• Story: The Creature That Came to Ponyville (Update Sequel Part 4!l)

    [Crossover][Grimdark] Yes, that image is completely legit, and also a custom pony too!

    Author: Friendly Uncle
    Description: A new darkness has taken root in the Everfree Forest, and ponies are going missing.  Does Fluttershy's new pet hold any answers?  Or is Ponyville, and eventually all of Equestria, doomed?

    (All Chapters After the Break! )

    The Creature That Came to Ponyville
    The Creature That Came to Ponyville Part 2
    The Creature That Came to Ponyville Part 3 
    The Creature That Came to Ponyville Part 4
    The Creature That Came to Ponyville Part 5
    The Creature That Came to Ponyville Part 6
    The Creature That Came to Ponyville Part 7
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    The Creature That Came to Ponyville Part 9


    Author: Knives
    Description: A sequel to "The Creature that Came to Ponyville". Friendly Uncle gave me his blessing. Contact him to verify, if you are skeptical.

    After the incidents of "The Creature that Came to Ponyville", a few key plot points occur.

    1. A company by then name of Neighland-Yutani claims the body of Scuttles in the name of science.

    2. A mining colony is established on the moon with the sole purpose of mining a super efficient, explosive, flammable fuel source known as "energyon".

    3. Twilight and Spike were called back to Canterlot so that they could lead the lunar expedition.

    4. The remaining five mares are assembled to aid in the investigation.
    The Creatures that Came to Ponyville (New Part 5!)

    Additional Tags: Crossover with Aliens, scifi, dark

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    1. "...and Pinkie Pie."

      That sentence is pure gold.

    2. Ohhh this looks really interesting.

    3. Hoo colt, this could get ugly... D:

    4. It's... Beautiful

    5. I thought about this when I woke up.

      =O > MFW I saw this on here.

    6. This is gonna be gruesomely awesome.

    7. I here by request that the spinoff be called "Cowponies vs. Aliens"

    8. Victorian R. HellslyMarch 26, 2011 at 10:15 AM

      Needs more Horsey Hicks.


    9. @Victorian R. Hellsly:

      Okay, you win. Show's over folks, move on, nothing more to see here, pack it up. Nothing is gonna beat that comment.

    10. If you try hard enough, this title can be terribly, terribly misread.

    11. Sorry for double post, I dont' see an edit button, and I dont' feel like deleting.

      Pretty good start, I definitely want to see where you go with this. I expect much violence :D

    12. I was just cruising the archives when I noticed this gemstone. But it's incomplete! D:

      Friendly Uncle, you simply cannot leave this work unfinished! The best cartoon shows mixed with the best ever movie in one fanfiction? That's not bloody stupid, that's bloody briliant!!!

    13. "I ain't seen hide nor hair of her since we beat the crap outta her with magic friendship rainbows."

      And thus, you sum up the entire series in one sentence.

    14. *ahem* MOAR. That's all I've got to say atm. Just MOAR. Well, that and EPIC WIN, I guess.

    15. I implore you not go with the continuation one would historically assume from the ending of this new chapter, as that would greatly displease us all, while closing many avenues of unconventional hilarity.

    16. My god, my god, my god, Fluttershy oh my god...

    17. Is this as unbelievably GrimDark as I assume that it has to be?

    18. what is this? aliens meets my litle pony? banish tem to the moon

    19. Oh god this updated again?

      @tenchifreak5: uh, not yet... there's... a little grimdark in 1/2, but it's not incredibly vivid.

    20. @ NinesTempest

      How is that possible? It's an Alien crossover. The mere idea of what that could entail sends shivers down my spine.

    21. Yeah, well, that's why I'm reading it. Lol. I am waiting for the violence...

    22. I'll be honest, the xenomorph is one of my favorite movie monsters of all time. Nothing before or since Alien and Aliens have left me so terrified and in awe of either an effect or a monster.

      However, it just tried to kill Fluttershy. Acknowledging the author's clear resolve to provoke outcries of panic at the thought of losing the recently-awarded best pony, I choose another reaction:
      *walks in using exosuit*
      "Get away from her, you bitch!"

    23. SPOILERS

      But it is now her pet.

      HOnestly, if you didnt' expect spoilers reading this, get the fuck out.

    24. With all the drawing stuff going down I've had 0 chance to read fanfic. This is so saved for later though!

    25. I know how it needs to end, and I hate it, but I need to keep reading to see if there's any GET AWAY FROM HER YOU BITCH.

    26. I think the alien should be named, Polka-dot

    27. ...Scuttles. thats its name. Scuttles.

    28. Sprinkles. Definitely should be named Sprinkles.

    29. I kinda wanna second "Scuttles". Also, I dream of one day cackling as diabolically as you claim you did. That must have been immensely satisfying.

    30. Okay... just started reading, and I've gotta ask: Who the hell names their foal Dollars to Donuts? Maybe there's a joke in here I'm not getting, but this name is gonna drive me nuts.

      It's also kinda strange, since I don't think "dollars" exist in Equestria... *shrug*

    31. Not too thrilled about the fic. Some of the cast are especially out of character...especially Twilight...

    32. @Kujiiro
      Well, if they don't have dollars, then the name's not quite so strange, is it?

    33. @La Barata

      I don't know. I'd like to agree, but the logic is weak with this one.

    34. I'd like to see that old cliche where Fluttershy says "He's just misunderstood!".

      Also it should be called Sprinkles.

    35. If you hurt anypony of the mane cast or the princesses, I will find You. And Then I will Kill You.

    36. Oh hell yes. Let me guess Fluttershy tries to defend Sprinkles from the Evil Predators?

    37. Xenophony, Ponymorph, Xeny, porph

    38. SPOILERS!!!!!

      The scene with Braeburn, Little Strongheart, and the Predator made me giggle. Giggle very hard.

    39. We get to name the Xenomorph?!


      Let's call him Steve!

      Steve's a pretty name (Just watched Over The Hedge with some cousins. I'm ashamed to say I enjoyed that far more than I should have.)

    40. Ok, Fluttershy Staring down a Xenomorph into compliance tops my list of awesome things of awesomeness, but she is going to feel so very guilty when she realizes what her new pet has done.

      Blackie, I vote Blackie.

    41. I say his name is Bruce.

    42. Fluttershy, the Xenomorph Queen... I'm sorry but I just can't imagine it even if I tried.

    43. @XenoBrony
      I agree with XenoBrony here, Scuttles is what I shal call it from now on. Nuf said in my book. =D

    44. 3 votes for scuttles, 2 for sprinkles, 1 for everything else.


    45. Cute name for the xenomorph? How about Buggy? XD

    46. oh christ! i love mood whiplash :D

    47. Another vote for Scuttles!! (mine!)

    48. (As of the end of Ch 4)
      I can't wait to see in Ch 5 what Fluttershy will think of what new "pet" brings back home.

      That'll be awkward.

    49. 4 on Scuttles, barring a sudden influx of support for "Truffles," the most saccharine name I can think of, for the Xenomorph.

    50. seriously waiting for more here. notions of pred-pony has me on tenderhooks!

    51. Name him Scuttles! Scuttles is winning by a landslide anyway. And please continue, this is wonderfully amusing.

    52. Ok, i have multiple things to say about this fic.
      1: Aliens? as in, "ALIENS" aliens? in... Ponyville?! holly SHIT! FRIKIN AWESOME DUDE!
      3:absolutly the BEST fan fic i've EVER read! Fantastic job dude!
      4: my opinion for the name? . Shades
      so all in all? COOL STORY BRO! :D
      i'm DYING for the next chapter already!

    53. 10 seconds later: *dies from wait* X_X

    54. The xenomorph needs to get cutie marks too. I can't think of any ideas what of though.

    55. good story but...

      if you even THINK of killing Ditzy, i swear be Celestia I will come to your house and make cupcakes out of you in the most horribly painfully possible!!

      AND I MEAN IT!!! >:E

    56. Zomg! love this story =3

      You should name the creature: Fluffy

    57. Sir Peppermint JamJune 28, 2011 at 10:09 PM

      Friendly Uncle, you horrible, magnificent asshat, you. I don't believe I've enjoyed reading anything that I hated. You somehow made me feel both happy and disgusted at the same time. I look forward to the next chapter.

    58. Only Fluttershy could stare a xenomorph into submission and reduce it to a quivering shell of its former glory. You should definitely name him Scuttles.


    60. This story is adorable with the way Fluttershy acts and handles herself, and even though I don't actually like Alien, I love this fan fic.

    61. Friendly Uncle, Y U NO continue this fic?

      I need MOAAAR!

    62. There seriously needs to be more of this.

    63. So....Roseluck is dead?

      ._. I has a sad

    64. Now I'm beginning to wonder if they'll send a Predator to track Scuttles down.

    65. Wait, if a queen is needed to make a hive, wtf is up with the scene with Roseluck and Cloud Kicker behind the shed (that last part came out wrong)?

      I'm not sure Scuttles can do that on his own...

      Otherwise, great fic. I'm glad you updated, Friendly Uncle!

      Also, dat cliffhanger in Ch. 5. Unexpected, but I knew something would happen...

    66. I can't wait for a Predator addition to this.

      'Please accept our offer of friendship, for you have been defeated.'

      (Predator looks at wrist gauntlet, opens up the lid and sets the countdown timer, then starts mimicking the laughter of all the ponies he had claimed the skulls of.)


    67. This comment has been removed by the author.

    68. Ohhhh dear. Rarity may be down for the count.

    69. I think Rarity will be safe...seeing as She and Fluttershy are the best of friends. I think something about them missing their spa date will let her know something is a miss.
      I'm also curious how another egg was produced as there was no queen.

    70. ooh, nearly forgot about this one.

      Interesting chapter, looking forward to Ch. 6 whenever you get around to it.

    71. In the original film there is a deleted scene where Ripley finds the xenomorph's nest and it had begun turning Brett and Dallas into eggs. I believe thats what Scuttles was doing with Roseluck. If I remember correctly Ridley Scott was glad he didn't include the scene because he liked Cameron's queen idea better. Also some of the books also give the drones the ability to morph into a queen when one isn't present, which would make things akward for Fluttershy if it goes that route.

      ^Deleted scene

    72. Wow, surprisingly well written. Most everypony appears to be in-character and there's a very fine balance between MLP's brand of awkward cuteness and the "bowel emptying" horror of the Alien franchise.

      I'm curious to see if the Predator will be making a return, or if that was strictly a cameo.

    73. Ok wtf, there are no queen xenomorphs on Equestria. How the hell is this lone one able to turn ponies into eggs? Makes no sense.

      and please don't kill off any of the man six.

    74. Stare vs. Xenomorph, and the stare wins. AGAINST A CREATURE WITH NO EYES.

      DAMN, Scootaloo picked the wrong pegasus to idolize...

    75. @Sun Ray

      A scene in the first movie shows the xeno capable of mutating a living host into an egg-carrier, but it ended up getting cut from the theatrical version, which allowed Cameron to come up with a Queen for the sequel. Whether or not this remains a part of the xeno lifecycle is a matter of canonical limbo.

    76. Protip to 'Friendly Uncle': In game Aliens Vs Predator (2010) by Rebellion Developments, as an alien you can spread the colony by pinning the Weyland-Yutani employees down and forcing the facehugger on them, the facehugger will knock them out, so no need to rely on fillynapping alone.

      Just something you can consider if you want to make your story interesting.

    77. @SoFDMC

      Look forward to seeing how the Predator will fit in all this.

    78. So, any idea when part 7 will be coming?

    79. I have no idea HOW this story keeps sliding by without a grimdark label. This is entrapment is what it is.

      I mean, yeah. There's an Alien on the picture, what should I expect, but then again, I've read fics where Fluttershy tames Daleks so there really ought to be that extra warning.

      Seriously. Some really fucking sick stuff happens in this fic.

    80. YES. This is terrible. Terrible, terrible. And I love every second of it! I *thought* that there would be more Scuttleses showing up soon. I never dreamed they would take on the characteristics of their hosts, though! Chapter 8 is going to be amazing! I know it!

      (But, uh, shouldn't the incinerate that pile of corpses, goo, and eggs sacs? That thing is dangerous.)

    81. The world just turned, finally. Thanks for part 7.

    82. SPOILER ALERT!!!

      Chapter 1:
      And I went in there with a pony that could outstare a cockatrice,
      -This actually confuses me a bit, because Twilight visit Zecora in that episode (and again in Swarm of the Century). Now Twilight DOES come off the worse of that, and her text-book learning probably does her well for recognizing at least SOME of the threats, but still it seems like Applejack may be understating her own ability to handle the place. Meh... the more I think about it, the more it makes sense on an intellectual level, but it FEELS wrong.

      Fluttershy, the fish slayer!
      -This is, indeed, useful for putting her approach(whatever it will be) to the upcoming events in perspective. Perhaps she will want to let the xenomorphs use animals that would soon die of old age as incubators.

      Chapter 2:
      -I find myself wondering if you will be involving one or both Alicorns and/or the guards, and if so, how effective they will prove. I don't see Dollars to Doughnuts speaking up in time for Twilight to look up a Caesarian Teleportation spell and modify it to save her. One or more ponies actually dying seems to me to be something that Twilight (or at least Spike... but you may have written this before "Lesson Zero" so may not include that part of his characterization) would go ahead and tell Celestia about.

      -Actually, the existence of a "Caesarian Teleportation" spell might be an additional influence on Fluttershy or argument she could use to argue the xenomorph's case. Of course, this is probably going to be a case of "strange mind's DON'T think alike" and you will have never thought of that concept (feel free to use it if you like... it could be an obscure spell).

      If she was going to apologize profusely to Applejack and promise to never ignore her friend's advice again she was going to do it over a slice of warm apple pie.
      -Well, that just doubled the chances of her getting a medical examination before matters come to a head*. Of course, she still might not make it or the doctors might not think to have Twilight do an internal scan(even providing that that spell has been invented).
      *disgusting pun not intended, it just sorta... popped out like that... sorry... no... wait... I'm not sorry at all for this serendipity. >:)

      "I'd better see the doc... ugh..."
      -Yeah, not going to make it...

      -Consider putting quotes around this. Despite the fact that if I recall the Alien's lore correctly, they ARE genetically related (or something close enough, with the form of the host influencing the form of the xenomorph), I wouldn't really call them the children of their hosts (that would be the Queen to me). As with seahorses the matter is complicated (which reminds me... there needs to be more G4 Seapony fics... I haven't seen ANY yet).

      -Have to work with character limit, and no other place to critique this that I know of. Will continue in another post.

    83. SPOILER ALERT!!!

      "By the way Spike, you were muttering her name in your sleep."
      - :)

      but Applejack forestalled the yelling with the
      tried and true method of carefully inserting an apple into the unicorn's open mouth.
      -And she could probably use something to eat, too...

      She's been letting Luna help her raise and
      lower the moon, and she says that's been helping.
      -Lack of strength of Luna's part after her ordeal I assume? Or is it a matter of "trust but verify"? Or maybe it is that Luna can't quite put her best effort into moving her former prison around the sky?

      A being with the power to alter the rhythm of
      the celestial bodies could literally shatter the world and annihilate every living thing on it."
      -Or, as I tend to think of them, just drop a meteorite or focus sunlight like burning an ant with a magnifying glass?

      A green flag cutie mark? What kind of special talent does she have?"
      "She don't know how to quit,"
      -Interesting way of making her deeper than "plot necessary idiot".

      "Ya know what Twi that's a right clever idea, I'll rustle up somepony to watch my rump for
      critters and go give that Zebra a visit.
      -This refinement takes care of an lingering objections I might have had over AJs attitude towards the forest.

      Its final thought before succumbing to darkness was a half-formed idea that its host must have been a respectably vindictive individual for birthing it directly into a death trap.
      -Interesting way of underling its mindset. Makes sense for a species with a built-in counter-attack flowing through its veins.

      It doesn't look like any fish that I've
      ever laid eyes on."
      -Ah, so the fish-trap is an organizational Chekov's gun, as well as (probably) psychological foreshadowing.

      its physiology was only superficially consistent with anguilliformes, placodermi were extinct, and it wasn't anywhere near a cave.
      -Footnotes, or turning these into links (which you obviously know how to do, at least within Google-Docs) to explain to the reader what these are would be nice. I am a bit of an amateur animal anatomist myself, and I certainly don't recognize them. Admittedly I focus on carnivora, but I think it does strongly indicate that you lost most of your readers.

      This was going to turn out just like the time with the parasprites, wasn't it?
      -Ah, learning at least some caution from her mistakes... good for you if she actually follows through on taking some precautions.

    84. This comment has been removed by the author.

    85. SPOILER ALERT!!!

      -Ok, my attempts to comment on part 3 kept running into technical problems, so I am going to sum up what I remember:
      -1.) A "cool coffee as it crosses lips" would completely make sense as something that TS could cast reflexively while half-asleep... all night study sessions require compensatory skills.
      -2.) Fluttershy is averting "Poor Communication Kills", although having to extrapolate from observed characteristic to capabilities and tendencies of a new species does increase the difficulty. Still, out of all of Ponyville they are the two most suited to that task.
      -3.) Ah... pictured scene coming up...

      CHAPTER 4:
      The pony reared in surprise, but the lights followed his movements, settling back over his heart when he returned to his hooves.
      -Amazingly enough, it took me THIS long to figure out what was happening. I also hope that you follow up on the shipping, even if I do think it was going a little fast. I guess the "short cut" makes sense since tied tongues were involved.

      "Breed 'em!"
      -Sure you don't want to stick to "buck"? Then again, that is more ambiguous...

      He brandished a small apple pie and waited,
      -... I can only assume that this will NOT be recognized as a threat, since killing him off out of hand would be sorta silly right after the romance scene. Then again, I can't remember if the Predators would prefer to use melee against such a wimpy opponent, just for the added degree of difficulty.

      almost invisible being standing before them.
      -Well, it is in melee range. Also, I wonder how invisibility spells work in Equestria? And if any of the counter-move (not necessarily dispelling) spells would work.

      something muttering to itself in disgust.
      -Right... insufficient threat to qualify as Prey.

      "Either that or your pathetic attempt to intimidate them with an apple pie left them embarrassed to even think of stooping to take your life and they left us alone."
      -Right, let's not make her out to be superstitious or anything... good partial save. Then again, in Equestria, "the spirits" may be AT LEAST as verifiable as Pinkie Sense (which is to say, pretty darn verifiable).

      Little Strongheart kissed him, and then they shared the pie.
      -That works... suspect we won't be seeing those two again for a LONG time in this story, if ever. This seems like a permanent "walk peacefully off stage, role in story complete" sort of line.

      reduced her to bowel-emptying terror.
      -Right... so is it going to threaten Angel or some other creature, or is this going to be the first known time that FS sticks up for HERSELF? It attention seems focused on her, but Angel could try to attack it. Or maybe she sees a mangled bird or something? Betting on AB proving the motivation though.

      unable to find either her fight or flight button
      -I wonder if she realizes the need for these at this point, but can't summon them up or if she is so busy being scared she doesn't realize the need at any level?

      bucking upwards as hard as she could with all four hooves.
      -Not sure if you will be able to sell this aspect, but we shall see...

      but despite clearly wanting to it was unable to move a step further.
      -Consider commas after "but" and "wanting to"

      -A three parter this looks like?

    86. SPOILER ALERT!!!
      Chapter 4, part 2 of probably 3.

      She knew as long as she continued to use her power that she and Angel were safe
      -Based on when Rarity asks Fluttershy if she used The Stare on Opalescence at the start of "The Stare Master" I got the impression that it was a completely subconscious thing. Also, the reaction is VERY unusual, but I guess that having it manifest as a seizure or pain since while they might comprehend bargaining (see the face off in the second movie between Ripley and the Queen, before the egg opens) xenomorphs may be literally incapable of feeling fear, and almost certainly don't comprehend shame. Then again, I haven't seen all the movies, and having read any of the comic books.

      barrier of Fluttershy's stare. It carried on for what seemed like hours as Fluttershy strained to continue staring it down,
      -CONSIDER capitalizing both instances of the word "stare" here, but I could also see leaving it exactly as it is.

      The creature stopped hissing and turned its head to gently but awkwardly nuzzle Fluttershy's cheek.
      -Well, if you want ALL the Ponies to hold their own, this is a fully appropriate level of brain-re-writing for Fluttershy to accomplish... Epic.

      so I left you to spend the day in my bed.
      -I think you mean "let", or perhaps "left you alone to"

      -Nice reference. But I don't know if she would be freaked out about that since she controls them... then again, it may just be the sort of confused comment one makes when several cubic feet of report falls on you... I wonder how long it will take the Sisters (or unicorns working under them) to find the note about the creature that is probably at the end of (or now mixed in with?) the report on star-magic?

      “We only gave her the assignment two and a half days ago,” said Luna very quietly.
      -You wrote this before "Luna Eclipsed" I take it, and thus are using full-on "Shy Luna"? I can still see her being freaked about the moon (although I think she was MELDED with it, and thus, unless Celestia's room has a star motif for the ceiling and/or walls, I PERSONALLY disagree the freak-out would have happened).

      Fluttershy found a new type of creature near the Everfree Forest.
      -Ah, so not buried at all...

      “Celestia?” asked Luna, looking up sharply as her sister's voice slowly died away, “what's wrong?”
      -Not sure how Celestia is making the connection, unless it is just suspicious timing, or maybe she has heard of the xenomorphs before?

    87. SPOILER ALERT!!!
      Part 3 of 3 (probably going to give up reviewing this unless the author asks me to continue).

      “Celly, have you been in the habit of introducing new and unusual fauna into Ponyville's ecosystem since my banishment?”
      -Ah, just process of elimination of "if it existed for very long I would know about it, ergo it must be new. Ergo it almost certainly came through the breech." Also, I find the idea of Twilight including sketches odd since she could have just copied down the verbal description, leaving less room for error. Or did FS do some sketches to show TS what to look for and TS copied them over? I suppose if she worked like a police sketch artist that could also be pretty accurate.

      The queen had been altered somehow.
      -Ah... I see... one wonders if it is nuzzling because it is imitating "the queen".

      The creature did not have the mental space for a being that could give it orders that was not a queen, and therefore the small soft pink and yellow creature with wings was its queen.
      -Nice explanation.

      The queen needed drones, and eventually warriors, and then it could build a proper hive and a nest and begin to produce eggs.
      -Wouldn't drones and warriors happen AFTER the eggs? Unless more than one egg landed and it is going to bring them to her? If this is a plot hole (and I suspect it isn't) you could just change this to it going out to bring back food for her.

      A morgue was rarely necessary either, since most ponies died in their beds.
      -So, just a funeral home? Or, given how close to nature they are, they might be pragmatic enough to have a glue-leather-and-carnivore-food factory instead, and only bury the bones or something.

      Nurse Redheart, you come over tomorrow morning with anypony you'd like to bring, and then we'll stop by Fluttershy's place.
      -No Rainbow Dash? AJ needs to work most days, but RD spends enough time sleeping and working on her long-term goal that any particular day of "Elite Militia Work" shouldn't hurt much. I guess strength in numbers plus Zecora might be sufficient.

      if there's anything I have to say about it.
      -Needs a closing quote-mark.

      Roseluck hummed to herself as she trotted down the cobblestoned street,
      -Well, she will have the correct reaction... except that the running and the screaming should, ideally, be simultanious in this case... oh, wait, she faints... wrong reaction entirely... wait, not it isn't! That means she survives long enough to get cocooned with minimal additional injuries. If they get to her before she gets the crab on face happening, she could be fine... if not, well some deathtoll makes sense, and see also what I said about modifying caesarian teleportation spells.

      The powerful extremity pulled sharply upwards, and with a quiet snapping noise, Roseluck went limp.
      -Wait, WHAT? It should be going for live prey to incubate further drones and warriors... unless it is trying to get food for "the queen" and you just forgot to correct your initial mis-statement?

      Now I need a cute nickname for a xenomorph. Anyone have any suggestions?
      -No idea. But, given there are three more chapters, you probably have selected one by now.

    88. Look forward to seeing the Predator in this, then I can use one scene and draw a Predator facing off with the aliens or the Mane Six.

    89. Oh man, unicorn xenos. Equestria is ****ed. How are predators gonna deal with magic using xenos?

    90. Predator will have a challenging time trying to shoot flying Xenos with its plasma caster.

    91. Well, you finally got around to burning the egg sac like I suggested. It only took four months! Now, hopefully, it won't take another four months for us to find out what happens to our heroes after that explosion! Thanks for continuing this fic. I look forward to the conclusion. :)

    92. This is great.
      I love Aliens versus Ponies!
      Can't wait for next chapter :D

    93. Wait, it will end soonish? Only mentioned Predator once.... That aside, thoroughly enjoying this :D

    94. Wait, it will end soonish? Only mentioned Predator once.... That aside, thoroughly enjoying this :D

    95. I don't suppose anyone can tell me how to contact Friendly Uncle, besides Fanfiction(dot)net?

    96. Marked as complete. STILL not on FimFiction.

      ...I have to read this on Gdocs, don't I...

      *Combs back his feathers with his talon, then puts on a pair of aviator goggles*

      Lets do this!

      (Also, if anyone knows of a FiM Gryphon creator, let me know.)

    97. What's the source of that xenomorph pony?!

    98. I clicked just so I could comment on that DAMN SEXY XENOPONY CUSTOM. I want one.

    99. Hehe... Ah, the Xenomorphs. You just can't hate them.


    101. @williamcllWat... Why would there be Predators? Completely different franchise with two crossover movies...

    102. This was an insanely good read.

      From start to finish, I read the whole thing in the course of a twenty-four hour period. Typically, I read fanfictions very slowly, but for this story, just could not stop myself!

      The style of writing is very interesting, I loved your vocabulary, lol. Even though I've never seen Aliens myself (although I am intending to see the midnight premiere of Prometheus), I found your concept of Aliens vs. Ponies very fascinating. The story was well plotted; the suspense and horror well timed; and the humor executed brilliantly.
      Not to mention I felt you interpretated every character extremely well, which is a huge turn-off to fanfictions for me if they aren't. You had them stay in character and behave appropriately, and for that I applaud you. There are, unfortunately, too few authors who can acheive that. And I was also pleased to see that you did not put your own personal pairings on the frontline of the story; they were more subtly hinted at, which made for a more pleasant read.
      And I loved Pinkie's entrance! Ah! I had literally been reading the entire time going, "Where's Pinkie, where's Pinkie, WE NEED SOME PHYSICS BENDING MAGIC, PONIES!" So when she just showed up out of the blue and left in the typical Pinkie-esque manner, it was perfection.

      This is one of the best crossover, and just overall fanfiction, stories I have ever read. Do you happen to have a deviantArt or FanFiction.net account with more of your works? I'm definitely hungry for more.

    103. This was an insanely good read.

      From start to finish, I read the whole thing in the course of a twenty-four hour period. Typically, I read fanfictions very slowly, but for this story, just could not stop myself!

      The style of writing is very interesting, I loved your vocabulary, lol. Even though I've never seen Aliens myself (although I am intending to see the midnight premiere of Prometheus), I found your concept of Aliens vs. Ponies very fascinating. The story was well plotted; the suspense and horror well timed; and the humor executed brilliantly.
      Not to mention I felt you interpretated every character extremely well, which is a huge turn-off to fanfictions for me if they aren't. You had them stay in character and behave appropriately, and for that I applaud you. There are, unfortunately, too few authors who can acheive that. And I was also pleased to see that you did not put your own personal pairings on the frontline of the story; they were more subtly hinted at, which made for a more pleasant read.
      And I loved Pinkie's entrance! Ah! I had literally been reading the entire time going, "Where's Pinkie, where's Pinkie, WE NEED SOME PHYSICS BENDING MAGIC, PONIES!" So when she just showed up out of the blue and left in the typical Pinkie-esque manner, it was perfection.

      This is one of the best crossover, and just overall fanfiction, stories I have ever read. Do you happen to have a deviantArt or FanFiction.net account with more of your works? I'm definitely hungry for more.

    104. Well, a three month wait is less than the wait last time! Ha!

      Thanks for bringing us around to such a fun conclusion to this story. I'm glad you stuck with it. I loved every word. :D

    105. Sorry it just doesn't work some other guy had a deep reasoning so I'll say what he said: "No, the Aliens are wrong because, unless you give them Plot Armor, they're useless. Unless you modify them enough to make them an actual threat, anypony can outrun them, a pegasus can fly away, and a unicorn can throw them around with magic. They're monsters created for a claustrophobic, technological setting, and they're all wrong for a pastoral setting like Equestria. By the time you make them usable, you're better off just starting from scratch." To say nothing of how effective telekinesis and teleporting would be in a fight and the others wouldn't need to worry about the acid blood because they use hooves.