• The Brony Show 54

    Brony show again! Info after the break.

    "The Brony Show 54 - Rina-chan, Fan voice of Twilight
    That's right fillies and gentlecolts. It's another live episode of The Brony Show coming at you like a screaming lightning bolt to Circuit perched on top of a tree with an upside down umbrella and a black cat climbing up on his back...again!

    We start off with more awesome news, talking about the awesome things happening with the brony community and all the insanity to follow. Our wonderful panelists, consisting of your host Circuit Mane and his co-host D-pad and the awesome guest spots will go through every juicy bit like Pinkie Pie in an apple barrel. Then D-Pad will talk with Rina-chan, the incredible fanvoice for Twilight to talk about the LA Equestria Brony Convention. We'll also see if we can get her to voice a few nice bits of Twilight to drive Circuit crazy. Then after that we'll be going into the wonderful videos bronies create every week, delving into the music all the way to the hilarious. And you can join all of this in our wild and incredible chat!

    And if that's not enough pony for your stables, we got even more! Circuit Mane will come on an hour early to warm up his insanity with a rip-roarin preshow, giving you even more for a big pony Monday! And if that's still not enough stay after for Crimson's Oatmeal Galore After Party where you will get even more of your fill of pony along with the crazy antics of Crimson!

    All of this is at http://thebronyshow.net and www.livestream.com/thebronyshow. Come on and check it out at 6PM PST/ 9PM EST. Also remember to come an hour early for the preshow, and stay for the afterparty! So much pony, and plenty of time for it!"