• Custom Derpy Hooves for sale on Deviant Art

    Looks like some Brony is selling these at conventions.  So if you reaaaly need your derpy hooves fix, it's an option right? I doubt hasbro will ever release one.

    No clue on price or anything, you can message them on deviant art below.



    1. Oh my God, this is the best thing ever!!

    2. Very nice! The paint job on the eyes is so crisp!
      Just wanted to add: There are TONS of MLP customizers out there. Customization is like 90% of the old-school fandom.
      Older fans tend to do Gen 1 and Gen 3 mostly, but will happily go out and grab a FiM body for you.

      So, if you want a custom made for you, don't worry if one artist is too busy or too expensive!

      That being said, I looooove this girl's work, she does really good clothing and props.

    3. ...I might need to commission one of these. If not from this individual, from *some*pony. I'm not even a massive Derpy fan, but that is some ace quality pony, that is.

    4. I need to find someone who can paint eyes and bubbles, everything else I could do but being a lefty details are impossible for me.

    5. A good portion of my money! They can have it! This would be the one pony toy I ever get and I would display it proudly!

    6. Awesome work....she needs a mail bag though.

      I also agree, this would be the one pony I would buy and display.

    7. Amazing Detail. I like the style on the bangs since hasbro and/or the hub doesn't style them well... and dA has a lot of nice customizers.

      crazyredemu, being lefty does NOT make it impossible it just makes it harder