• Balloon Party album released!

    No, I'm not ruffling your ponyfeathers. As of a couple hours ago, the much anticipated Balloon Party album was released! Nearly all of your favorite artists have had some sort of hand in making this possible, so go grab it from Bandcamp!

    Bandcamp Page

    For those wondering exactly what this is, the basic idea was to collect music from all the musicians in the fandom and pick the best of the best for an album to sell that hopefully gets a bunch of them to Bronycon.


    6/6/2012 UPDATE: (copypasta)

    We have published an updated version of "Disco Lights" by Alex S and PinkiePieSwear, as the wrong version was uploaded on the day. We want everyone to have the most complete version of the album as possible, but we also want all funds to go towards helping people get to BroNYCon!

    So if you downloaded the album yesterday and need to update your version of this song, read on:

    1. If you bought the album, simply follow the link in the email you received to download the updated version. Contact us through bandcamp if there are any problems or if your link has expired and we can renew it.

    2. If you downloaded it for free they should follow:-

    Feel free to share these to make sure everyone has the updated version, or if you have a friend who downloaded it today you could ask for their version of the song. Let's get the new one circulating as best we can.

    Also if you downloaded the torrent, you will want to update your copy.

    Balloon Party has so far raised over $8000 which will be going towards helping even more musicians go to the con, and we have been sitting at the number one spot for over a day. We also received a congratulations email from bandcamp themselves!

    Thanks for all your support everybody!