki Denmark Auguest 7
    K-Popcon Denmark November 11
    Los Angeles Comic and Science Los Angeles, California April 17
    Games Convention Germany July 7
    Penny Arcade Expo Seattle, Washington August 26
    Sakura Con Seattle, Washington April 22
    Comic-Con San Diego, California July 21
    Phoenix ComiconPhoenix, Arizona May 26
    Youmacon Detroit, Michigan November 3
    Metrocon Largo, Florida June 17
    Jafax Allendale, Michigan June 25
    Anime Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada September 4
    Nan Desu Kan Denver, Colorado September 9
    Starfest 2011 Denver, Colorado April 15th