• Story: The Dragon With the Sombrero

    [Normal]  This is actually a 2 week long compilation from authors over on ponychan..but they actually wrote something tangible this time. It has varying levels of punctuation/content, but it's pretty cool to see something collaborated and actually make sense unlike the last 2!

    Also an alternate High Resolution link to the above image HERE!

    Authors: CmdrBrony, Serge, Moony, Still Apony, Matias, Metal Link, Ebrona, Kazuma, Lexie Sapphire, Clarity and Shades
    Description: Spike returns to Appleloosa on a secret quest for revenge, but, with a little help from Applejack and Pinkie Pie, ends up learning an important lesson about forgiving and forgetting.
    The Dragon With The Sombrero

    Additional Tags: Humor, Spike, Applejack, Diamond Dogs, Forgiveness

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