• Story Series: Pony Permutation Project (Updated Part 10!)

    [Normal] Some new modifications to this one! Plus another chapter!

    Author: Bookish Delight
    Series Description: A series of short side-stories concentrating on the core Friendship is Magic cast, taken two ponies at a time! Whatever the situation, anypony can learn lessons about the magic of friendship.
    Episode 1: The Emergency
    Description: The pilot for a new series of fluffy Friendship is Magic sidestories! When a new purple pony is sighted in Ponyville-and a unicorn, no less!-it's up to Pinkie Pie to take action, and Applejack to get dragged along for the ride...

    Episode 2: Full Self-Service
    Description: A Friendship is Magic sidestory! Rarity takes on a special makeover project at Fluttershy's request. What could the normally reclusive pony possibly have in mind?...

    Episode 3:  Lightning Round
    Description:  When Twilight Sparkle's social studies slow to a crawl, Rainbow Dash takes it upon herself to speed things up...

    Episode 4: Starting Small
    Description: Twilight Sparkle has a plan to cure Fluttershy's... well, shyness. Can she succeed where so many ponies have failed?...

    Episode 5: Slipstream
    Description: In a heated discussion about appearances, Rainbow Dash accidentally reveals a personal secret! What will Rarity do with this knowledge?...

    Episode 6: I Wish Part 1
    Episode 6: I Wish Part 2 
    Description: After so much preparation, the Grand Galloping Gala is here at last! How will its attendants from Ponyville fare––and most importantly, will Rarity find true love?...

    Episode 7: Pursuit of Happiness
    Description: Pinkie Pie loves playing practical pranks! But when she prods the wrong pegasus, will the Party Pony be able to pick up the pieces, or will she become a pariah?... 

    Episode 8: Twilight Switch 
    Description: Description: When Applejack unwittingly gets caught up in Twilight's perfectionism, she quickly learns far more about the unicorn than she ever expected.

    Episode 9: Appleconomics

    Description: The Apple Family reunion has arrived, bringing the Oranges with it! When all of Applejack's insecurities about being a business-farmer collide at once, can a waitressing Rainbow Dash make any difference?

    Episode 10: The Best Smiles (New!)

    Description: Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie are two very different ponies, with two very different ideas of fun. But when those ideas brush against each other, what comes of it will surprise them both.

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