• The Allspark Donation Drive 2011

    I know 4chan isn't usually known for its altruism, but the Allspark forums is holding a donation drive for the Hasbro Children's Hospital. 

    Has friendship is magic spurred you into a donating mood?! Think of it in terms of: If you met Applebloom IRL and she needed 5 bucks for a magic candy apple that would save her life, would you give her the money?

    I think you would.

    But with human children instead.

    You can find the event details below. Unfortunately no one told me about this sooner and the drive is almost over (ends on February 28), so time is a bit limited.

    The Allspark Donation Drive 2011

    Also Pony signature things if you don't like Transformers.

    Pony Donation Signatures

    Some more info from the allspark dudes
    "Hi everypony!

    I'm Daytonus, one of the admins at the Allspark working on the donation drive. I'd like to thank Equestria Daily for supporting us in this very important last leg of the charity drive.

    If you visit the link above, you'll see that this is actually the second fundraising drive we've done for Hasbro Children's Hospital. We aren't taking anything off the top--Paypal takes some if you use the widget we created, but you can also Paypal directly to [email protected] (the Paypal account of Galenraff, the admin directly handling the money) to avoid those fees.

    The Pony-related signatures are indeed my response to the support we got from our own little FiM community. :)

    Once again, much love and much thanks to all the visitors of Equestria Daily donating and spreading the word about the drive. To find out more and/or donate, visit:


    Jason "Daytonus" Nguyen"

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