Good work everypony! I already did the news post earlier though, so I don't have much to report!
    From 1mil->2mil we went from about 30k a day to 60k a day.  That's pretty crazy!  March was a huge month for new bronies!  

    New events/Feedback!
    The friend-off will be somewhere around April 15th probably.  I'm also looking for new ideas for events that don't require drawing/writing if anyone can think of anything.  As always, my E-mail is open for suggestions/feedback/hatred/whatever you guys want to send me, so feel free! If a good idea pops up I tend to act on it quickly.  (I'm only 23 though, so no Viagra spam alright?).

    Also more banner stuff!

    Maybe we can do a banner competition for 3 million?

    Anyway onward to 10million!

    Also 2,000,000 Madmax comic at 8 AM!

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