• Star Tags Complete!

    Holy crap that took like 3 more hours extra than I expected. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, check THIS POST!

    Anyway It's all done.  I'm sure there are plenty of mislabels/ect, but It's for the most part done.

    THIS WILL BE ROCKY at first, since so many old stories didn't even have star ratings.  If it outright fails then..lesson learned right?  I'll think of something else, not like I haven't had plenty of failed ideas on here so far anyway :3

    There were 0 1 star/2star stories, so those labels haven't been created yet.  Here are the others though for easy access, as always you can find these in the CATEGORIES drop down menu on the left side in the S's (all start with STAR to keep them together instead of numbers) 

    Star 3 (3 count)
    Star 4 (13 count)
    Star 5 (49 count)

    There are a TON of stories that need some votes, so your duty as readers is to vote on stories you liked in the past!

    Star Needed (149 count)

    Yes, that's right, 149!

    When something hits 10 votes let me know! We need to get rid of this Need Star sections! All of this is done manually by me, so I won't know if something hits 10 votes until someone tells me it did!

    I also added [Grimdark][Normal][Crossover] ect to things that needed it in the descriptions (so most of it lol) and added "normal" labels to all the stories that didn't have one in that category (I always left them unlabeled before).

    And a few stories in the archive have been shuffled around as needed.

    Anyway I'm off to bed.  There were a ton of updates as well tonight, so I'm going to let them get some attention before I upload everything else I got in my email.

    I also only dug 2 archived threads tonight, so I probably missed a bunch of stuff.

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here